Late Night VT-Colorado State 'Recap'

Ok guys, it's late at night, and we just lost by quite a few points.

What happened to the team we had at the beginning of the year? Are they tired? Where did the ball movement go? Where did the off-ball movement go? The past few games we've gone to ISOLATION, ISOLATION, ISOLATION. That doesn't work.

The team looked tired from playing an overtime game the previous day. We've stopped moving the ball. I didn't see anything that looked remotely close to a play tonight. When we were playing well, we were extremely unselfish and everyone got to shoot wide open shots.

We're all talking about how we need Robert and Jarell to start playing better. It's hard to shoot well when you're isoing and have a guys hand in your face as you're pulling up. Their troubles have been caused by poor ball movement and a lack of any motion on the offense. I don't know what's wrong with Robert but he AIRBALLED a free throw tonight.

On defense, why do we keep doubling the post? It's not working and hasn't really all of this year.

Colorado State really impressed me. They were an extremely well coached team who made every extra pass and were disciplined.

Let's get some much needed rest and try and get out of BYU with a win. This team NEEDS confidence. The best thing we can do is forget about this game and move on. Thankfully, this was only one game. Hopefully the team from the beginning of the year starts showing up again! Go Hokies!

Feel free to leave your thoughts (please don't overreact though, remember it was just one game) below and have a Merry Christmas!

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Sorry, but playing one game the night before, and then playing the next day is not an excuse to lose. The problem with the Hokies can be traced to poor shot selections, mental disciplines, and some fundamental drills that they need to work through. I'll granted this, I didn't watch the game, but having played basketball myself through pneumonia during a tournament, I stuck through with it even if I felt like crap.

It is a well known, and well documented fact that running isolation plays doesn't work. The movement without the basketball, running plays, and not reverting to "playground basketball" are something that they have to practice everyday. Do they? I don't know. From what I have seen in the first few games, I immediately identified some weaknesses for the Hokies. One of them was handling the press, and the other was the simplest fundamental of playing defense - boxing out. Call me old school, but that was one of my best area, boxing out and allowing my teammate who's the best rebounder on the team to collect boards.

Players have to learn all those and live by it. Otherwise, it's going to be an ugly ACC season for them. How in the world are they going to hang with the likes of Duke, UNC, and Maryland, if they don't stick to what carried them through the first few games?

I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.

Respectfully disagree ...

> Sorry, but playing one game the night before, and then playing the next day is not an excuse to lose.

Two games in two nights, with the first one being an OT game, for a team that has just 7 scholarship players is pretty damn brutal.

I think the players were more focused on the fact that we were in Vegas than that we were PLAYING BASKETBALL in Vegas. When you factor that in with the fact that they had just played in an overtime game the night before and there was no atmosphere whatsoever, it makes for a bad combination. CSU looked just as bad and out of it in the first half as we were. The reason they were up, though, is because they are far more talented than us when we don't have Marshall Wood. But then they got some momentum going, knocked down their shots and blew the game.wide open. But I think it is definitely clear that the Hokies have gotten away from what they were when they started 7-0. No passing, no defense, not knocking down shots, missing free throws, and in Robert Brown's case, airballing free throws. JJ needs to get these guys' heads back on again. This team has a lot of talent, even with Wood out. They just have to get back to playing like they were.

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.