This is a Uniform Post.

The University of Georgia announced they would be one of nine schools to wear the 2011 Nike Pro Combat uniforms.

The teams selected to sport the 2011 Nike Pro Combat system of dress uniforms include the United States Military Academy (Army), Boise State University, University of Georgia, Louisiana State University, Michigan State University, the United States Naval Academy, The Ohio State University, University of Oregon, and Stanford University.

Virginia Tech wore Pro Combat uniforms in 2010 and 2009 to mixed reviews and won't wear an updated version in 2011.

I didn't like the "Good Guys Wear White" uniforms in 2009, and was a late adopter to the all-blacks last year. I'm not really disappointed that we weren't selected, although it would have been interesting to see what Nike could've come up with. My guess is as good as your's as to why Tech wasn't picked. In the past Nike has put the Hokies at the forefront of their runway.

Now, it goes without saying that I have to mention my favorite and least favorite Hokie uniforms. Those are the rules of uniform discussion.

You're In

Macho being awesome.

They're tough, clean and polished. I enjoy us whooping ass in formal wear.

Auf Wiedersehen!

The orange on the sides, it's terrible looking.

Because most of us are middle-aged males, we know fashion and what looks good. As such, you're opinions are encouraged in the comments below.


the white throwbacks are the best uniforms. that being said, they are very traditional, and can even be viewed as "plain" - which is why i look forward to the once a year crazy apeshit pro-combat jersey. i liked, and purchased, both of the pro combats so far....sorry nike, looks like you are losing 70 bucks of mine this year

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and i actually liked the 08-09 unis.....but then again ive never seen a VT uniform i didnt like

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Those are


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that combo looks pretty intense i gotta admit, hope we wear it a few more times



What an awesome picture and uniform!

Anything but egg helmets

Loved the all blacks from last year but I gotta go with the 03 Miami game all Maroon beatdown has to be the best set. The orange socks from the '04 USC game looked sneaky good but apparently were prone to offensive pass interference.

Everything looks good with a VT on it, however, the worst uniforms have to be the Orange Jersey, Maroon pants combo of the 09 UNC game. Those were way over the top and were kinda cool for a game but never again. I would like to see the Orange Jerseys in a throwback version with white pants at some point. The all white helmets for home games is just awful looking, but the all white uniforms with the stripe (ACCCG '10) were classy.


i love the old school throwbacks.
the fsu game with white helmets and stripes, the maroon top with stripes on the pants (hate the non stripe all white pants worn last year) and joe's pick was very close for fave, but ...

From Drop Box

helmet stripes and old school t over the v wins out.

the worst ever ... old guy alert ... i was a student at the time

From Drop Box

the unc orange top debacle in 09 was a close 2nd.

Who thought these were a good idea?

The color is more red than orange, but I do like the helmets, a lot.

Sean Glennon Looks Tough with Tyrod and Kam?!?!

I do think they should bring back the late 80s/early 90s mid drift jerseys, BUT... the GREATEST Uniform of all time is:

For Several Reasons:
1.) The Ribbon patch (nuff said)
2.) All Maroon is absolutely non debatable as the best
3.) Tyrod, one of the greatest Hokies of all time, wore it and was able to do this in it: Tyrod vs. FSU 3rd and 31


Oh Tyrod

I'm gonna miss watching that dude make people miss.


38-0 bro

Gotta say I am a fan of...

Gotta say I love the jerseys the team is using now. As a NY Jets die hard fan these remind me greatly (though not totally identical in design) of the current and 1960's Jets jerseys with Joe 'Willie' Namath leading the team (was far too young but to hear my dad and uncle tell stories of those Jet teams and Joe was pretty cool). I really like the shoulder designs and the plain numbers used by VT. Comes together very well particularly the home jersey.

I really didn't like the '08-'09 unis- way too futuristic and were just kinda ugly particularly the hideous numbers. Nike should really consider those a style blemish just like most of Oregon's unis. My friends from other schools used to call VT's '08 unis 'Oregon East' or Nike's Nuclear testing facility of Hokie colors.

However, as my all time favorite gotta really go with the jersey in Tyrod's pic at LSU. I was a VT student from '04-'08 so I got to see these jerseys including the oranged sleeved Nike Revolution jersey. They were the perfect blend of future with piping but wasn't too 'out there' like '08-'09 brand. Really wish Nike would've let us keep those for more than this 'four year period' cause they remind me of the great successes those teams had- 2 (should've been 3) ACC titles and 40+ wins (minus USC..still stings).

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you look good you play good...

As a football purist I'm all for the the more traditional uniforms. there's just something about putting on the same jerseys that teams of years past did, that makes you really appreciate the gravity of the game at hand. It works for teams like Penn State (black shoes, white socks, no name on the back... iconic) and Michigan (the original winged helmet), and on some occasions (orange helmets?.. really) I wish we would stick with one tried and true uniform.

But on the other hand, I can understand the appeal of new jerseys every year, and crazy color combos. As Neon Deion so eloquently put it "if you look good, you play good", and if new jerseys and four different colored helmets help motivate the team to win, or draw in that blue-chip recruit who thinks he might look good in some fancy orange and maroon space suit... I can live with what Phil Knight dreams up for us

Classic Is Best

I have to say the all whites we wore in the first white out game are my favorite, with the white top helmets that have the state of Virginia in orange with the Tech laid over in maroon.
In the worst category I think I have to go with the orange tops from the UNC game.
That being said, I have thought both Nike jerseys have been good jerseys all things considered, we didn't end up with a neon orange puke fest like an Oregon jersey might have, and the all blacks were pretty awesome. The students ate the all blacks up and the players like getting new jerseys so as long as Nike doesn't make something putrid I'll keep hoping VT gets picked.

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All Maroon is my favorite

Especially when we rocked them against aTm in the hurricane. (thats also the only game i ever considered leaving early because i was so cold - i didn't - and i was shirtless and painted up against syracuse in 99).

i'm slowly coming around to the white state of VA helmets, but i was not a fan of the orange helmets we wore in the orange bowl.

"We were at the pinnacle, and we did it for years," Foster says. He pauses, nods, takes a deep breath. "And I did it with the best guy in the business."

I'm all for the Black Unis

I pre-ordered a RMFW Black jersey and really thought they looked sharp. I was cool with the changes they made and thought that each part of the jersey, and how it was attributed to the school's history, made for a unique jersey experience.
Also? F every single thing about all orange.

+ 1 to everything you said.

anything simple

When we first wore the maroon tops that we wear now, I thought they were amazing and still one of the best. However, the best uniforms have to be the simple maroon on maroon like many people have said already. I wonder what maroon on maroon would look like with our current uniform set...

As for the worst, I really didn't like the orange jerseys vs UNC or anything with the plain white helmet. The VT trademark has always been a maroon helmet and I don't like seeing us go against that grain with a white (or orange) helmet.

It's a Miracle in Blacksburg...TYROD DID IT MIKEY!!! TYROD DID IT!!!

I want

the Jersey Brucie boy wore in that post a few weeks back. Simple, maroon.

2 cents

TV logo First of all, the TV logo is and always will be the greatest logo so anything with that on it is good. I am also a big fan of the gobbler mascot logo Gobbler dude

General question I've thought about a lot over my student years (I graduated 68 days ago): Do people only complain about the uniforms we lose in? I loved the orange tops we wore for the 2009 UNC game, the black jerseys against Boise St., and the egg head helmets against JMU. I wonder if we had won all of those games how the attitude towards those looks would be different.

lol #newhoos

Love the gobbler. I have it plastered over the apple on top of my laptop


People hate the orange jerseys because after the great uva debacle, Frank said we would never wear them again. The black unis were fine for one game, but i don't really want to see them again. As for the JMU game, I have completely blocked that from my memory, so i don't know what you are talking about there

"We were at the pinnacle, and we did it for years," Foster says. He pauses, nods, takes a deep breath. "And I did it with the best guy in the business."

Fighting Gobbler Helmets

are a must!! Love that damn logo, got it on my car. It would be great if we could do vintage jerseys with that logo included







HOT (jorts)



HOT, and the first and only jersey I own.

the one on the left

reminds me of one of the "snowflake girls" from my freshman yr lol

I absolutely know those girls....

Baaaaaahahaha The one on the left is named Stephanie. She's a former diver. The one on the right is named Morgan, former swimmer.


38-0 bro

Pretty much agree with you here...except for the all black uniforms. I get what Nike was trying to do, but I didn't like them much.

Love the all maroon and all black

#Let's Go - Hokies

Not even Tyrod could make these look good.

Although they were quite slimming on Ed Wang.

My 3 Favorites

WOW, these make David Wilson look extremely fast.

Orange Bowl



i loved the black helmets ...

well the flat black paint and the bold orange, the stripe was meh.

i wish VT's helmets were matte maroon with stripes and the old school T over the V in bright, poppin' colors. the matte would look tough and dark and make the white and the orange really stand out.

we should just have throw back uni's both home and away with striped pants and that's it. an occasional maroon pants to change things up (with stripes.)

I prefer the HALTER TOPS...

I agree with BCO

Especially on the V over T. That's exactly why I have it tattooed on my arm.

No pressure, no diamonds.


I really, really disliked the black pro combats before and after the Boise State game. I could support them because the players really wanted black on black, but I thought the design was shit. I would've MUCH preferred black or maroon jerseys with hokie stone inside the numbers rather than the weird circuitry design. I appreciate the nod to engineering, but it looked dorky.

I LOOOOOOVE the T-over-V and am unhealthily obsessed with the VT/hokie stone gloves from 09. I really like the latest throwback style, but I'd like to see us come up with something "fashion forward" and a little sleeker.

Also, there is no sexier uniform combination than maroon on maroon.


these are by far the worst.

the one-orange-arm-jersey. gag!

VT jersey

For me...

For me that jersey was great one week and completely terrible the next after the beat-down Miami gave us in Blacksburg. Thought the Nike shirts with one sleeve being maroon and the other orange were pretty cool but the jersey did wear off. Still can't believe I bought one of those Revolution jerseys....

Still though, Florida had the most hideous Revolution jersey

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I'll admit

Being a relativley new student to VT, I really kind of like the unis we wore in 09, and it did take me until about halfway through the season to start liking the more "vintage" jerseys that they wore this past season. With that said, I love the vintage looking unis now and I will agree that the all white looks damn good. I'm also hoping to see an all maroon version sometime this year (ACCCG vs FSU?). I was a bit time fan of the blackout, and the whiteout for JMU was nice, however the end result wasnt so much. But definitely going to agree to no thanks on anything with orange as the dominant color, as it looks pretty Charles Barkley Turrble.

Logan 3:16

We are a Maroon school!

My absolute favorite uniforms are the 2003 all maroon uniforms. Could be from the epic aTm and Miami games, but those uniforms just rocked.
2nd favorite would the be the ACCCG uniforms from last year: A little orange piping can look good.
3rd would be Maroon with white and orange stripes:

Orange should never, ever be a primary uniform color as we are not: Syracuse, UVA, Clemson, etc.