Foster to Wisconsin?

I just got a text from a buddy back home in blacksburg stating that he heard on the sports talk radio, that wisconsin just came and picked up foster on a private jet for a meeting about the HC job... pure specualtion as of right now, anybody have any word on this?

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fuck that would be terrible

Shitty news but if true....

Torrian Grey for DC!!!

im getting Bud Foster drunk tonight

I'd say chances of him being offered the job are relatively slim, since he has missed out on many other opportunities on the east coast, from teams that have actually seen him coach and played against his teams in the past.

Would be the end of an era in Blacksburg, but one that we knew would end eventually. I'd hate to see him go, but at the same time couldn't help but feel good for him. Going to a top-half B1G program? Of all of his potential destinations over the years, that's among the ones I dislike the least.

I am interested to know what radio station it was.

I think this a manifestation of speculation and half-truths. These tweets by @STH_Hokie were brought to my attention this morning.

For all the plane-watching #Hokies out there, a Madison, Wisconsin jet has completed a trip to and from Blacksburg as of yesterday.

Wisconsin has a head coaching vacancy at the moment. Not trying to spin anything or start the rumor mill. Just stating facts #Hokies

More than likely nothing, but wanted to throw that out there since you all seem very disinterested about the giant squid news. #Hokies

Listed in his profile are K92, WFIR, and SuperSports 101.7.

This is the plane: It's registered to PROMEGA CORP. They have offices in Madison: It's anyone's guess as to what that flight was doing.


Since he was on TTL last night for Wisky to fly in and interview him in Blacksburg just doesn't add up to me seeing that flight left bburg at 5:50 est

UVA: Jefferson's biggest mistake


And before he was on TTL yesterday he was out recruiting in NOVA.

I think the main takeaway is no one knows who was on the plane, or what it was doing. It could have been here to discuss a research/grant opportunity.

That was my thought

when I first checked out the website. If the flights were yesterday, there's no way Bud was on that plane.

The company apparently does a lot in biochemicals. Wouldn't be surprised if they were visiting either VCOM or the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute... or anyone else in the CRC.

I heard it was

Ocainspring interviewing for the HC job #SOURCES

Between Flight aware and #sources aka random twitter reports its clear our fan base has reached fever pitch in regards to coaching changes and expansion the joys of technology

UVA: Jefferson's biggest mistake


Way to give a brother a heart attack

with that subject line....


Put a ? in there next time.

I see it has been fixed now.

I took care of it.

I don't need anyone dying on us.

I was thinking the same thing. "Foster to Wisconsin" read too much like "Foster has accepted the head coach position at Wisconsin." My heart stopped when I saw the title


They are interviewing Stinespring.

Let's Go!


That's a good one. Please, keep 'em coming.

My fault on failing to put a ? There fellas. Sorry for setting off all pacemakers and raising blood pressures around the Hokie nation!

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Can we

pay them to take him?

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

How often is it brought upon us that Bud Foster is supposedly looking at a job elsewhere? A lot. I'm not that worried.

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

Don't you dare Bud! I'll let you have my first born child if you stay!

Also, how ironic is it that in an offseason of everyone wanting offensive coaching staff overhaul we're discussing our DC leaving. This is awful.

Rip his freaking head off!

The Horrifying Irony...

Would be if Bud took a job as a HC somewhere else and VT still had the same offensive coaches come next season. I would have to go on a hunger strike or something.

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I think all this plane watching is a little silly. Because Virginia Tech is a University i think there are endless variables on why a plane would leave one college to another, while not being linked to Virginia Tech Football every time. Could this be the case? Maybe. But its more likely direct university relations then football related, but fun to speculate and spin these things none the less I guess.


wisconsin blows. that is all

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