VT Juniors and the NFL Draft

I looked at the roster and think Kyle Fuller, Antone Exum, James Gayle, and Logan Thomas stand the best chance to be drafted if they declared (which none have indicated they're doing).

I think we all assume that Kyle is going to stay for his senior season to play a year with Kendall.

There were rumors floating around towards the beginning of the year that Exum might bolt if he had a big junior season. I think he's the most improved player on the team, and he'd probably play safety in the NFL, not corner.

Kiper said this today about Gayle.

There's no question Gayle has NFL-level talent, but it's up to him whether he not he wants to optimize his payday.

Kiper also said , "But when you look at the talent, he's more talented than any quarterback that's going to be in this draft. You take any quarterback — I don't care who it is — he's more talented. So I think just on potential, he could be a guy that factors into the equation [first round selection]."

Logan had previously said he'd seek a draft grade, but would return for his senior season.

I'm curious, which juniors (maybe some not listed here) are the most crucial for our success in 2013. Which, if any, do you think will leave a year early?


Jack Tyler

He proved how pivotal he was to our success a LB and with Bruce graduating, he will be an anchor next year. With Jack, Edwards, and RVD, it should be a pretty solid LB group with Deon Clarke, Chase Williams, Dahmon McKinnon, and Devin Vandyke having potential to be good backups. I think Tyler had a good year though, but not good enough that he will leave early. I also think Skip is important too. While we should return our ends, we lose Hop, so it will be Maddy, Harley, and Skip returning. While I think Maddy and Harley would be fine, having that third body who has been solid for several years will give us even more leadership on that line.

i remember kyle tweeting that he was looking forward to playing on the same field as kendall so i dont really see him bolting. i really think we need everyone that we can get for 2013, offense and defense. i just cant see logan leaving. even with leal i think logan will give us the best chance of winning. he did not have a good year by his standards and i think if he can get it together and have a good year next year, he could be that top 5 draft pick mel kiper had him at at one time. itd be great to get bucky a redshirt year and to learn from logan as well

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!


If Andrew Miller hadn't been hurt, he may have looked at leaving, but from the looks of it, all the juniors should be back and poised for a strong year.

Maddy, no doubt. I think Jack needs to improve his support in coverage, but if he keeps making tackles he will certainly garner attention. Enough to leave early? Doubtful, but naturally we're all hoping he produces at that level.

Maddy is a true Soph, so ...

not eligible for another year.

My mistake, misread the closing line as including players who would be Juniors next year.

Next year

If anything it will be a problem after next season with some of the players that are going to be juniors/r-soph depending how next season goes.

Gayle needs to come back and be consistent

And, of course, Logan if he comes back needs to learn how to throw an accurate pass more than once every 10 throws.

Nobody's leaving

I think we keep everyone. No one had a stellar individual season, and the team's performance had to leave them with a bad taste in their mouths. I think they all return, and they all return eager to have a big turn around. Keeping Exum and Fuller should be our biggest priority, since the secondary is about as deep as a kiddie pool. I wouldn't mind Logan leaving. Bucky Hodges could do at least as well next year as Logan did this year.


As much promise as Bucky (and Carlis Parker for that matter) shows, I don't want to see either of them against Bama next year. Experience trumps talent in that situation for the first game of the season.

Mark Leal

I think Leal even starts as a senior in 2014 and Bucky gets the ropes in his RS SO season, similar to what Logan did, assuming Bucky or Parker don't blow anyone away in camp the next two years.

Bucky will step in directly after Thomas. He's the number 2 dual-threat in the country, and his size alone is going to put him above Leal.

Ratings and Stars

They don't matter too much. He may be the number 2 dual-threat QB in the country, but he has some work to do. If you've seen some of the recruiting forums on here, many people are talking about a hitch in his throwing that needs work and how Carlis Parker looks to be a better fit. Believe me, I was high on Bucky when we picked him up this Spring and I still think he's a very talented athlete, but he's got some work to do and he has to prove he can handle whatever offense we will be using when he gets here.

Tyrod was the number 1 Dual Threat and he struggled to beat out Sean Glennon in the beginning of his career. It all depends on the development, which at this point, much like Recruiting rankings are all speculation.

Sean Glennon had also already started for a year or maybe even two (having a hard time remembering, I was in middle school).

TT's first year was Glennon's second year starting

Randall in '04
MV5 '05
Glennon '06
Glennon/TT '07 - '08

(Sorry, had to count it out to be sure)

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Thanks Frank!

What about Brenden Motley? He's athletic and has size. Cav really liked him as a quarterback prospect even though I know most of us think he'll end up at safety. I think Bucky has tremendous upside, but it'll take a special talent to start as a r-freshman.

ill be interested to see what motley can do. his high school ran the triple option similar to gt. if he can transition to whatever offense we install I think he has potential because of his athleticism

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!


I could see him having a lot of upside, but if there's one thing we learned this year it's that we really need depth in the secondary.

There would be no point in starting Leal his senior year. There's no reason to start a quarterback for a single season just to see him leave the following year. I think the coaches start Bucky (or Carlis) as soon as Logan leaves so they get the experience.

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It all depends on their development

If the coaching staff trusts a RS FR to start they will but the last RS FR to start for Beamer was MV7 and I think we would all agree that neither Parker nor Bucky is that kind of talent. But really, who knows at this point?


But TT got plenty of playing time, even starting a few games, as a true freshman. Our coaches will play whichever player they feel is the best bet for our team first, and worry about getting the younger players some experience in situations where it makes sense.

The coaches will play who gives them the best chance to win now. They will not play Bucky next year simply to get him ready for future years.

If Leal is better in August and the spring, which I think he will be, he'll be the starting QB next year.

Leal has actually been very impressive in the limited game action and in scrimmage -- most of which have been behind a very bad back-up line and throwing to walk-on WRs.

You mean besides....

..winning games, right? That's the point, and really what the coaches are thinking. Let's play the guy who helps us win the most games.

The Coaches say they trust him

That is why they will start him. If Logan leaves, it is Leal's job to lose. Our Coaches really lean on redshirting QBs so they can learn the system. TT was a special case because Glennon was that bad. Carlis Parker has a greater chance than Bucky Hodges does. He comes in in January, and has more time to learn the system, plus all spring to compete against Leal. Realistically, everyone would have to be pretty bad for Carlis Parker or Bucky Hodges to start.

They all stay

I firmly believe that everyone will return next year. There were no standouts this season and having a solid season next year will really help increase the payday that some of these guys will be looking for down the road.

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I really think it is a very close call ....

...on Logan. Especially if MOC is gone, learning a new system his last year, while knowing that any system under Beamer will eventually devolve into some machination of a QB draw, you have to question why he would come back if he has a 1st/2nd round grade.

But, if he did come back, he has a chance to wipe the stink of 2012 off his record. I'm not sure how much that stink matters, it didn't matter to Ryan Tannehill after his awful 2011. Talent is what is drafted. And, as Kiper said, he's plenty talented.

Optimistically, maybe LT is able to use his decision as a means to draw a quality QB coach to the VT. Maybe it's indirect, maybe Beamer hires a guy who has success prepping NFL QB's in order to convince LT to stay.


Reading about all these really talented guys most likely coming back is getting me very optimistic. Even without Hop in the middle it will still be a very talented D line again to go with the rest of the defense. Depending on what coaching changes happen I think it could be a huge bounce back year next year

I don't think he would leave but I saw Donald Coles ranked in the top 200. Which is pretty surprising to me because he didn't play at all this year.

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If my 2012 trailer was any indication, I was very high on DJ Clutch before this season. I really hope he is 100% his final year at VT as he would be a real weapon on our struggling offense.

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It'll be nice to have a receiver blocking downfield next year. Get those extra 20 yards

No kidding!

Watched a few of the conference championship games and the KSU vs UT game where KSU's receivers blocked really well for Klein. Thought Bama's receivers were tough blockers too. Definitely critical for a successful running game to have those wideouts tie up the corners and safeties as much as possible.

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Just a feeling, but I think LT leaves. Especially if there are possible changes in his position coach and offensive coordinator. It's a weak QB class this year and Logan has tremendous upside and will be a combine freak.

Why wouldn't Logan leave? It's a no-brainer that he will declare, regardless if he has said the right things thus far.

From the looks of it, Logan will be drafted in the first or second rounds, which translates to millions of dollars. That should be the end of this discussion.

Sure, if he returns for his senior year, he MIGHT improve his draft status to be a top 5 pick, which would, of course, translate to several more million dollars. But what are the odds of that happening?

However, in my opinion it's more likely that, if he stays, he either gets hurt or has another mediocre season. Here's why:

1. Coaches are clearly willing to put the game on his shoulders and run him ~20 times a game if necessary. Hello, Major Injury. Meet 3rd and Logan. I can guarantee you that he will not run 20 zone-reads a game in the NFL.
2. We will be starting two brand new offensive tackles, with very limited depth behind them.
3. Our current offensive coaching staff is not good.
4. Our future offensive coaching staff (hopefully) will require some adjustment.
5. WRs are predominatly young (albeit, very talented).

Making millions + learning from top notch NFL coaches and players >>> Stinespring + No Offensive Tackles + Injury potential.

I'm not convinced LT is a lock to go in the first two rounds. He's basically had more games in his career where he's played poorly than played great. Obviously it's a QB driven league and he's a physical freak, but I just think he took such a tremendous step backward this season that GM's will be hesitant to risk anything more than a mid-round pick.

They should be hesitant to spend a high pick on him after this year, but this QB class is really weak. It will probably force him higher up than he should go.

I agree. Especially if NFL teams draft like they did last year. With the success of the rookie QBs this season, they may be looking for someone who can start right away in the first few rounds, versus someone they know will need a couple years to develop into an NFL starter. Even Russell Wilson went mid round 3 last year.

Ryan Tannehill was a first rounder

and he's basically the same player as LT.

Lucky Bucky 2013!

Logan is the only possible departure

But I think that he ultimately stays unless he is told by the NFL that he will likely be picked in the first round. Don't see that personally, but who knows. I also think some of us are underestimating Mark Leal's ability. I think he will turn out to be a more accurate passer than LT by a few percentage points, and I see him starting in 2014, regardless of what Bucky and Carliss accomplish in their redshirt year. I don't buy the argument that we should start Bucky as a RS frosh just to get him experience. Start the best QB that gives the team a chance to win. Nothing attracts recruits and season-ticket buyers more than victories. With or without LT in 2013 (hopefully with), I think we will be in good hands at the QB spot as long as Leal is healthy.

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Leal would start next season no doubt if LT leaves. As long as he has a good season, I think hed start in 14 too with Bucky getting work too. Parker will likely be moved to WR

Logan Says

”I’ve always told everybody that I’m planning on coming back for my last one. So there’s no change in that right now."

Someone show me where there is any indication that Logan has even thought about leaving. Yes, he's going to get evaluated by the NFL draft advisory, but who wouldn't get evaluated? He will be back.

🦃 🦃 🦃

It's in the word "planning."

which is code for "Let me see what my projection is and then make a decision."

Foster said some interesting things on TTL tonight, among them was if Jayron had come back for his senior season, Exum would have still moved to corner and Kyle Fuller would have played nickel. Bud's not a bullshitter, so I take him at his word. He mentioned the move would payoff in the long run. This leads me to believe we'll see Exum and Kendall Fuller/Manning/Riley at corner with Kyle Fuller at Nickel/Whip.


Hopefully this will give Foster some better options with Kyle as a moveable piece to better defend the spread with with 5 or 6 current/former cbs on the field at the same time

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in nickel packages, i could definitely see this and as well as our defense played against clemson this season (short fields withstanding) .. they'll have a hard time with that group on the field. in normal packages though, i could see rvd in as whip ... one of you guys mentioned on twitter the prospect in nickel of tariq at mike, rvd at backer, and kyle fuller at whip with exum, bonner, jarrett, and the younger guys << that would kick ass. i wouldn't be surprised if kendall fuller gets more playing time next season that any of the other non-starters.

I really had my doubts about moving Exum to corner but I thought he was fantastic in the second half of year. I love his size and speed and I think he could shut down his half of the field next year.

If Kendall lives up to the hype we will have some great depth and talent in the secondary. Let's have a top 10 D next year, ok?

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Amen to that!

Would love to have another season where nobody scores over 30 points on us, and we get a shutout or 2 as well.

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The player who is most suited for the NFL right now that is eligible is Cody Journell. Haha anyways, on Logan going to the NFL: it seems the NFL is very, very interested in potential nowadays. I mean, look at Matthew Stafford! In my opinion, there were far better QBs in the draft that year than Stafford, but at the time it looked like he had more potential than any of them. Logan is an ideal NFL QB prospect. He is 6'6" and can run the ball like a tight end (wonder why?). His accuracy was pretty terrible this season, but it's obvious he can make some hood throws, as he showed in 2011 when given time to throw, something he did not have a lot of this year.

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

The only way I'm staying if I'm LT is if Beamer brings in a QB coach like Fridge who can actually develop NFL talent. If not, he'll be better off going to the NFL now and letting those guys work on him. He may actually continue to get worse if he stays in Blacksburg with O'Cain and Stinespring.


The only reason I would draft LT would be as a TE

Touchdown Tech!!!

Be careful with this thinking. Before the end of the season he could be on the O-Line.

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Please leave LT3, you're reminding me too much of Sean Glennon. A quarterback with all the potential in the world but never gets better.

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It's better to know what you have to work with than it is to go in blind and hope for the best. My opinion, I don't want to see anybody but LT3 behind center facing Alabama. He needs a better supporting cast and his production will increase. I didn't think it mattered as much when it happened due to depth, but losing DJ Coles was brutal. I just want decent pass protection and some solid run blocking and I think LT can do the rest.

I'm not saying everything was his fault. Marcus Davis was lazy, that hurt us a lot this year. But I think the most important thing was that it never looked like LT3 trusted his running backs. On those zone read plays he decided before the play if he was going to keep it, and 99.99% of the time he kept it, even if it was the completely wrong decision. I agree that he has potential and could get better, but he's gonna need to put in a lot of time and effort this offseason.

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is this TSL?

There's this.

And then this from Bitter: "Logan said it would be 'up in the air' that he goes pro if he gets a first-round grade back from the NFL advisory board. #Hokies"

Honestly, I think he's coming back.

Some more quotes

We know who the starting Mike is next season. A question that remains is who will be playing next to him.

And if I was put on the spot and told I had to pick which player I thought would leave early, it'd be Exum. It's just a guess without any knowledge of the situation.

Also, SpiderHokie, if you load a single tweet, you can use the embed function to save you the trouble of screen grabbing, unless you like screen grabbing, then carry on.

Haha, no I don't really enjoy screen grabbing, thanks for enlightening me!

Jack Tyler is a beast, he's gonna carry our defense next year. I'm also excited to see how much Manning and Kendall look in the spring because if either of those two looks good then we should move Exum back to safety as fast as possible.

Rip his freaking head off!

Based on Bud's comments from TTL, Exum is staying at Corner.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Exum stays at corner..he played well in the second half..kendall won't be there in the spring but facyson. Will be .. Kendall. And fisher may still get some pt as true freshman

i've thought about this quite a bit ... and think that if logan is projected to be a 1st or 2nd rounder in the draft (which i think he will be), he's gone .. too many what-if's and risks to staying.

Yep, and I hope he doesn't get grief for changing his mind

His quotes on the matter so far have been in line with what a guy should say who is assuming he will come back but will go pro if in the first couple of rounds. I'm glad he isn't upfront about exactly what he needs to hear from the projections, that's his business.

LT has a lot to lose if he stays, but I hope he does, and I hope he plays like he did in 2011 under better coaching.

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If i remeber correctly i

If hes a first rounder he needs to go (LT). Dont sleep on Leal next year if so