Ricardo Young is Transfering

Wednesday afternoon sources told TKP that Ricardo Young was transferring. Eric noted as much on his Twitter account, as did I.

We didn't know where he intended on going, or when an official announcement was happening, just that he was moving on.

Fast forward to today. BeamerBall.com made an announcement that Young would miss Tech's first open scrimmage on Saturday because of "personal reasons".

Shortly thereafter we learned Ricardo's locker was cleaned out. We still don't have the timetable for an announcement. It's quite possible he's taking some time to think his decision through. Whatever the case may be, we'll update you as soon as we know more.


I'm pretty sure...

the staff isn't going to be to overly bothered by his departure.

I think if he had stayed healthy that he would be right in the mix for the backup spot at QB, maybe even have it already. Foster was definitely impressed with him in practice. Oh well, good luck kid.

Beamer Ball Confirmation

guess i wasn't wrong


I liked him

He seemed like a good kid, maybe a bit unfocused at times, but generally a good person to have in the locker room. Plus he was going to sport #5 this year....

Logan 3:16

i know hes long gone buttt....

just heard hes leaving new mexico and coming back somewere to the east coast if anyone knows anything id appriacite it... i try to follow him was looking forward to seeing him play next season kids got skills.

#VT #BAP #21 #BlessAllPeople

yeah, it's a crappy situation at UNM right now. will be interesting to see how many of their probably two dozen DC-area/east coast players transfer with their head coach (who had DC roots) gone. i'll keep an eye out for you.