Sugar Bowl Swag

Just an FYI for anyone interested. Bowls often give out rewards to participants in each bowl. They allow 125 participants per team, with a ceiling of $550 in value via NCAA rules, from the respective sponsor. With this years AllState Sugar Bowl, our guys will be receiving the following:

Gift Suite: This is basically an area where gifts are spread out for each individual to choose from. Im not exactly sure the choices for the SB, but an example is the choice between a 26'' Vizio HDTV or Samsung tablet for those going to the Rose Bowl.

Reactor watch:

New Era Cap: No need for explanation.

Majestic fleece pullover: ex:

As well, participants can receive an extra $400 from the school and another $400 from the conference. This is a far cry from how everyone else associated benefits, but pretty neat nonetheless.


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Not bad...

but I would be more cised just for the normal Nike gear they receive during the season. Glad they get some decent spending $.

My Freshman Year

The football players got a choice between a PSP, TVs, and all sorts of stuff for the Sugar bowl. Without getting into too many sketchy details, they got hooked up.

For qualifying 6th at National Championships...I received a sleeping Coleman sleeping bag.


38-0 bro


Holy moly what a nice list- gimme that TV! ScottbeardVT- I can relate: when I played ice hockey and my club team qualified for Southeastern District (Regionals) II Championships all we got was a crappy t-shirt that just had the USA Hockey logo on it and the Championship name under it. If you scored a goal you got to keep the puck at least.

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