Wild Thing

This Photoshop was inevitable.

"I was really bad when I first got here," Thomas said. "I was throwing high, low, skipping it across the ground. Now they're a little bit more in the strike zone."

O'Cain said Thomas has made "tremendous improvement in all areas" since his first week at the position and the end of this past season.

"He was just wild," O'Cain said, "like a fastball pitcher that sails into the upper backstop every now and then. He's really improved that. He'll still miss one occasionally, but they're close misses. Three yards, or four yards ... you just say to yourself, where in the heck did that come from?"

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The Logan Thomas to Cam Newton comparisons are premature, but the Logan Thomas to Rick Vaughn comparisons are reasonable and timely.

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Concordia adds two recuits for 2011.

Kellie Skofstad of Gladstone, Ore., and Sydney Tucker of Redmond, Ore., have signed with the Cavaliers, joining Ashley Ames, Annika Hayman, Erin Huisingh, Becca Long and Hannah Scott in the 2011 recruiting class.

“It was important to me at this point in the recruiting process to find players who give us some depth in the fall, but who also have the potential to impact our team with quality minutes down the road,” CU head coach Grant Landy said. “Both Kellie and Sydney have tremendous upsides, and I see them rounding out our roster nicely in the fall.

UConn's '11 class is strong and well rounded. It features 10 new players, 5 midfielders, 3 defenders and 2 forwards, including Mika Bussey.

Xavier Boyce Arrested Wednesday

Xavier Boyce and his girlfriend Olivia Hutchins, both 20 and of Blacksburg, were arrested on charges related to cruelty and injuries to the girl, Blacksburg police said today.

Police believe the child was injured Jan. 31 at the couple's home in the 1200 block of University City Boulevard, police said. They did not say in what way the child was hurt.

Boyce and Hutchins were released on $5,000 unsecured bonds.


Well it looks like we're back in the Fulmer Cup, and this incident most certainly won't help dispel the public perception produced by the SI/CBS College Football and Crime Report published at the beginning of the month.

We will let you know more as we hear it.

Football Assistants' Salaries

Bud Foster — 2010 salary: $432,660; 2011 salary: $436,817

Bryan Stinespring — 2010 salary: $317,552; 2011 salary: $324,056

Billy Hite — 2010 salary: $265,500; 2011 salary: $280,044

Jim Cavanaugh — 2010 salary: $238,149; 2011 salary: $245,213

Mike O’Cain — 2010 salary: $222,217; 2011 salary: $234,052

Charley Wiles — 2010 salary: $215,666; 2011 salary: $226,439

Kevin Sherman — 2010 salary: $179,603; 2011 salary: $187,491

Curt Newsome — 2010 salary: $173,634; 2011 salary: $187,525

Shane Beamer — 2010 salary (at South Carolina): $186,650; 2011 salary: $187,525

Cornell Brown — 2010 salary: not available; 2011 salary: $187,525

Seth's New Contract

OK, here are the basic terms of Greenberg’s new contract …

Base salary: $222,346 (receives five-percent annual raise on his base)

Retention incentive (for radio and Hokie Club appearances) …
2010-11: $871,431
2011-12: $971,431
2012-13: $1,021,431
2013-14: $1,071,431
2014-15: $1,121,431
2015-16: $1,171,431

Deferred compensation totaling $750,000 …
Given $300,000 if still coaching Tech on March 31, 2011
Given $125,000 if still coaching Tech on March 31, 2013
Given $125,000 if still coaching Tech on March 31, 2014
Given $100,000 if still coaching Tech on March 31, 2015
Given $100,000 if still coaching Tech on March 31, 2016

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You're Le-Pre-Chan to the Choir

"We're all so pissed about missing the tournament," Deege told me. "Four years in a row. We've been overlooked four years in a row. It's been tough, getting First Four Out four years in a row when teams like VCU and UAB get in with no right whatsoever."

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ON THINGS HE LIKES ABOUT THIS CLASS: “Any time you can get four defensive ends and four tight ends, I think that’s good. They’ve got that height to them. They’re 6-2, 6-3, 6-4, 6-5. They can play a lot of positions, they can help you a lot on special teams. I like that particularly about this class. I like a lot of things about this class. And then I’ll say this: We hit on a couple late that I think are really good players. We had some changes in our scholarship situation with a couple kids coming out early (for the NFL) and so forth. When we started out, we had a very limited number of scholarships, so that kind of held us back as far as who we could offer (early). But the end result, I think it’s been a good year in recruiting.”

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Well what do you say to the people who say, "Well they 21 good tight ends, but none of the top six tight ends in the state?"

Grant Mum on why VT didn't make the cut.

During his Friday interview, which occurred while he was riding to Chapel Hill, N.C., for his official visit at UNC, he offered his two favorite things about each of his finalists:

Florida — “One thing I liked about it was because it was in the South, and I liked the South a lot,” he said. “And I just like the competition level down there.”

Virginia — “I just love Mike London. Mike London just makes the whole thing. Coach London is like family to me,” he said. “Mike London is one of those guys where you just connect with him, you know? ... He’s an honest guy, and he never trys to beat around the bush. He just tells it like it is.”