Orange Bowl Matchup

So yet again the ACC has an Orange Bowl matchup the presents a no-win situation for the conference.

FSU should beat NIU, so if they do then well, they just did what they were supposed to do. However, if FSU gets caught up in a dog fight or loses, then the ACC takes another huge blow over the conference's legitimacy.

I understand that the way the BCS is selected is completely out of FSU's and the ACC's hands but why can't the ACC seem to get better BCS bowl matchups?

I mean GT-Iowa, VT-Cincinnati, and now this one.

So let me say first off that I know the BCS is changing and what not and I don't want to get into that. But I do want to know other people's opinions on this.

I also think NIU getting a BCS bid is complete crap. They did all they had to do to get in. I'm happy for them, really. But, UGA (who was a few plays away from being in the NCG), LSU, and Oklahoma are waaaay better teams and in BCS conferences. I mean hell how did Florida get in a BCS bowl over UGA anyway, I mean UGA won Florida's division.....but I guess that's another topic.

An FSU matchup against any of those previously mentioned teams would be awesome and great for the ACC if FSU could pull off the win.

Anyway, what do other people think about this? Maybe I'm in a minority here but I just wanted to share my opinions.

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Meh. It's fun to watch teams like NIU get in a piss everyone off in the BCS's last year IMO. It sucks for teams like UGA and LSU, but you can't make everyone happy. Give this playoff system 8-10 years. You'll have teams griping about not getting into the playoffs. May not even take that long.

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Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.


I think the first year teams will be complaining that there should be an 6 team playoff, then 8. It will never end.

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Florida gets a BCS bowl because it is a rule that the top 4 teams are guaranteed spots in a BCS bowl. Also a rule that no more than 2 teams from a conference can be in BCS bowls, so Bama and Florida took that from Georgia. That one is at least cut and dry. Same goes for LSU. Unfortunately, it's not a matter of who is the better teams in these games. There are 2 things that the bowl games look at when they are creating matchups...who do they HAVE to take (bowl tie-ins) and who creates the best potential for making money. That's all it is after the BCS Championship Game. Nothing else matters.


Everyone seems to feel that Georgia was slighted by not getting a BCS bowl but Florida did. Keep in mind UGA had 2 TWO wins over teams with winning records this season. Just because they are in the SEC people figure they must have been amazing.

If anything, Florida has a better argument for a team that didn't win it's division for going to the title than a team like Alabama last year. Wins over top 10 LSU, South Carolina, and Texas AM, Florida clearly deserves to be in a BCS game IMO

Oh, no, there is a win to be had by the ACC.

It's called a win. We need the win. What have we won, twice, before? So a third win is (gets calculator out.....button...button...reboot...) like somewhere need a 50% increase in wins!

Just win the freaking game!

The thing is it's a no-win situation for the ACC. If it's even a close game, it looks bad on the conference because FSU should blow NIU out. Even if they do as expected and win by 20+ points, it's no gain for the conference because we haven't proven anything. Same thing goes for past Orange Bowl matchups like GT-Iowa. So yeah, FSU should win, and by alot, but it still will do nothing for the conference's reputation. Oh well, at least we're all going to the B1G soon. Or something.

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I understand the process

and I get why Florida is in and the other teams are out in the cold. I'm more than anything just pointing out how insane this system is.

The fact of the matter is, NIU and Louisville would not stand a chance against any of those SEC teams left out. But again, it's not NIU or Louisville's fault that they are in, they did all they had to do by the rules laid out to get a BCS bid, and good for them for that.

And like @RealDiehl said, FSU should win, and it's a BCS victory for the ACC in the books, but everyone knows that's a poor matchup, and the only reason anyone will watch to to see if FSU soils themselves on that stage. If FSU is up by 2 or more TDs at halftime, half the people turn that game off.

All FSU can do is win that game, and I guess that's all that matters.

I agree with your premise, NIU did not play their way into a BCS Bowl. They didn't dominate the MAC, lost to Iowa, snuck by Army and Kent State. The ACC always seems to be on the losing end of the at-large selection pool. They always are stuck with the Big East champ or a non-AQ, qualifier. It is what it is I guess.

The rule preventing no more than two (or in an extreme scenario three) teams from the same conference is what kills the matchups. Yes, LSU and Georgia are more deserving that NIU, Louisville, and Wisconsin, but it's about money not matchups. The rules are there so one league can't take home the entire pie.

It'll get a little bit better with the playoff, because the top-4 teams will automatically go, but the contract bowls the conferences have negotiated leave room for "less deserving" teams to sneak in.

With all that said, moments like this are what college football is about to me and I'm happy they made it.

2 Things

First off, you are dead on with that video. Those are the moments that make college football as great as it is.

Second thing: you said the BCS is about money. Any college football fan knows this, but man how said is it that money is what drives a sport in which the players don't even get paid. It's a fact of life and there's not way of getting over that, but man it does suck that it has to be that way.


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Thanks Frank!


Wow- speechless. What an awesome video. Congrats to NIU players, coaches, and support staff on getting the bid. Funny, I am sure I may have also yelled at my TV (in a good way) last year when Tech was selected to go to the Sugar Bowl. Joe, you hit it right on the head: that is what this is all about.

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Why does the ACC always get screwed in BCS Bowl match ups?

It's b/c the #1 and #2 at large bids always go to bowls who lose a team to the National Championship. Even if the Orange Bowl gets the first at large bid, bowls with tie-ins get to pick first if their tie-in goes to the NC. The Orange Bowl has one tie-in (ACC), so, the ACC representative will never play any representative higher than the #3 choice for an at large bid.

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BCS Bowl At-Large Picking Order

The OB has picked last in picking at-large teams this season and last season. Plus, along with all the rules of who has to be included (top 4 in BCS, etc.), by the time the OB gets to pick there aren't very many 'good' picks left.

Stupid question

I'm still confused as to why Oklahoma got left out, since KSU is the only Big XII team to be in one of the bowls.

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Not Enough Room

Wisconsin, Stanford, KSU, FSU, and Louisville all get auto-bids. Florida and Oregon get bids because they are in the top 4 and guaranteed spots. NIU gets one because it is the the champion of a non-AQ league, ranked in the top 16, and above the champion of an AQ league (Louisville and Wisconsin). Fun BCS "rules"

10 Spots, 4 "At-large"

and this year all 4 "at-large" teams were determined by the rules: ND for being #1, Florida for being #3, Oregon for being #4, and NIU for being a non-AQ conference champion in the top 16 and ranked ahead of an AQ conference champion, in this case both Louisville (Big Least) and Wisconsin (B1G).

So, if FSU gets destroyed by NIU, is it funny? Sad? Pathetic? Par for the course?



Pathetic, yet par for the course.

NIU is 12-1, a number that looks more impressive than it really is.

In conference play, they squeaked past Toledo by 7, Ball State by 12 and Western Michigan by 14. Western Michigan went 2-6 in the MAC. Their cross-division games were Buffalo (4-8), UMass (1-11), and Akron (1-11).

Outside of the conference:
They beat Army (2-9), 41-40.
They beat Kansas (1-11), 30-23.
They lost to Iowa (4-8).

Their "best" win was over a Kent State team that played a similar schedule, and lost to Kentucky (whose only other win was over Samford), though they did beat Rutgers.

Oh, and let's not forget that NIU lost their head coach to NC State immediately after winning the MAC title game, and their new guy will have the Orange Bowl as his first ever game as a head coach at any level.

But with the ACC's luck the way it has been in the BCS, FSU is doomed to fail.

Imagine if GT had beaten FSU and the Orange Bowl would have been GT and NIU.

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

Rename the Orange Bowl

To the Bourbon Bowl because you're gonna need a lot of it to make that BCS game entertaining.

I really don't care, since VT isn't in a BCS Bowl this year. ACC be damned.


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