Letter to the fans

I'm in the Marching Virginians, and wanted to get this out before I had too much milk and cookies. Full disclosure: I typed this on my phone, so sorry for any mistakes I missed.
I just wanted to share my respect for the fans that went to the game, and really all of hokie nation. The game started (and finished) ugly, but a majority of you guys stuck around through the rain and the bullshit reffing. No matter how bad the offense looked, I didn't hear any boos out of our side. Instead, you continued to yell on defense, and erupted when the offense woke up. You guys are especially great compared to the Rutgers fans, who were rude (to us), and booed their team for much of the second half, and ran away from a little rain. You all supported the team through some hellish times this year, and I want to thank you. I'm really proud of the team's perseverance right now, and all of you guys' too.
Go Hokies.

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Well said

We've had fan issues this year with the lack of success on the field, but the majority of fans have been awesome. The couple of games I made it to, fans were in good voice. Aside from ranting against our offensive coaches and a few nut jobs attacking players (or websites posting rude ass videos of one particular player) we have a pretty good fan base. Let's get our loud asses to the Georgia Dome next year and shock Bama.

gotta love you some of that


Best fans ever. Even through all of the "civil wars" we had this year - alumni vs underclassmen, fans that stay the whole game and stand the whole game (the LARGE majority of Hokie Nation) vs fans that leave and throw paper airplanes, negative vs positive fans - we're still the best fans out. I'm proud to be a part of Hokie Nation and always will be.

The season sucked but proudly wearing orange and maroon wherever I go, well that never sucks. Go Hokies!

Amen to that

I'm proud to be a Hokie and I'm glad you wrote what you did. I went to the Boston College game this year and it too was an ugly OT win. For the most part the Hokie fans were great, except one loud mouth drunkard who was rather harmless. True fans support their teams through thick and thin and I think most Hokies already have that mentality built in.

Go Hokies!

Glad to see a positive letter!