The College Football Arms Race: Examining Athletic Department Revenues

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Last week, news broke that Virginia Tech offensive line coach Jeff Grimes would be departing Blacksburg after one season for the same position at LSU. Grimes is originally from Texas, played his college ball at UTEP and this move gets Grimes closer to his Texas roots. However, the cold, hard fact is at the end of the day, Grimes likely left Virginia Tech because LSU made him a far more lucrative offer than the Hokies could.

As Joe pointed out in an earlier post, Grimes is probably in line for a significant pay raise from the Tigers. This has sparked terrific debate and conversation among the Hokie Nation and right here on The Key Play on both coaching salaries and Hokie Club contributions.

Hokies #25 Based on Early BCS Polls

Not that it matters much, but CBS compiled the polls that are currently available to make a current BCS ranking. Remember, we still have until October 20th until the 1st BCS polls are released, but you can see the projection here.

Top 10:
Florida State
Ohio State

Other ACC teams inside the top 30:
#16 Miami
#28 Maryland

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Orange Bowl Matchup

So yet again the ACC has an Orange Bowl matchup the presents a no-win situation for the conference.

FSU should beat NIU, so if they do then well, they just did what they were supposed to do. However, if FSU gets caught up in a dog fight or loses, then the ACC takes another huge blow over the conference's legitimacy.

I understand that the way the BCS is selected is completely out of FSU's and the ACC's hands but why can't the ACC seem to get better BCS bowl matchups?

I mean GT-Iowa, VT-Cincinnati, and now this one.

So let me say first off that I know the BCS is changing and what not and I don't want to get into that. But I do want to know other people's opinions on this.

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Are we rich in tradition?

On Oct 21, 1892 W.E. Anderson, despite playing right tackle, scored the first touchdown for Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College ever. Coached by Professor Ellison A. Smyth, the VAMC football players beat the St. Albans football team 14-10. These forefathers of Hokie football purchased their own equipment and had a hard time finding enough people to man a team to play on a wheat field carved out by plow. As hard as it was to get started, this was the beginning of something that 120 years later we sit here anticipating the tidbits of news from the first day of spring practice.

Will this be Frank's legacy?

Heartwrenching, adj: causing great sadness; heartbreaking. Synonyms include agonizing, bitter, calamitous, cheerless, deplorable, dire, distressing, grievous, heart-rending, joyless, lamentable, moving, pitiful, poignant, regrettable, sad, touching, tragic, unfortunate.

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Hokies Ranked 5th in the BCS

DISCLAIMER: These rankings are not relevant to us unless we beat Virginia and Clemson.

  1. LSU 1.000
  2. Alabama .949
  3. Arkansas .899
  4. Oklahoma State .841
  5. Virginia Tech .784
  6. Stanford .771
  7. Boise State .688
  8. Houston .668
  9. Oklahoma .653
  10. Oregon .647

The Hokies are ranked 4th in the Coaches' Poll, 5th in the Harris Poll, and 7th in the computer average.

Please leave any and all scenarios in the comments, no matter how crazy, for how you'd like the season and BCS to play out.