It sounds like Ryan Williams is leaning towards the NFL

Take a read through the following series of Tweets from ACC Mania's Josh Parcell (@accmaniac) who spoke to Ryan Williams today and draw your own conclusions.

Just spoke to Ryan Williams via telephone. He will announce his intentions to turn pro or return to Va Tech by January 10th.

Williams said he still had to decide what agency/training facility he wanted to use, before denying that he's already decided to turn pro

Williams: "(Darren and I) aren't having a press conference. We'll talk to the coaches and go about our business"

"I'd say Darren is leaning towards the NFL, but you have to talk to him"

Williams on choosing an agent "There are so many people trying to contact me. I have to talk to a lot of people"

To me, it sounds like Ryan Williams is headed to the NFL.

ACC Roundtable - Bowl Edition

In this edition of the roundtable Brian from BCI asks questions about the ACC's championship and bowl games. I participate, but don't get any swag.

1. Virginia Tech and Florida State seemed to acquit the ACC Championship Game well this year, turning in an entertaining 44-33 game in front of a crowd of 72,379 at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. Assess the success of the ACC Championship Game in Charlotte in year one. How much of the success can be attributed to the host city, and how much can be attributed to the matchup? A little of A, a little of B?

We won, so regardless of attendance or television ratings it was quite successful for me. To speak to your point Brian, the reason why the game was "successful" was because it passed the eye test. It looked and sounded like a competitive football contest and not the Senior Bowl. The city and matchup were most definitely an equal parts catalyst for getting fans in the seats.

2. Would you like to see Charlotte become the permanent home of the ACC Football Championship? Or would you be in favor of some alternate Championship Game format? (continuing to rotate the location, move to campus a la the Pac 12, etc.) Explain.

Q&A with

Our friend Bill (NoleCC) of has taken time away from his busy baking schedule to answer some questions about Saturday's game. He knows his FSU football and we suggest following him on Twitter @ScalpEmOfficial. You can read my answers to his questions here.

1. If you were in charge of developing the game plan to beat Florida State what would your main areas of focus be?

My main point would be, "Be Flexible." UNC aired it out and hammered the Noles defense. N.C. State ran like mad. Oklahoma did whatever they felt like. I'd try some thing against the FSU defense in the 1st quarter, see what works and attack the weakest link of that particular day.

On the flip side, if I'm holding off the offense, I'd want to test out Christian Ponder's arm on long throws. That means take away the middle and see if his elbow can handle the outs and deep balls. Plus, the Noles are down to 1 totally healthy running back in Chris Thompson. Take away the pass well enough and VT should be able to stop FSU's running game with the DL and an LB or two.

Q&A with In The Bleachers

I've got a little Carolina insight for everybody this afternoon from former UNC defensive back, and current blogger and host of the In The Bleachers Podcast Michael Felder. Mike stopped on by to talk a little Hokies-Heels. If you guys crave college football knowledge in 140 character burts then follow Mike on Twitter: @InTheBleachers. (You can find my answers to Mike's questions on ITB.)

Q&A with From The Rumble Seat

This week we're doing something new around here. I've exchanged questions and answers pertaining to Thursday night's game with our friend Bird of the Georgia Tech blog From The Rumble Seat. Here are Bird's answers to my questions. Be gentle to him. I hope you find his answers to be as fun and informative as I did. Everyone say thank you Bird.

1. Last year the Perfect Option averaged 422.1 yards per game and 33.8 points per game compared to 402.1 yards per game and 29.5 points per game this season. Why has the offense taken a step back?

The biggest downgrade at any individual position from 2009 to 2010 was at wide receiver. We lost an NFL first round receiver and replaced him with young or untested receivers. Stephen Hill has had a tough season particularly in the recent historical comparisons department.

Nesbitt doesn't deliver an easy-to-catch ball and his receivers appear to have gloves made of concrete. Simply put, the passing game is doing us in. We can't stretch the field vertically. Defensive backs can play the pitch rather than having to worry about a deep bomb.