NCAA Wresting Championships

They started yesterday. Three wrestlers, McFadden, Zavatsky and Haught have advanced to the quarters today. Five others are still alive in the consolation brackets.

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Coverage of the Wrestling Championships is on ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU (complete schedule and TV listings can be found here).

I'm not saying the Wrestling Championships logo this year is a sign or anything, but.....

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But it's a sign. It's TOTALLY a sign!

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

Team is falling apart this morning.

Bolen went 0-2 and didn't make it to today. (lost to #10 and unseeded).
Moore who was unseeded goes 1-2 with both losses to seeded wrestlers (#11 and #12).
Norstrem who was unseeded goes 1-2 with both losses to seeded wrestlers (#13 and #14).
Gustafson #9 goes 1-2. Won first match then lost to #8 and then lost to unseeded in cons.

Now Blees, who's ranked #12 is losing to unranked Wahoo 10-0 (somebody he beat 8-6 in the ACC tournament) in the cons.

We were tied for 9th place after day 1. Might not even finish top 20 at this point.

Blees ended up losing 16-0 by tech fall. He had ZERO energy.

I looked at the team rankings again and top 20 should be safe.

That is probably the worst score that you can get in wrestling. Usually when it's a tech fall the winning wrestler lets you up so he can take you down again. Bless did not even have an escape.

Could have also been because of periods

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McFadden wins 3-0 over #10 Wick from Wisconsin, who he apparently beat by Fall earlier this year. I think this clinches all-american for him as well.

Great second-half of the morning for our top guys. McFadden, Zavatsky and Haught all advanced to semis and locked an all-American finish.

Zavatsky was our first guy to wrestle above his seed, beating the #3 seed. Hopefully he can finish well tonight and tomorrow and finish above seed. He had some incredible defense in a few sequences today. He'll wrestle #2 Myles Martin (OSU) tonight.

McFadden also looked solid in a 3-0 win. He's got a tough one tonight against #3 Joseph (PSU), the defending champ.

Haught looked in control the whole time and got a good low-scoring win. His weight class has been wide open from the beginning and is even more so now with #1 Kollin Moore (OSU) getting pinned this morning. He'll wrestle #2 Darmstadt (Cor). This is probably the most winnable semi we have.

Team score still shaking out but we are sitting in 7th right now. Definitely could move around a little

I think 3 champions would help the score a bit.

Recruit Prosim

Dunn gets eliminated by #6 Stoll.

Only wrestlers remaining are the 3 in the semis.

With all the youth on the team I care much less about team score and much more about the guys in the hunt for a title.

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I'd say that the team score and getting least one (preferably 2 or 3) of our semifinalists into the finals are both important. I think it'll provide a recruiting boost if Coach Robie can prove in his first year that he can keep both the team and individual wrestlers in the title hunt. Despite the disappointing finishes for our young guys (6 of our 9 qualifiers failed to make it to tonight's fourth session), this can still be a great tournament for VT if we can claim our first national champion and/or finish in the top 5 or 6 in the team standings.

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Spencer Lee of Iowa is just ridiculous. TF or Pin in every match so far.

I TKP'd hard for a solid 90 minutes getting caught up on the weeks VT athletic news before I came upon your comment about Spencer's dominating NCAA's. I had to Log In and Leg ya for that because I couldn't agree more! Great Tourney! Multi-time World Champ, true freshman NCAA champ and I believe, a future Olympic Gold medal winner.

I must add that I am very excited for the future of VT wrestling. We've got a solid staff, great guys in the room and some excellent recruits coming in. Support them any way you can.

Now bring on football season!

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I feed off of nightmares

McFadden drops a tough one to the defending national champ.

Joseph was using the OOB like crazy

I feed off of nightmares

Had a tough time handling the upper body grappling but had a few good looks at inside trips.

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Like I said Joseph was looking for the OOB the whole last minute

I feed off of nightmares

No kidding, how did he not even get a stalling warning?

Does McFadden wrestle again tonight or tomorrow at 11?

Tomorrow at 11.

Down goes Zavatsky. Refs on Mat 4 being sheepish on stall calls.

I was surprised the roll worked so well for ZZ. Wish he could have finished one one of his looks.

It's Time to go to Work

Martin def had the superior strength. Hard to get in on a guy like that.


I feed off of nightmares

Big big match for Haught... Other side of the bracket is a guy he has already beaten and an unseeded wrestler.

He's got something to prove for being snubbed the 1 seed.

Gotta focus on the match he gots now

I feed off of nightmares



I feed off of nightmares

Wow that was awesome! Finish the job Jared!

Way to go Horseman... country strong!
Going for the national championship tonite at 8 while mcfadden and zz wrestle later this morning
March Matness!

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Year 3 is coming up!

McFadden and Zavatsky both came out pretty flat today and lost. Both will complete for 5th. Hoping the team will hold on to its 7th place positioning.

Tech needs to fix something about the morning sessions. They always come out with no energy

I feed off of nightmares

For sure. Those two have got to shake it off. Not much time before their next match.

Tyriq Wilson of NC State with a crazy tourney run. Unseeded finishes third.

He and Conel from Kent State have been really fun to watch this year. Cinderella stories of the tournament.

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Conel does it again against Moore to take third!

It's Time to go to Work

McFadden with the crazy pin to win 5th. Pin helps big with the team score.

Those spladle will get after ya

I feed off of nightmares

Unless you are ZZ, who got caught in one and turned it in to 2R and 4NF.

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McFadden with the pin to clinch 5th!

“I'm addicted to placebos. I could quit, but it wouldn't matter”~steven wright

And McFadden wins by pinfall to take 5th

I feed off of nightmares

Did Mac get the pin?

This is on espnu and Ino got anymore.

Year 3 is coming up!

Yah he pinned that orange

I feed off of nightmares

Zavatsky loses. Takes 6th.

He looked injured

I feed off of nightmares

Noice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And against IOWA!!! And he's a youngin'

Year 3 is coming up!

McFadden needs to move to 74

I feed off of nightmares


Year 3 is coming up!

I think he would do better at 74 hes a tall 65 and it would be less of a weight cut and they can slide Mekhi at 65

I feed off of nightmares

Bump up Bolen and ZZ as well

It's Time to go to Work

ZZ is way too small for 197. Borst or incoming freshman Howard will fill that spot. I think Mcfadden is good at 165, if anything he can fill out more. Plus next year will be wide open with I.Mar gone. Bolen seems to be a good fit at 174 too.

It will be interesting to see who fills in 133 and 157 next year. Especially if Chsiko returns.

ZZ would catch a lot of people with cradles at 97

I feed off of nightmares

Just always having a problem with going up in weight class. Bad experiences maybe. Might work out!

Year 3 is coming up!

I expect Bolen to redshirt next season. Lewis and McFadden will fill 2 of 157, 165, and 174 (most likely 165 and 174). ZZ stays at 184 for his Sr year and Borst starts at 197. Bolen comes off his redshirt and slots into 184.

I have no insider info but my gut unfortunately says that Chishko will not return to the team. Seems very likely to be Norstrem, Moore, Blees, Laprade, Lewis, McFadden, ZZ, Borst, Dunn next year with some competition for a slot at 125/133.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

I'll be interested to see if incoming Mitch Moore wins out at 133. He was a stud in highschool, 4 time Ohio State champ if I remember correctly.

It's Time to go to Work

If Jared wins, Tech places 7th in the team race. If not 8th is locked. Not a bad showing considering how bad day 2 was for the young guys.

Fuck. Tough loss. Fuck


Well that didn't go well.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Dang we were so close to having a national champ. Thanks for your time at Tech Jared!

Reach for Excellence!

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Man, it sucks when we drop one in a match that we've won twice this season already.

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Hard to beat a guy three times. Especially at this level.

It went from even to NCST winning fast.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Well that'll happen when there's no scoring until a takedown with, what, 15 seconds left in the third?

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

that's not any more true in wrestling than any other sport. It's a common idiom in sports to manufacture drama but stats prove out that the player/team who has won most of the head to head matchups is more likely to win the next as well.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

NCST is the new big dog in the ACC. Welcome to Hokie fandom!

Year 3 is coming up!

They are losing a lot of starters for next season. I think their finish this year was based on that. Def much better/closer than in previous years.

I am just spouting sour grapes at the moment!

Year 3 is coming up!

Final team scores

1. Penn State (141.5)

2. Ohio State (133.5)

3. Iowa (97)

T-4. Michigan (80)

T-4. North Carolina State (80)

6. Missouri (61.5)

7. Cornell (48)

8. Virginia Tech (47.5)

9. Nebraska (43)

10. Arizona State (42.5)

T-24. Northern Iowa (20)

T-45. Iowa State (3)

Year 3 is coming up!

Why'd you list UNI? Just to show them above Iowa State?

? Copy and paste from a website!.

Year 3 is coming up!

Haha okay. Thought u were trying to point out ISU's struggles with Dresser.

I think the future is bright.
We have one of the better teams on a national level and no one really gives a crap. If the football team finished 8th everyone would be jerkin off and drinking Jack. The big deal is the disparity between PSU, OSU and the rest of the nation.. Even Iowa, it is a joke.

Year 3 is coming up!

Its hard for anyone to compete with this:

Finishing 8th is great, but after finishing what, 4th a couple years ago and knowing just how much of an enormous gap there is between the likes of Penn St and everyone else kinda sucks the wind out of it a little bit.

"Some days you’re a horse and some days you’re a horse’s ass. I’ve been a horse’s ass for a little while." - Roy Halladay

And it almost seems like PSU is pulling away even more from tOSU. They probably will win again next year. One of their backups beat the #1 wrestler from tOSU during the season at his weight class. Also, they sell out almost all of their matches I believe. Their fan support is incredible. We only charge tickets for 2 matches a year, which barely sell out in a much smaller arena.

I saw something on NC State Wrestling twitter about how there was something like only 5 schools had at least 3 semi finalists this year, and the ACC had 2 schools of those 5 (VT and NCST). It was bragging about how good at wrestling the ACC is. Penn State has 5 wrestlers in the finals and won 4 of those. We are nowhere near their talen even if NC St and VT combined wrestlers.

Its crazy that we're building a pretty good wrestling program when you consider the big picture, but when the eventual goal is to win a National Championship, even though at this point we're routinely winning ACC titles and finishing Top 10 in nationals, we're arguably further away from a National Title there than we are in somewhere like football or even basketball. The gap that Penn St and Ohio St have created just seems to be that severe. Just a shame, because we really are doing well.

"Some days you’re a horse and some days you’re a horse’s ass. I’ve been a horse’s ass for a little while." - Roy Halladay

I still don't understand how they manage those attendance numbers. Blacksburg is in a similar sized metro population area and can't even get 1/4th of that.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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It's because people actually travel and buy season tickets for wrestling duels, and then standing room only single ticket matches at their rec hall. I would like to see the amount of people that travel to a duel from >1 hour away for VT wrestling compared to the number that travel for Penn St. Penn St is also easier for their fans to travel to, than Virginia Tech. VT also has to compete against several universities for fans. Penn St has to complete with Pitt and that is pretty much it.

I don't follow wrestling at all so can someone tell me why our last coach left for a much worse school that still did pretty bad at the NCAAs this year with him. I thought he was going to a top 5 contender school when I was reading about it last year

They used to be a top wrestling school. They have been terrible for years, and he wanted to move back to his home and build a program (probably to try and beat Iowa and their #orange of a coach). ISU will also put a lot more money into their program and have more support than we ever will. Give him 3-5 years and he will have them in the top 10, possibly top 5. Wrestling is a sport that incoming and redshirt freshman can make an immediate impact. It will not be too difficult with their immense alumni and athletic department support.

Been meaning to post for a while, but having a toddler takes a toll on TKPing. I was pretty impressed overall for the season and the ACC championship was huge. NCAAs were solid with the second finalist ever, who had a great tournament and was close to our first national title, but its really hard to beat a good wrestler 3 times in a year. McFadden made a big step in potentially becoming the first 4 time ncaa all American for VT, so that's something to look forward to and bringing back 7 wrestlers that qualified for the tournament is big, so things look bright in keeping the program strong. Lewis and Moore, depending on redshirt, will be good additions to the roster but then there goes the question about who will be where. I've always been an advocate of letting the best wrestlers spar for the weight and only moving up if you can't make the lower weight. I know that macchiavello moved up to 197 this year and won it all without ever being an all American before, but that's not always the norm. I think the program is in the right hands, but they still need to have good support to keep the staff they have going, so hopefully that'll stay as well. I think we're set up to be right in the thick of things in the ACC, but to actually take it all we would have to dramatically improve overall as PSU is above everyone in terms of talent and OSU, who is close, loses their best two wrestlers this year. I believe if we can get more finalists or a champ is the next step they need to take to get closer to the top as that will help with recruiting. Also was wondering what was going on with Chisko, if it was injury issues or weight issues, really missed seeing him most of the year and when he was in he wasn't the same. I believe if he had been his normal self and Epperly, who graduate early, would of stayed we would of had an outside shot of being in the top 4 this season.

As far as Dresser is concerned I believe he took a job that will not only pay him much more money, but also allows him to be close to his elderly mother, and at a school who has had some of the best wrestlers ever on campus with both Sanderson and Gable leading the way and 4 other Olympic champs. Its pretty easy to see why he went there and I believe that with time he'll have them being very competitive again, especially in the Big 12 where OST has reigned here lately. I also believe he left this job in really good hands and in a much better place than when he arrived unlike Brands did.