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Proposal for ACC Power Move for Notre Dame and Division Realignment

The ACC as a conference is arguably having its best football season with 11 bowl teams including 2 BCS bowl teams and FSU likely to win the national title. There is more that the ACC could do to further strengthen itself among the 5 football power conferences and I think this spring is the best time for the conference to make a big move going into the playoff era. Here's my proposal for the ACC to add Notre Dame, become the first 16 team power conference with 4 team divisions, and develop a 4 team conference championship playoff.

Problems with Current Division Alignment

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National Title Talk, Year 13

We are at the point in the year where students are graduating from college, as I did over 4 years ago, and going out into the real world. Of course these kids are now aspiring to do big things in life as no one wants to just be merely average. In that way I would like to segue to Virginia Tech football in which average has risen to winning the ACC and attainable greatness for the program is now the national title.

Spring Football is in the Air

The Virginia Tech spring game is kind of a big deal. Last year 41,000 fans were in attendance according to the Collegiate Times. For the casual fan the spring game delivers the opportunity to tailgate with the certainty that everyone will be happy downtown afterward because no matter what we win. Not even considering the fact that this is the only football until September, it is a chance to reunite with people from college, grill out and party on a warm spring afternoon then enjoy ridiculously cheap drink specials downtown during the evening.

State of the Hokies Basketball Program

Ladies and gentlemen the state of the Hokie basketball program is fundamentally strong. I understand that is a hard idea for some to embrace after the last two games. The past two games have been really disappointing, from personal experience I've had clouded judgement a few times which resulted in disappointment, but don't let the last two games cloud your judgement of the Hokies basketball program.

Only 200 Days Away, Time for A Way too Early Schedule breakdown

It's not even the start of spring practice but I'm already chomping at the bit for start of football season which is exactly 200 days away. VT has just gotten two big V-day gifts in Shane Beamer coming back home as well as the schedule coming out. I personally love the schedule and it's relieving to not have an early tough out of conference game this year for this young Tyrod-less squad.

Why Hokie Nation should support the Ducks

Edit: Bumped to the front, because the last two paragraphs were calming after the Orange Bowl loss.

Couldn't sleep last night and looking at the title coverage it came to me why I should pick Oregon to win in my bowl pick'em and why Hokie nation should be rooting on Oregon.