Official 2012-13 NFL(-Hokies) Thread

I have three primary NFL rooting interests: 1) The Giants, 2) Whoever is playing the Eagles, Cowboys, and Redskins, and 3) former Tech players. This thread is for your thoughts (disgust) on your NFL team, highlights, articles, summaries of Tech players in the league, or trash talk. I think this could be a fun place.


no nfl team..

I grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania which has no NFL team. Combine that with my adopted dad not allowing football on the TV, i never grew up with an NFL team. That's a big reason why I'm so passionate about VT football because it was the first team I was ever introduced in the game.

I inherited Pitt when I married my wife, but other than that, hokies rule my NFL cheering experience. (ru, eddie, coale, vick, tapp make up my top 5)

excited to see the trash talk that will ensue this year since there are so many of you that are split between eagles/skins/giants and then there is beau. the lone cowboy. ha!


Good year to be a Hokie/Giants Fan

Nice pick-ups in Rounds 1 & 2 for your G-men. As a Skins fan, I'm glad to see them sign one Hokie to keep up with the rest of the NFC East #AllOfTheHokiesInTheNFCEast. So, in terms of NFL, 1st a Skins fan, 2nd Hokie individual fan, and 3rd Dallas Cowboy hater. Living in San Diego, I'm excited to get to watch Eddie every week and I'll probably make it out to a game or two.

🦃 🦃 🦃

Snapped this pic the other night

And I'm pretty sure I'll by a DW34 jersey at some point.

Row Z forever.

He can buy a lot of those cars...

with his new $54M contract extension. $22M guaranteed.

Seriously couldn't come to a better guy. I knew him during my days in Blacksburg -- he's a good dude. Glad it all worked out for him.

Something tells me he wouldn't have netted $50+ million had he stayed at tight end and snagged 30 career receptions.

Row Z forever.

Was a Bills fan starting in the Thurman Thomas rookie year. Super Bowl losses came in 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grades soured me, and then the Flutie INT against the Dolphins and the Music City Miracle pushed me over the edge. I detached emotionally, to the point where now, Sunday is my nap day, and whatever NFL I watch is to fill in gaps when I am bored. I have a rooting interest in the Redskins being interesting (not really good, because the local radio is better when they are a disaster) and I continue to hope that football fans realize how incredibly overrated Peyton Manning is (worst big game sure fire HOF QB in my lifetime.)

Now, the best day of the season is the draft.

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Panthers fan here

but I dont really follow them that closely. I'm more of a casual NFL fan, it's just not as exciting.

btw Joe, what happened to the big board? I was crushin that shit!

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It's coming back. I need to optimize a few queries. I might push it off the front page, make it its own section and add some more features.

My general rule is I root for whoever has the most Hokies on the field.

I grew up without a home town team so I don't have any deep allegiances.

Not sure what I am supposed to do when the Giants (Hoseley, DW, Powell) play the Skins (D'lo, Montgomery, Morgan)??


I remember watching that play live last year and jumping up and down. TT will always be one of my favorite hokies.

fantastic idea btw

We definitely needed this...

I forgot who put up the DMFW highlights last week but that kicked ass...

You know, Jonathan Odgen kind of reminds me of Wyatt Teller. Just sayin...

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Jayron Pick Six

as a pats fan, I ...

hate them giants but I love everything about this

Also, RMFW started and went 5 for 25 and a Touchdown in his preseason debut!

this is fantastic

priceless PR for our school...the commentator actually said "speed, they got it from Virginia Tech in Wilson and Hosley" do this kind of stuff on a high-profile team/market like NY is just awesome and I believe has a trickle down effect in recruiting.

yeah, but watching the ravens games the other night tyrod made a play and the announcer said, "that's what he used to do at georgia tech!"

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

That's almost as bad as...

A looooong time ago (may have been pre-Beamer) we were on TV (don't remember the game) and former Kansas City Chiefs coach Hank Stram was doing the color commentary. Hank wasn't known for being the sharpest tool in the shed, at least off of the gridiron. He kept referring to us as West Virginia Tech (!!??). To this day, I don't know where he came up with that.

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the regular season announcers will get it right- geez.

It was funny seeing the back-up refs constantly say Arizona instead of Atlanta too.

David Wilson vs Chicago Bears

giants fans have to be excited

Hyping up Hokie Nation one video at a time.

Thanks for posting. I missed the entire first half of that game and DW wasn't seen hardly at all in the second half.

Does anybody know if he's supposed to see significant playing time during the regular season (besides playing with the kickoff return unit)? Because I know that Bradshaw is injured and he will most likely get priority over Wilson when he comes back to full strength. But given these highlights, if I was the Giants, I'd go with Wilson over Bradshaw. I may be slightly biased though.

So Hammy

It looks like he's seeing the field much better, and turning it up once he has a lane. I'm looking forward to French's opinion on that matter.

He looked awful on the blitz pickup (on top of whiffing, he has to get farther forward to give the QB a pocket. While he did find an inside lane on those runs, he is still running to the spot instead of explosively cutting off his outside leg, which is why you see those runs for loss on the interior. Still, he seems to be reading blocks well, and his technique, especially hand position catching the ball looks far superior to last year. It seemed like the Hokies were planning on really using him in the passing game, and it never materialized.

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Recorded this last night, SICK one are grab!

Hyping up Hokie Nation one video at a time.

Just more proof that it's #stillacatch.

NFL presence is growing

Our NFL presence continues to get stronger and it's only going to get stronger! Gotta love it

Danny was cut -- lame

Something tells me the Cowboys will regret this. Maybe not as much as UVA regrets not offering DC19 for football.

Bdozer -- How do you digitally inject your video? Trying to get VT games in HD on my hard drive this fall.


Row Z forever.

Damn that sucks, hopefully another team picks him up, I think he can be a good one... he got progressively better over the years as a Hokie, I think the same can happen in the nfl, hopefully

I have a computer dedicated to watching and recording TV. This is your best friend:

Your coax cable runs through that. ask your cable provider for a tuner card (just tell them you have a tivo so they dont get confused). Plug the card in the infiniTV and you can use the built in windows media center to watch and record straight to a hard drive.

Hyping up Hokie Nation one video at a time.

Good look, homie.


Row Z forever.

Darren Evans touchdown

Row Z forever.

Good for him

I have been wondering what happened to him since he disappeared from twitter a while ago. I was hoping he was at least still on the practice squad in Indy.

"We were at the pinnacle, and we did it for years," Foster says. He pauses, nods, takes a deep breath. "And I did it with the best guy in the business."


NFL season kicked off Wednesday with the first touch going to a Hokie. DW return the opening kick-off!

Other not so notable firsts:
First penalty - Jayron Hosely on a punt return.
First fumble (turnover): DW

DW was getting good press. Keep your head up!

#Let's Go - Hokies

all i know is redzone is the shit

this is the first year i've had it and i gotta say this might get me more into the nfl. it's literally exciting play after exciting play, they flip the channel for you.


"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

Tyrod got into the Ravens-Bengals game mid-4th quarter. Ravens were trying to run the clock, but he moved the chains. They ended up scoring a field goal. On the third down before the kick he threw a nice ball on a go route to the sideline. He read the blitz the receiver, and only the receiver, had a chance to make the catch (a tough one), but couldn't haul it down. He looked sharp.

Hit record just in case he busted out some razzle dazzle. He look calm and composed, really awesome to see TT on the field again!

Hyping up Hokie Nation one video at a time.

Awful week for nfl hokies

Morgans penalty probably cost the skins. Rw's fumble should have lost for Arizona. Wilson is obviously out of Coughlin's circle of trust already.


Vick led a 4th quarter comeback for the 2nd straight week!

VT Class of 2017

Yeah, but that means the Eagles won!

kam had a pretty good game, 9 tackles. i think witten did beat him for a td but at least seattle won.

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

What about?

The lineman?

#Let's Go - Hokies

This is all.




Jayron had a very solid game. He handled himself in coverage well, was off the corner quick on the blitz (forced Newton out of the pocket), and had a sweet pick. The Giants got a steal drafting him in the third round.

Sorry, it won't let me embed the video.

David Wilson had one carry for -2 yards, he got stuffed by James Anderson. Coughlin won't play a fumbler. And speaking of Anderson, as bad as Carolina got beat, along with stopping Wilson in the backfield, he make a couple of nice plays on defense, but got torched trying to cover Marty B on a seem.

I thought Wilson had a 5 yard run in the 2nd

I didnt actually see it I was in the kitchen and Mrs. BCH was like, "David Wilson did good." I came back in and it was 2nd and 5 and Mayock was talking about how the Giants were looking for ways to get Wilson the ball in low risk situations with the fumbles and poor pass protection and all.

Giants backups shredding Panther's starting D, that was ri-godamn-diculous.

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

All Kam Chancellor knows is loud home stadiums. LANE Stadium to centuryLink.

Also, I was at the Patriots ravens game last night! #goPATS #tuckermissed. They're pretty loud in M&T too.


PLEASE post a video of all of DW's kick returns tonight. I believe he had 6 returns for 215 yards, FILTHY!

VT Class of 2017

it was awesome

he just gashed them and looked blazing fast.

Unfortunately, the first series he fobbled a shovel from Eli, doing nothing to restore Tom Coughlin's confidence in him, and I don't believe he played a snap the rest of the game.

With the signiature backflip. Love it. Only thing better would have been if he backflipped into the endzone haha

if he had done that

then he would have upstaged all those Vick flips...

loved the backflip, and the speed! Really want @4stillrunning to do well in the league, even as a Pats fan.

Gotta feel for the kid. His injury issues started at Tech and never stopped...

Wow that really sucks, man I hope he gets another shot at it next year

Danny Coale Injured

Cowboys Injury Report from Yesterday. "Practice squad wide receiver Danny Coale suffered a possible torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee during special teams drills Thursday. He was undergoing an MRI today."

Go Hokies!

Awww man!

You gotta hate the kid's luck. Sugar Bowl curse?

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, no way. Damn.

Achievement unlocked: All of the Fullers

"Sam Rogers is a college football icon" SB Nation

Thanks Frank!

David Wilson is the #1 the rest of today. Has a return for TD. Bradshaw is back

"I never surprise myself"

his Td return was awesome, we need a guy like him again

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!


Any thoughts on Mike Vick's future? A lot has been said about him leaving Philly and I wouldn't blame either party for wanting a change. It just hasn't worked as planned there. I thought that going to Washington would be interesting. The Skins could use him to back up RG3. RG3 will never be fully healthy through out the entire season (similar to Vick), but they would not have to change the offense at all for him. I think if their current back up continues to play well, then it won't happen. He is from that area and would be well received. Any thoughts??

mike will get a starting job somewhere

there's already murmurs that buffalo is interested. have you watched the cardinals? they couldnt do worse than what they already have.

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

if these two could stay healthy. . .

imagine them standing in the same backfield

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"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster


I feel so sorry for RW. I thought he had as much potential as any player VT has put in the NFL for a long time. He had all the skills to be a very productive back. I hope he comes back stronger than ever, but that team is struggling horribly. 6 points in 2 games......OUCH!

Would be unfair


I like the theory, but I don't see Shanahan going for it; just feel like they wouldn't get along personality wise. But then, what do I really know?


I also think it's an interesting idea, but with Vick as a backup you may have to dress your #3 QB more often than you'd like. He'll probably see the field more than most.

Don't think #3 is a huge problem

IIRC most teams dress a 3rd QB, since the NFL allows for one of the 8 Inactive spots to be used by an emergency 3rd string QB, with the catch that if the 3rd guy comes in then neither of the first two may reenter the game.

That said, I agree with the above posts. MV1 will find another job as a starter. There are too many teams out there that need a QB, and I think at this point most of the stigma has worn off (unless you are a staunch supporter of PETA....)

upon further review

wasn't sure of the specifics, but i thought something had changed with the rule, mostly because the panthers don't dress clausen each week (whether he should even be on the roster is a topic for another day). Just double checked it: the NFL got rid of that exception and the 3rd qb counts against the active roster like anyone else, but they upped it from 45 to 46 guys. guessing the panthers would rather have depth somewhere else.

the salary concern mentioned is another good point. Vick would be an expensive backup right now.

Clean & concussed

It was definitely clean. It was a great, legal hit.

congrats to duane brown for making the pro bowl!

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

That's what's up!!

Jarrett Boykin

Picked up 1 reception tonight for 7 yards on 4th and 1. Nice to see him getting some play time.

It was a hell of a catch, too. The defender was all over him and he still pulled it in. His leg got caught up underneath him in an awkward way and I didn't see him on the field for the rest of the game though. Nice to see that Aaron Rodgers trusts Jarrett to make a big catch on 4th down.

david wilson like-a do the cha-cha

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

Looks like he's trying to emulate the Victor Cruz salsa dance.

As a lifelong Giants fan, let me be the first to say:


Congrats to local great, Russell Wilson. Representing the 804 well with the Seahawks! Was hoping for some big plays from Kam Chancellor, but I'll take it.

Also, what were the coaches thinking, keeping RGIII out on the field like that?

Both QBs are everything that's right with the NFL.

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As much as I loved him when he was at Tech, Deangelo Hall is a complete idiot.

Rip his freaking head off!

TT to the Super Bowl

Even if you don't like the Ravens it would be sweet for TT to show up in Blacksburg wearing that SB Championship ring.

#Let's Go - Hokies

im so conflicted on that topic being a Patriots fan.


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but I guess that would be some sort of consolation for what took place Sunday

That would be awesome! I don't have a preference in the matchup, just want to see a good game. Now I might lean towards Baltimore...

I thought about that

I think the Ravens miracle run stops at the SuperBowl...but who knows, one can hope.

Btw, am I the only Hokies/Cowboys fan around here?!

Their run would have ended in Denver if that safety didn't go full retard.

Rip his freaking head off!