Ryan Williams

Ru out for 2011

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said that running back Ryan Williams' right knee injury is likely a ruptured patella tendon. The diagnosis must be officially confirmed, but Williams will be out for the season. It's a hard blow for this offense, especially the way Williams had been flashing his talent. The whole team gathered around him when he was carted from the field, something fellow back Beanie Wells(notes) said was because of how the whole team has gotten to like such a good kid. And now his season is over before it really started.

Improvement Needed on 3rd-and-1

Third-and-one. Time to put that Farmhouse steak dinner to use and win the line of scrimmage.

Short distance third downs are one of the more exciting and important plays for an offense. The first goal of creating such opportunities has been achieved, but it's a lost cause if the chains aren't moved.

Because it's such a critical down, I went back and took at look at last year's performance on 3rd-and-1.

Hokies To Watch This Fall Camp

As camp starts today, we're waiting for so many questions to be answered. This year seems so different, doesn't it? Last year's camp had one of the most celebrated Virginia Tech players of all time leading our offense. We had the utmost confidence in our 1,600+ yard running back. We had John Graves, who was the latest installment of Bud Foster's defense personified. Those are the kind of guys that had you feeling at ease when you thought about leadership and production.

The next generation of those cornerstones are taking the field today, and we have a pretty good idea of who they are, but it's not 100%. Nothing is 100% right now.

And that's why today is so exciting. Logan Thomas takes over as QB1. David Wilson takes control of the backfield. Jayron Hosely is going to show us how agile he is on ESPN Sports Science.

But, again, there are so many questions to be answered the next 30 days.

Here are some Hokies we should be keeping an eye on this month, as their development could pay big dividends this fall:

ESPN-Yards to Glory

I generally don't like ESPN and their biased coverage of college football but every once in awhile they do come up with a cool idea...this is one of them. They are doing a series of the best touchdowns for every yard. So far they have done 100+-81 with RMFW and Michael Vick already showing up in the countdown. Any predictions for other Hokies that will be in the countdown and the specific yards?

Here are the videos of those touchdowns to save you the trip to YouTube.

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Ryan Williams Drafted by the Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals selected Ryan Williams with the 6th pick of the second round (38th overall).

I'm going to miss RMFW dragging corpses into the end zone.

Currently, the Cardinals already have two proven NFL backs on their roster, Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower. However, they struggled mightily to run the ball and finished last in total rushing in 2010 (1,388 yards). The Cardinals are obviously looking to improve their running game, so look for Williams to get a shot to earn a significant amount of carries.

I'll be drafting him for my fantasy team.

Congratulations Ru, Lil' Sweetness, Ryan Mother Fucking Williams and 1/2 of the 100 Proof Backfield!

After Major Recruiting Misses, Time For Changes

Editor's Note: A lot of Hokies are feeling frustrated today after all the recruiting misses and this sums most of it up. We'll never endorse any of our coaches to be fired, but as long as their goals remain to recruit the best players in Virginia and win a National Championship then they must step up and do that.

A few weeks ago I was at work having a conversation with an Oregon alum who was fired up for his upcoming trip to Arizona.

He wore Oregon gear to the office literally two weeks in a row, and who could blame him? I was oozing jealousy.

It sounds like Ryan Williams is leaning towards the NFL

Take a read through the following series of Tweets from ACC Mania's Josh Parcell (@accmaniac) who spoke to Ryan Williams today and draw your own conclusions.

Just spoke to Ryan Williams via telephone. He will announce his intentions to turn pro or return to Va Tech by January 10th.

Williams said he still had to decide what agency/training facility he wanted to use, before denying that he's already decided to turn pro

Williams: "(Darren and I) aren't having a press conference. We'll talk to the coaches and go about our business"

"I'd say Darren is leaning towards the NFL, but you have to talk to him"

Williams on choosing an agent "There are so many people trying to contact me. I have to talk to a lot of people"

To me, it sounds like Ryan Williams is headed to the NFL.

Ryan Williams Says Ryan Williams is a Hokie... For Right Now.

via: @DavidJNeal

On Tech Talk Live last Monday Williams reiterated the same thoughts, "whatever is the best decision for me and my family at the time I'll make that decision, but as of right now I'm a Hokie."

Bill Roth preceded that question by asking him what feedback he thought he'd receive from the NFL Advisory Committee. Williams responded, "I think I would hear, you know, potential first round to second rounder, I wanna hear the same thing."