Why was Manti Te'o up for the Heisman this year?

If Manti Te'o was up for the Heisman then why not Jack Tyler? Tyler had more tackles(112 to 103), more TFL(11 to 5.5), more sacks(2.5 to 1.5),and QB hurries(13 to 4). The only categories Te'o leads is INT's(7 to 0), passes broken up(4 to 2),and passes defended(11 to 2). Never understood the whole Heisman hype for Te'o.

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It's because he wears a shiny golden helmet.

I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.


The Heisman has become more about great players on really good teams instead of just great players. As for Te'o's stats, the 7 INT's is a MAJOR difference between the two. And, while Tyler is a great player, Te'o's leadership role on one of the country's best defenses helped his cause. That said, there were multiple guys that deserved to be there in his place.

When throwing these stats out there, I really don't understand how Tyler was left off of 1st team All-ACC.

Product of the hype. Whenever you watched a ND game you heard his name spoken by announcers at least 50 times, even when the offense was on the field.

Te'o is the best player on #1 team in the country. I think that's the gist of it.

Their numbers compare favorably, but from what I saw of Notre Dame, they don't attack the line of scrimmage with Te'o. Tyler was sent on blitz after blitz, and towards the line of scrimmage because he struggles in coverage. That's somewhat confirmed by the stats you posted. Tyler is a tackling machine, there's no doubt about that, but I think Te'o is a more complete player right now.

Many of the SEC folks argue their stud d-ends are better defenders than Te'o and I'd agree. The intangibles are what put him over the top: Notre Dame put Te'o on a national stage every week, he is an all around good kid, has a compelling story, and plays on a team in the championship game.

If I had a vote, it would have been cast for Optimus Klein.

I would have voted for

Logan Thomas. His measurables are off the charts.

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For once SEC fans have a point...

If I had my choice I'd take a player like Jadeveon Clowney over Te'o any day of the week.

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Good Call

Look at that talent that we lost out on there. That kid is straight nasty on a subpar defense, imagine all the recognition him and vt would get if he played for fosters childeren. This is why we cant have the nice things in the football world. You gotta seal the deal with that recruit. Now he chose to got to SC and never make it to a national title or sec title game, thats on him but i think a combo of him and tyler and gayle and our whole defense would prove unbeatable.

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Individual Defensive Statistics Are Misleading

The players with the best statistics, especially linebacker, are usually the lone good player on a bad defense.

For example, the players with the most tackles in the NCAA FBS are:
1 Dan Molls Toledo (Toledo is 108th in total DEF)
2 Marvin Burdette UAB (86th)
3 Nick Clancy BC (102nd)
4 A.J. Johnson Tennessee (112th)
5 Eric Kendricks UCLA (73rd)

Defensive Heisman candidates are more about the eye test, less about statistics. Te'o has some pretty sweet highlight films out there...

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On that note...

At one point relatively late in the season, BC had something like 5 of the top 7 tacklers in the ACC.

The more plays your opponents run against you, the more tackles you're going to get. Simple math.

I like how you trivialize the 7 interception advantage

Kind of a big difference there...

Yeah, Te'O was the only player

in the history of college football with 100 tackles and 7 interceptions.

IMO, combination of the ND name and circumstances regarding the death of his grandmother and GF (I think?). The kid overcame a lot this year, and is an emotional leader for and undefeated defense.

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you are right

His girlfriend died from leukemia, very sad.

Simple. He plays for Notre Dame.

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

Because they were in the conversation

I have noticed a trend in college football over the past decade, your team has to be in the convo at least to be mentioned for awards, our last award winner was Jake Grove, and Bruce Taylor and i think kibble might have won one i could be wrong there. I know Jimmy Williams and Jay Hosely were in the mix at one point, but our team consitently underachieves and that in turns screws our people out of all of the heisman hype and national player awards. I personally think that RMFW was our best shot to win the heisman and his name wasnt even considered.

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