I'll have More Wild Turkey Please

It's November 2008. The offense is struggling. T-Mobile was sidelined in last week's loss to Florida State. Our chance to repeat as ACC Champions is looking bleak. Ranked Maryland is coming to town on Thursday night. Bryan Stinespring decided now's the right time to crack open the Wild Turkey to shoot some life into the struggling offense.

The Wild Turkey is just a badass name for a set of plays run out of the single-wing formation. The single-wing isn't anything new and can be traced all the way back to Pop Warner. What makes the Wild Turkey, or any team's Wild ________, so sexy is the quarterback is replaced by a playmaker. "THE KID WITH THE JETS IS GETTING' THE BALL, WE'S GONNA SCORE." That doesn't happen as often as play callers would like or fans think. However, because it's relatively simple for an offense to install, yet extremely effective at breaking defensive reads and keys, it's successful.

Let's get back to the game. Greg Boone (BOOOOOOONNNNEEEEEE) took a handful of snaps out of the Wild Turkey. Statistically speaking his performance was insignificant. Darren Evans went ham, rushed for a school record 253 yards and totally overshadowed the Wild Turkey's debut. However, the Turkey did help to resuscitate the offense. Both players and fans were energized watching big Boone hurl his massive body through the Terp defense. And at the end of the day, that energy level and potential is why I (and I'm sure most of you) love the Wild Turkey.

The Turkey was kicked in 2009. Possible reasons include Boone's sprained right sternoclavicular joint, the emergence of other playmakers, etc... That was unfortunate.

This season there's a plethora of veteran talent returning so let's take a look at the players who may command the Turkey...

Ryan Williams

I'm not saying I'm capable of calling plays for a I-A program, in fact I'd fail miserably. However, my digital Hokies have finished the last two seasons of my NCAA 11 dynasty ranked in the top 5 of both total and scoring offense (back-to-back National Champions too). I've followed one simple philosophy, put the ball in Ryan Williams hands. Enough said.


Since arriving at Tech Logan Thomas has been competing for the backup quarterback job. Combine Thomas' improving passing skills with his freakish 6' 6" size and athleticism to yield a dynamic orchestrator of the Wild Turkey. Furthermore, Logan taking snaps during critical situations will also help to season the raw talent for the future. Marcus Davis has experience tossing the pigskin. He played quarterback for Ocean Lakes in Virginia Beach. He isn't as imposing behind center as Thomas, but is faster. Envision Thomas and/or Davis breaking from the huddle with Tyrod. OK, yes, that could already be common. Now imagine Tyrod running from the huddle to line up in the slot with Thomas or Davis setting up behind center. Yeah, that'll put a defense on tilt.


Both Dyrell Roberts and David Wilson burn the turf when they get in the open field. During winter testing Dyrell posted a time of 1.62s in the 10 Yard Dash and 4.35s in the 40 Yard Dash, Wilson ran an equally impressive 1.64s and 4.29s respectively. The plays called out of the Turkey provide glimpses at daylight and these are the two kids you want chasing it.

Regardless of who ends up as the Turkey back, any or all of the above players could be apart of the show. There's opportunities to carry the ball on a slot sweep or zone read option. Or be on the receiving end of a double pass.

In 2008 Greg Boone gave us our first taste of the Wild Turkey. In 2010 we return a core of experienced players already familiar with base sets and plays. The opportunity to add a wrinkle to our scheme is there. I hope we take it and serve up the second round of Wild Turkey.

*And yes I had to restrain myself from including 1,000 more puns.


Just beat VPI in NCAA11 because Tyrod Taylor through a pick-6. Ryan Williams shredded tackles like a mofo.

Im thinking of getting NCAA 11

but I need to know who has it on 360 before I do, so I know who I can run all over in a Sun Belt online dynasty.

I am looking forward to seeing some wild Turkey this year as long as we don't get carried away with it. I don't want to turn into 07 Florida when Tebow's appearance triggered the defense to just need to flood the box. I think all of us are wondering what LT's role will be this year and who will be QB1 in 11.

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The media guide said he could get some work this year at h-back or tight end. He's too talented to hold a clipboard all year. I'm wondering if he'll play special teams at all this year? He could end being a kick blocking machine.

We're going to do up an online dynasty, right now we have 5 people interested. Let me know if you get the game.

Online Dynasty


I'm totally in, I just have to pick up my copy of NCAA 11. Do you guys have it on 360? Let me know!

No pressure, no diamonds.

It'll be on 360/XBox Live

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