This team is gonna go places

This team is looking solid. Three solid scorers, a presence down low, and a pretty good bench. I can't wait for ACC play

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there are still a few major things to work on

We are giving up to many easy looks in the paint, and we have trouble passing the ball inside. Most of our own looks in the paint either come from someone taking it themself or off of an offensive board. Just a few of the things I have noticed frequently over the past few games.

However, we look a lot better through 7 games than I expected. If we can keep improving, we should position ourselves clearly above the bubble come selection Sunday.


Rip his freaking head off!

Maybe if this year turns out ok we'll be able to recruit (and keep them) and keep building on success...

We are really good

Part of giving up easy looks is Johnson keeps having them double down into the post (I don't know why Barksdale, Raines, and Wood are perfectly capable defenders) and the backside isn't dropping fast enough. Plus, we are never going to be out of games because WE CAN FLAT OUT SCORE. We are finally running an offense instead of pass it around the perimeter and hoist a 3 at the end of the shot clock. Plus one thing that Greenberg actually did well was he taught these guys how to play good D. I'm telling you look for these guys to make a run in the ACC

Still need to get better production w/o Green on the floor

He sparked the offense at the beginning of the game and then it stalled big-time once he hit the pine with 2 quick fouls. Rankin will have to step his game up or I fear we'll run Green into the ground this season once conference play picks up.

Great Rebounding

We once again out rebounded a team much bigger than us 41-31

Extremely Impressed.

I think this team has a lot of heart and chemistry that could take us a long way if we stay healthy. Also the fan support was outstanding. This team is definitely one that feeds off of crowd energy so I wanna see Cassell filled like that every home game. Erick Green was on fire once again and I don't think he is gonna be flamed out any time soon. Even when teams key on him he finds ways to get open and drain shots.

Beat WV-Fucking-U
Let's go Hokies!

who knew hokies would be this good this year?

not the pokes!

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