Redshirting Edmunds Was a Mistake?

French directed me to this nugget in a recent Andy Bitter post (

The only person who graduates from the group is Martin Scales, but given the lagging ground game this year, it wouldn't be surprising to see a shakeup of the depth chart coming. Tony Gregory, Michael Holmes and J.C. Coleman return, although it's freshman Trey Edmunds who might be the one to keep an eye on. Beamer sounded conflicted about the decision the staff made in September to redshirt Edmunds. They had to come to that conclusion fairly early in the season, before the Hokies' running game woes became completely apparent. Beamer has compared Edmunds' running style to Kevin Jones several times and said he stood out in the team's physical middle drill. The Hokies didn't often feature a running back who could run through tackles this year. Edmunds seems like a dynamic player who could do that. Stinespring said the defensive staff has told him they've been impressed with Chris Mangus on the scout team. The speedster suffered a shoulder injury early in the season that kept him out. Fork Union's Drew Harris, a highly-touted prospect who failed to qualify last year, could enter the mix if he gets into school.

If Beamer Co. knew how ineffective the tailback rotation would be, do you they would have done things differently? How much more effective could Edmunds had been behind this line and in this east-west scheme?

Edmunds should practice at tailback this spring. French and I watched him play this summer, and he ran well between the tackles behind the 3rd team offensive line. He is that type of back that can make the unblocked defender in the hole miss for the gain of 3 instead of 1. I'm really looking forward to watching him during spring ball.


With redshirting do you ever know if it was a bad decision? It's just as easy that if he didn't that he would've gotten buried in the depth chart as everyone else got a chance above him. He may be the type to make an unblocked guy miss, but can it do that consistently behind a line the was always getting pushed back? Obviously we will never know, but perhaps in the long run it will help him that next year he will be given a (hopefully) better line and a (hopefully) better new OL coach to help. The other issue was the WR blocking that KILLED the east-west scheme. Next year with DJ Coles leading the way and a WR core that will (hopefully) actually block might just lead the way to a great year for him. Personally I think we could've had Williams or DMFW back there and they still wouldn't have looked as good as they really were given the shit-tastic blocking we had all year.

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Hope for 2013?

Between Edmunds, Mangus, and hopefully Harris, and with a year under JC's belt, next year has to be better. Right?

Edmunds showed flashes, but I don't think it was cut and dry that he should have been out there.

In general, though we do a great job recruiting quality backs, so I expect that the running game will be better next year, assuming they have a line to help them.

I have been very high on Mangus since I first saw his high school tape, but I hope the "looks good on the scout team" jinx that struck Holmes doesn't get him too.

Do we have new coaches yet? Or, at least, is it time for the bowl game yet? Snore, nod, snore.

What's most interesting to me out of all of this is how wrong the coaching staff was, at least initially, about Michael Holmes. Maybe that has a lot more to do with him being an inside runner and our G-C-G combo being woefully inconsistent, but Michael never really got going and more or less disappeared for the second half of the season. Given Edmunds, Harris, and Coleman being available, and Tony Greg having a better year than usual, it's hard to imagine Holmes wanting to stick around. I feel bad for the guy.

I hope we don't get stuck in another 3 running back rotation like this season though. I feel like its very hard for a back to really develop and get going having to split their carries so much.

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i love the idea of an edmunds/coleman backfield. i really think jc could be a great change of pace back to compliment edmunds. i jut hope they stick with a back and quit the rotation that happened this year. i thought it was a horrible coaching decision and never allowed for anyone to get in a groove. i hope the o line can improve to help whoever will be in the backfield

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!

Decisions, Decisions

I feel bad for whoever has to make the decision between, harris, edmunds, coleman, holmes, mangus, and gregory. Hopefully someone will dominate the spring practices and make the choice a little easier.

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Why do you feel bad?

That is an awesome problem to have.

Can Shane make the tough decisions?

Assuming Shane is in the same role next year, I hope he is capable of handling this. I thought he might have tried to play "pleaser" too much with his rotation last year. This is a part of the job, and you can't always do what's best for the team and make everyone happy.

No established back but lots of optimism. This somehow feels eerily familiar.

Assuming Drew Harris comes to Tech, AND is good...

It honestly makes since to move Edmunds to LB instead of having a Coleman/Harris/Edmunds rotation in the backfield. He would just be wasted talent there, plus the depth at LB will be lacking when Bruce leaves.

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With Harris coming in, do we really want Edmunds to stay in the backfield? VT needs one clear-cut starter and one change of pace. JC is definitely the change of pace, so the starter will be Edmunds or Harris. Because they have the same years of eligibility, either Edmunds or Harris is going to be wasted on the bench (or both wasted if they split-carries). Might as well get some help in that LB corps where it is very thin, especially in the Middle/Backer areas.

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yeah because RB's never get injured