Beat Bama Beer Label

Figured I'd give writing a blog post a try and this is as good a time as ever. I made a Belgian Pale Ale August 2nd. I figured this beer would be great for tailgating. So, I made a label (with a great deal of help) dedicating it to this game. I'll be bringing a case of it with me to Atlanta. Tell me what you think!

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Your ideal One-off / Pro Combat uniform Thread

Attention TKP PhotoShoppers!

Out of my own boredom and desire to learn how to use PhotoShop, I decided to create my vision of what I would like to see as a Hokies "Pro Combat" uniform. I figured we've got plenty of people on here with their own ideas and the editing skills to bring their ideas to life, so why not make a thread about it? Post yours here and maybe we can get Frank/Lester/Nike to take notice as to what we want to see on the field!

As for mine, I wanted to see a classic look with a modern "Nike" flair:

Helmet -

Jersey -

Pants -

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Clemson Football Primer, Photo Edition

Hey y'all. How bout that game last week? 41 POINTS. That was pretty fancy. Then again, it was Duke (LUV YOU BLUE DEVILZ and #goacc). This week's challenge: Clemson. The Tigers are currently sitting at 5-1, with expectations of domination; there's a lot of excitement brewing for this one. 8-Ball even said that ESPN Gameday will be there!

There was a lot of offseason re-shuffling for a Clemson team that made it's first BCS game. Dabo was able to lure Oklahoma Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables away from the Sooners because HOLY CRAP DID YOU SEE THE ORANGE BOWL I THINK THE COUSINS JUST SCORED ANOTHER TOUCHDOWN.

Demotivators - Pittsburgh Edition

Because making fun of yourself is cathartic, feel free to add your own sub-caption.

Backstory: photo was taken by @Los_281 outside of the Jerome Bettis bar (where you can pee on everyone). Both guys eventually messed themselves.

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It doesn't matter if you're celebrating the Halmark holiday (and I hope MRSTKP doesn't read that) or singles awareness day, you can have some fun. To show how much we love you all for reading us and being part of our community, here are some Valentines from us to you.

Sugar Bowl Primer: Photo Edition

Y'ALL. I'm still somewhat reeling from New Years Eve on Bourbon Street. Laughs help in the recovry, or so I'm told. 

I was having a hard time developing a dislike for Michigan fans. All of them that I had previously met seem like real, down to earth people. Fans I've interacted with are well knowledgable and passionate. They're smart, reasonable people. And then I saw some hipster douche go up to two elderly Tech fans in the hotel lobby, and obnoxiously real "GO BLUE" in their faces. TIME TO UNLEASH THE HATERADE. 

I dunno about y'all, but it's really annoying how the meda keeps harping on how Tech hasn't played any quality opponents.

ACC Championship Game Summary, Solo Picture Style

DISCLAIMER: I haven't read French's analysis yet. Surely it is more profound than what follows. 

Hours before kickoff in Charlotte, I tweeted the following after the commentary in the SEC Championship game piqued my interest. Gary Danielson was describing the change in defensive philosopy going on at UGA: 

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ACC Championship Game Primer: Photo Edition

Hey y'all, the Primer is back again. From the bottom of my bourbon-soaked heart, I sincerely hope that everyone had a most excellent Thanksgiving with family and friends...and perhaps made some new friends in the successful #occupyScottStadium endeavor. It was quite heart-warming to hear the raucous chant of "LET'S GO! HOKIES!" through the TV. 

While celebrating a superb effort against our in-state rivals is dandy, this football team still has two more challenges ahead before we close the books on the 2011 season. Our last game, of course, depends on our effort in a couple of days down in Charlotte, North Carolina, in a rematch with a 9-3 Clemson outfit.