Virginia Tech Agrees to Home, Home, and Away with ODU

This is according to a report by Harry Minium.

Virginia Tech has agreed to a three-game football series with Old Dominion, including a contest in Norfolk in 2018 that will give the Monarchs their first home game with an ACC school, officials said Monday.

ODU athletic director Wood Selig and Tech AD Jim Weaver said in addition to the 2018 game, the schools will play in Blacksburg in 2016 and 2019. Weaver said some details need to be worked out but that "no serious differences" remain and that a contract should be signed in a week or two.

It's a 2-for-1 deal, which is harder to come by these days. ODU will play in Conference USA next season, so it'll also be a game against a I-A opponent. I like it. What do y'all think?


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I like it too... I have friends that play on ODU football team. But they'll be gone by 2016 unfortunately. Would be cool to see them play Tech.

The 2019 game scares me. Between ODU's rate of growth and some comments I've seen on Andy Bitter's weekly chats, my guess is they will be #1 in the nation by that time. College Gameday 2019 starring Jason White, Seth Greenberg, and Lee Corso's head won't know what hit them.

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+1 this comment for days. I'm dead.

ODU is joining C-USA in 2015 according to Bitter. But this says in 2013.

Which is it? Wikipedia says FCS-Independent in 2013, FBS-Independent in 2014, then C-USA in 2015.


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Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Sort of both, iirc...

They are starting their transition towards FBS in 2013. The first year, they are technically still FCS, but ineligible for the postseason, and the following year they are technically FBS, but ineligible for the postseason. UMass, Texas State, UTSA and South Alabama all did that this year, joining conferences but ineligible for conference championships or bowl games.

My guess is that they will be a "provisional" C-USA member in 2014, playing a number of C-USA teams but ineligible for the C-USA championship game or a bowl game.

While it seems like a nice opportunity, particularly in playing the Norfolk area, I am particularly concerned about how the selection committee for the new playoff system will view it. I know its a bit hypothetical or out here, but a lot of talk has suggested that teams willing to take bigger risks and play big names for premier conferences will be rewarded for it by the selection committee of the future system. I'm not sure there will be the same value in playing a Conference USA team in 2016 as it is now, particularly given we have what feels like an 800 year deal with ECU already.

What are you trying to say?

Do you really think teams like Alabama and LSU are going to stop scheduling cupcakes in their season because of this?

Bottom line is win out and you're in. You have to admit, this type of game is an improvement over an Austin Peay. That is, as long as this is one of our weaker games in the OOC schedule. A C-USA team mixed in with a big-east team or two isn't a bad OOC schedule, and we all know Weaver, we will likely continue to play big earl games (See Bama and Boise).

at least its not another extension of the ecu series. i truly know nothing about odu. all schools have these games on their schedule so im not real opposed to it.

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!

Not surprising.

They just finished their 4th season of football since reviving their program in 2009.

And if they continue improving like they have been, they may be a power within C-USA by that point, better than ECU. Their worst record in 4 years is 8-3, and they finished 2nd and 1st in the CAA (arguably the SEC of 1-AA) the past 2 years, going 10-1 this past regular season.

Great Choice

This would be great for starting another in state rivalry and even better now that ODU is stepping up to C-USA. Just wish they would do this with basketball too.

Being from the 757, I'm looking forward for the opportunity to see Tech play, without the 5 hour drive, after I graduate.
And ODU will continue to increase their share of 757 recruits as they move to FBS, meaning the games could have recruiting implications. Unless ODU's staff follows the UVA approach


I like it for the sole reason of working the 757 area and getting locals more in touch with VT football.


Do you really want to play there? Probably only 3,000 seats max for opponents.

#Let's Go - Hokies

And you know how great our team hypes themselves up for small games...


Is that any different than LOLUVA? At least ODU fans will show up and a lot of the players that go there got snubbed by Tech/UVA for not being "ACC" quality so they'd play with a chip on their shoulder.

They're supposed to be adding seats and making it 50K in the next few years. (on par with Duke).

I thought I remembered reading ~35,000

Couldn't tell you who it was that tweeted it but I think I saw 50k cause it mentioned Duke's was something like 49,300.

Found it!!! Whooo!!! Lol

+1 for putting my memory to shame.

does that mean that we can have all of their tickets like when we play at Duke??

Probably not...

They actually sell out their stadium. Granted, it only seats ~20k, but a quick Wikipedia search shows that in 2009, 2011 and 2012 (the only seasons available on Wikipedia) they sold out every home game they played.

They are actually pretty good, having finished 2nd in the CAA (arguably the SEC of 1-AA) last year before finishing 1st in the standings this year (technically they are not the CAA champions, as the CAA bylaws prohibit any departing program from winning the conference trophy). They were ranked in the top 10 from start to finish this past season. They might actually contend in C-USA within the next couple years.


Yea they are pretty good. Granted, good for the level they're at, but they're a playoff team at the fcs level and have only been in existence for four years. I think the key to their success is that the mid-level talent and/or top talent that had terrible grades from the 757 would always end up wasting their talent/years at Norfolk State/Hampton (Hampton is actually decent but being an HBCU kind of pigeonholes them into weak competition and no real promise to grow). Now, ODU is picking up all the talent that NSU/Hampton used to waste, and actually producing with them. I had a feeling they would be good for that reason once I heard they were joining the football world.

Also, they're basketball teams (mens and womens) are pretty good too. They make the tourney a lot and are always competitive at their level. Their athletic admins have done and are continuing to do a good job.

Being from this area and living here again after my tech years (I work three minutes from ODU) I'm excited by ODU's success. I'm excited this area has a team to root for that isn't the Tides. I don't think they'll cut into our recruiting unless they actually move into one of the major conferences. Top talent that doesn't want to leave the state will still choose us (or uva, sorry to say) if they have big boy college football and/or NFL aspirations.

Yeah I figure it will be a pretty full crowd. Was just playing off the comparisons to Duke.

They have no plans

There was a big article in the local paper about the whole campus and growth issues. They are constrained on the current stadium site by roads, neighborhoods, and admin buildings. No other site on campus to build a new stadium. Odds of expanding the campus are very long due to surrounding neighborhoods and new imminent domain laws.

Season ticket holders have probably 60%+ of the tickets. Students about 20% or more. Opposing teams get a chance at maybe 10-15%. There is a waiting list for any tickets sold to the general public and those are usually the ones turned back in by the opposing teams. Not many Hokie fans, other than locals who also like ODU, would be able to get in.

I've been to a couple games. It is alright but nothing like Lane. Not sure how it compares with Duke. Tailgating opportunities are limited since much of the parking is in garages or areas (streets) where tailgating is not allowed.

#Let's Go - Hokies

They have a great atmosphere and great fans, so I still think it'll be a good thing.

"on par with Duke"

Isn't that about like saying "almost equal to a a good FCS program" when it comes to college football? Why compare yourself to a program that up until the past year had trouble winning more than 2 games a season and who's football team has trouble filling one of the smallest stadiums in the FBS? Guess you gotta start somewhere....

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The idea there was that, even if it is a small stadium, it is still an ACC program, which I could see being kind of a big deal for a current FCS program.

You're right,

From an FCS perspective, getting to the lowest level of the ACC is a step in the right direction, especially for a team trying to earn respect prior to entering ConfUSA. I just thought the comparison was a little lame considering how much Duke is a basketball school and their football program has been such a joke prior to Coach Cutliffe. I really do hope ODU does well enough to beat UVA soon, just so long as they never beat Tech and keep their hands off of the top 20 or so recruits in Virginia. There is a lot of talent in the Richmond to Tidewater corridor that they can pick off from other FCS programs that currently shop there like W&M, UR and JMU.

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That might be a lot to ask for...

The allure of playing for a local D1-A school that plays Tech and UVA occasionally, even only in C-USA, might be enough to keep some of those kids in the 757, which is arguably the best area in the state for high-school football. Assuming that 2012 is the exception and not a new norm, we should still get our fair share of talent from the region, but our fair share just got slightly smaller.

(Full disclosure: I went to Hampton High, graduating the same time as Tyrod, so I may have a bit of a biased view on the talent level in the area :P)

Full disclosure...

I went to Annandale High in Fairfax County and you are right again, the 757 has produced more top shelf talent than NOVA or the Richmond area over the past few decades. But all 3 areas are good producers of talent and NOVA is pretty close to the 757 with Richmond not too far behind them, IMO.

VTCC '86 Delta Company, Hokie in Peru, TKPC#490, One of us!