Thank You Alonzo Tweedy!

From what I've seen, Exum's been getting most of the press, but Tweedy balled out today. Wish we had him another year. Any of you draft experts think he has a shot in the NFL?

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Not an expert but IMO.....

He likely won't get drafted. But if he chooses to he can try out for multiple teams and would likely get on a practice squad somewhere. From there he may be able to work his way onto a team.

I wish him and all the seniors nothing but the best. They protected the winning season and got us that bowl win. I think we all saw those seniors step up in the later games this year.

Let's just hope nobody unexpected leaves....


Even though Tweedy (and Bruce Taylor) may not have had the great senior season they had probably envisioned, they both went out there and played their tails off for 60 minutes tonight. I thought it was fitting that Bruce made the last tackle in OT...

As for Tweedy, I don't think he'll be drafted but he could potentially get picked up as a free agent and be given a shot on special teams. I think Bud said it best post-game: "In my 32 years of coaching, I don't know if I've ever seen a better special teams player. Ever. "


Tweedy is the best punt cover player ever in the history of football. I don't have any stats on this and don't know if similar stats even exist, but I know I've never seen one player make so many special teams tackles, ever. It could almost be guaranteed that he would somehow make an impact on every punt, and he did it for many years. He should get picked up by an NFL team just to play gunner.

He was in seek and destroy mode

Tweedy will play in the NFL

The guy is blazing fast and a SOLID tackler. He'll get his chance at the next level just in special teams for sure. He was outstanding last night!

i've been

#TeamTweedy since last year, thru the spring and early in fall.


With the speed and closing ability of both of those players, why weren't they used at Nickel/FS instead of Cole earlier in the year. When you have that kind of speed you need to use it as much as possible.

Who Could Forget?

Played lights-out when given his opportunities, for sure.

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Players like Tweedy are what make programs go from good to great. 2 star kid who nobody cared about at all coming into college, and by his senior year he took advantage of every single opportunity and was playing an important role on defense and special teams. He played as hard as he could on every play; didn't have the raw ability, but he worked hard and that's all you can ask for out of someone. I think he'll get a shot in the NFL, but probably by a local team like the Panthers, Redskins, Ravens or Steelers just because they probably saw him play the most.

Rip his freaking head off!


Totally agree. Players like Tweedy is what this program was built on. Undervalued and undersized players that come in to the program, work hard, and play every snap like they have something to prove. No entitlement, no egos; just hard-nosed football. Tweedy took it as his personal responsibility to make the tackle on every single punt. In my opinion, Tech would be much better off getting back to their roots with that kind of hard-nosed/chip-on-our-shoulder/lunchpail attitude that Tweedy played with(hopefully with a Pep Hamilton run offense) than trying to transform into something there not with the more finesse and speed-based pistol/spread offenses.