VT-Georgia Southern Recap

The Hokies were unable to stop Georgia Southern as they lost 78-73 and dropped to 8-2 on the season. This was the Hokies first home loss.

Quick thoughts: We looked flat to start the game, and the Eagles were the exact opposite. At one point in the second half I sensed our players almost giving up, but we made a couple shots to get out of that funk.

The entire first half we had wide open looks but couldn't get any of them to fall. It's not that we couldn't find a way to beat them, we found holes in their defense throughout the day, it was that we couldn't make the shots to beat them. We shot 9-31 in the first half (less than 30%!), and as a team shot 0-9 from deep.

The second half wasn't too much better, and this is now the third straight game we have had difficulty hitting threes. For a team that relies so heavily on shooting, those shots need to drop.

The crowd actually surprised me today. A lot of fans showed up and Cassell got pretty loud. Hopefully this loss doesn't stop the fans from coming.

Late in the game our defensive pressure stepped up. We need to play like that throughout the game, but I understand if we don't have the depth to do that.

The team did a poor job getting around screens which gave the Eagles a lot of easy shots. Doubling in the post isn't really working and has yet to cause a turnover this year.

There was no early second half run like the Hokies are used to, so it required a late effort to cut the score to three.

Point Guards: Erick Green did everything he possibly could to try and win it. He had 28 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 steals. The Eagles plan was to double Erick at the top of the key. This caused a couple turnovers but didn't help with stopping him from scoring. He still got his points, and has now gone 10 straight games with 20+ points. He was 0-4 from three, but everyone struggled. Really couldn't ask for more out of him.

Marquis' most notable part of the day was when he made a three pointer and then later followed it up with a dunk. He played a lot with Robert being out for much of the game and did alright. Can't expect much more out of him.

Shooting Guards: Robert Brown had been battling flu-like symptoms all week and it ended up affecting his performance tremendously. He only played 25 minutes and really had no impact in the game. He shot 1-7 and finished with 4 total points.

Forwards: Jarell shot 0-6 from three in the first half, a microcosm of the team's afternoon, but he did have 16 second half points to help bring Tech back. Jarell is the Hokies' most efficient scorer and we need him to get his confidence back. He had 8 rebounds which helped Tech not be completely destroyed on the boards. 3-13 from behind the arc will not cut it though.

C.J. Barksdale played really well today. His presence was felt down low and he had numerous put-backs. He is finally getting healthy and is now becoming one of the Hokies most consistent players. He nearly had a double-double with 10 points and 9 rebounds.

Marshall Wood played only 13 minutes with C.J. getting the bulk of the work. He was 1-3 on the day, all of which were threes.

Centers: Joey van Zegeren was strong on the boards and played a pretty good game. He used his height to finish with four offensive rebounds. He's done a lot better than I expected him to do. I am really excited to see how he develops throughout the season, and over his next three years at Tech. He could be dominant by the end of his career.

I'm not quite sure why Cadarain played so little today and for the second straight game finished with less than 15 minutes. He never got into a rhythm and had little impact on the game.

Stat of the Game: Georgia Southern shot 7-14 from long range in the first half, and held the lead the entire game. They came out firing on all cylinders, and the Hokies had no response. Their great three-point shooting put the Hokies too big of a hole, and they were never able to climb out of it.

Mike's Player of the Game: Erick Green. He was the only reason we were in this game. He tied his career high in points and rebounds.

This was a bad, bad loss which will really hurt our tournament resume. No more classes for the next month should help our team focus. I'm hopeful we can finish our out of conference schedule strongly and go into ACC play with no more than three losses.

The Hokies get a week off before they play Bradley in Las Vegas. Maybe the next game we'll light it up from three and go on another run.

Guys, sorry this recap was so short, but I've got a ton of work to do and didn't have a lot of time. I may write another post to describe our struggles these past three games in more detail later in the week, we'll see. Hopefully you still enjoyed it and I would love to hear your thoughts on the game/outlook below!


these are the games we must win in order to have a shot and not be the bubble team to not make the tournament again. with the way the first 7 games looked, I thought that dropping games like this may be a thing of the past. i know we cant win every game but these are must wins, just hope this doesn't come back to bite us in a few months

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!

I hope it's Finals Week

I know I'm really tired and apathetic because I've been studying like crazy, and it looked like that's how the team felt today. I just got the sense that the Hokies were the more talented team, and knew it. We kept on letting them go on runs, but the team seemed to have no sense of urgency whatsoever until about 5 or 6 minutes left in the game. As soon as they started to seem worried about the possibility of getting upset at home, they were practically dominant. This was a frustrating game to watch. The team looked like they expected to win and felt as if there was no need to panic, even down by double digits late in the game.

Sorry to make such a long post, but I also have three questions. 1) Why did JJ sub so often in the first half? It seemed like there was a different set of guys out there every other possession. 2) Does anyone understand the late game clock management? At WVU, JJ wanted Robert Brown's prayer. Someone asked him about that at the chalk talk, and he said he called for that play. It makes me wonder if he wanted the quick three from Green late in the game today, and if so, why? 3) Does anyone have any idea what the rules for official timeouts are? It seemed like every time we got any kind of momentum going today, there would be an official timeout, but my friend and I started to notice that there was basically never an official timeout called when GASO started to get momentum going. I'm not saying the job of the referee is to stop momentum with official timeouts all the time, but it seemed like that was happening a lot today. Again, sorry for the long post, but today's game left me with a lot of questions.

Official time outs are every 4 minutes I believe? They occur at the closest stopping point (foul for example) to that 4 minute mark. So if there's a foul committed at 15.30 left in the first half, that's the first official time out. The next official time out occurs at the first stopping point after the 12 minute mark. Make sense?

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Makes sense. Just coincidental today I guess. It really seemed like any time we got anything going there was an official timeout that gave GASO a chance to recover without burning one of their timeouts.

Attempt at answers

1) I don't notice much different from past games regarding subbing. He likes to rotate a lot of men in and out to keep everyone fresh.

2) Green's shot looked in. I was at the angle where I could see it straight into the hoop, it looked perfect. The thought process is: If we shoot early and miss, we have a chance to foul and make more shots to try and tie it up, or get the rebound and shoot again. I'm okay with Erick taking a pull up three in transition, and I thought it was good. Maybe since he missed we look back and wish he would've gotten a quick layup, but I like the plan (my view didn't let me see how contested it was, but it didn't look like it from where I was).

3) You already got your answer. Any time the clock stops under after the 4 minutes of play. Every 4 minutes.

Three things I noticed (not looking at the stat sheet)

1) Rebounds - I feel like Georgia Southern got soooo many offensive rebounds, and soooo many second chance points. Sometimes they got 3 straight possessions, each with a full shot clock. Very Frustrating to watch.

2) Shooting - Shots just weren't falling for us today.

3) Defensive Stops - Kinda ties in to rebounding, but I just felt like every time we went on a run, they scored.

These three things together prevented any major momentum swinging runs.

Like I say, haven't listened to any post game talk, haven't looked at the box score, just my observations from watching the game live.

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Post Play

It might be a very long year in the ACC if Tech can't get any form of post scoring from either Raines, JvZ, Barksdale, etc. Not one time today did any of the bigs get the ball on the block and go score...and the few times they did actually have a chance to showcase their post moves they missed badly. Defenses will (and have) start really pushing out on the guards because they know they don't have to worry about any inside presence. The bigs (and the guards) also have to rebound way better on the defensive glass to compete in the ACC- Georgia Southern showed how easy it is to get 3's off kickouts directly after offensive rebounds.

Erick Green had another amazing game today and should be in serious consideration for All-American recognition if he keeps plaing like he is right now...

It looked like JJ was just angry at Raines for his lack of rebounding. He missed a defensive rebound in the beginning of the game and immediately was benched.

Erick Green might be the best player in the country. Everyone else on our team was flat out awful today, but he was sensational again. I know he probably won't win POY, but he deserves it so far this year.

Rip his freaking head off!


JJ is just tired of him being soft. He has been pushed around a lot this season by smaller centers. Of course every time he does try to play hard he gets a foul. (Davila V.2?)

Davila had cinder blocks for hands

Guy couldn't catch a pass to save his life. No disrespect to him, he's 123403432432 times better at basketball than me, but I'll take Cadarian now over Davila any day.

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I liked Victor

I always thought he didn't get enough credit for everything he did. Noticed how our post defense became awful (and still is) after he got injured? Also I remember finding some stat that was like if he got at least 6 shots he scored in double figures every time. He was also a power forward trying to play center...


Davila also had a nice 5 foot little baby hook shot that Raines can't make consistently. While Raines may have more upside, Davila definitely got more out of his athletic ability and was a much better scorer in the post and also was a better defender (especially without fouling).
Right now, I would take Davila and Barksdale over Raines and Barksdale every day of the week.

I don't know which one I'd pick since Davila sat out for so long last year. I think Raines has the body to be an absolute monster, but he doesn't always use it. And sometimes when he does use it he gets treated like Shaq and people just flop all over the place. But that up and under move of his is awesome, if he can add a lefty hook he'd have all the tools.

Rip his freaking head off!


That's basically what I was trying to say, he can't use his body without people flopping and him being in foul trouble every game. Davila had the same problem in that every time he tried to use that lefty hook, they'd flop and he'd quit going to it. I think that is why Raines uses the up and under so much is that you can't flop against it without looking blatant.

Two bad losses and everyone melts down and points out every flaw in this team. So we had two bad games. JJ will get these guys back on track. We'll be fine. Go Hokies!

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

Green is still #2 in the nation

Unless either ESPN.com's stats page (for stats before today), or my math adding in today's results, is wrong, he now has a 24.8 ppg average, and C.J. McCollum has 24.9.

You're right. I did my math wrong.

Didn't get to watch today (un?)fortunately... Thanks for the recap, Mike. Doesn't look like I missed a whole lot.

It was fun to dream

About reaching the NCAA's this year, but it looks like our team has come back down to earth with this loss. Losing at home to a team as bad as Georgia Southern is a serious eye-opener. The team has some major short-comings, especially in the paint, that cannot be disguised. They are still fun to watch, and show good effort, and have one the best players in the country. Truly hope they regroup and start winning again, but the last 3 games have shown a lot weaknesses. Maybe its just the flu bug... GO HOKIES!

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Want to know why we lost?

Robert Brown had flu-like symptoms and Will Johnston still doesn't start. It's our own fault #StartWillJohnston

Will Johnston isn't good enough on defense to earn the start.