South Carolina's Shawn Elliott in the mix?

The following is from a report on Football

Multiple sources tell us that Frank Beamer is very interested in adding South Carolina co-offensive coordinator / offensive line coach Shawn Elliott to the staff.

Given Shane's connection to South Carolina (they coached one season together, 2010), this sort of, maybe, makes sense. Elliot has been at USC for two seasons, he was running game coordinator for the first 2, and this year he was co-offensive coordinator. Steve Spurrier Jr. is also listed as co-offensive coordinator, but who knows how much responsibility the Ball Coach has delegated.

He spent 9 seasons coaching o-line at Appalachian State. I'd be wary for someone as inexperienced as him taking over as offensive coordinator, we need a proven hire, but a young, yet veteran, o-line coach would be a win.


My primary concern now is that Beamer is going to do some kind of patch job and not an overhaul. It's almost as if he's still going to have some hands in the offense and not leave it up to a new offensive coordinator to pick his staff.

And I'm curious to know these sources.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Offensive production at USC vs. Stanford cannot be compared. Hamilton has shown at Stanford that he can do much, much more with less through proper coaching and scheming, while USC has arguably under-produced with major talent at WR and HB.

My biggest concern is the athletic department not making the full-court press on a guy like Hamilton. In Elliot and USC, you have a lackluster offense that doesn't score tons of points and rides its defense. We already have that here.

I guess I see it as Pep is a great OC hire.....

....and if we go with Elliot, he would be a big improvement on what we have. He led some impressive Appy St offensives, has developed a great OL at USC and is an excellent recruiter. There is a reason Elliot is a highly sought after assistant in the SE. He turned down the OL job at UF last year.

Either Pep or Elliot would be great hires for VT. Way better than I expected.

Nailed it. Despite Spurrier's reputation as an innovator, South Carolina has used the "my athlete is better than your athlete" approach that that Hokies are famous for has been a staple of USC football. Their approach is simpler, and more effective, than VT's, but they have underperformed even with ELITE college talent like Marcus Lattimore and Alshon Jeffery. I would feel much better about Hamilton and Stanford's staff, especially given Hamilton's success recruiting with limited resources in Virginia.

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we add both? Hamilton as OC, Elliot as OL coach? That would be sweet....PAC12 and SEC experience in the ACC? What a homerun that would be! (ok, a guy can dream, can't he?)

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

I'll dream with ya

All the way until the new hire is announced.... Hamilton the OC, Elliot the OL coach... mmmm... now THAT'S a belated Christmas present.

Yeah...that's not gonna happen

Beggars can't be choosers, but I'm not in love with the idea of Elliott as OC either. Certainly COULD be better than what VT currently has, but outside of last season, the Gamecock ground game hasn't exactly set the world on fire since Elliott took over "run game coordinator" in 2010. Then again, who knows how input he actually has. I'm sure the Old Ball Coach and his mini me call most of the shots in Columbia.

Rushing Yards-per-game (National Ranking)

2007 133.64 (82) 113.67 (101)
2008 174.36 (35) 94.08 (113)
2009 208.15 (14) 121.23 (91)

2010 198.71 (23) 154.36 (60)
2011 186.86 (28) 192.08 (26)
2012 145.85 (81) 142.92 (85)

As you can see, South Carolina has only rushed for more YPG than VT once in the past six seasons (2011) - and even then it was negligible.

Yards Per Rush (National Ranking)

2007 3.34 (101) 3.57 (88)
2008 3.78 (78) 2.93 (110)
2009 4.72 (25) 3.62 (87)

2010 4.88 (23) 4.14 (67)
2011 4.43 (42) 4.52 (36)
2012 3.74 (92) 3.62 (102)

South Carolina did show improvement in yards-per-rush and overall rushing yards in Elliott's first two seasons, but fell back dramatically in 2012.

On a side note - looking at these old stats, Bud deserves a statue outside Lane Stadium for helping that 2007 squad win 11 games and an ACC Championship. Yeesh that offense was horrid.

I hate to be the "SEC IS THE BEST EVER" guy,

But you have to remember, those stats were put up in a league that prides itself in defense and has far superior talent on the defense. While the ACC is all about offense.

My thing about Shawn is that I would like to know how much input he actually has in the offense, does he only focus on a very small part of the offense being Co-OC, and if he had full control, would he change schemes compared to what USCe is currently running? These are things the coaches know and we don't.

Of course we would all rather have Pep but I just don't know how likely that is.

Fair enough, they do play big boy defense in the SEC, but that hasn't stopped Georgia from putting up outstanding rushing totals the past six years:

2007 177.23 (37)
2008 148.31 (56)
2009 161.00 (47)
2010 142.62 (73)
2011 164.00 (49)
2012 184.15 (42)

Want to argue Georgia has superior talent to South Carolina? OK - what about a school like Ole Miss? Think they've had a running back half as talented as Marcus Lattimore in the past six seasons? I'd argue no (although the Law Firm was solid), and the Rebels have still been able to run the ball successfully against SEC Ds.

Ole Miss
2007 132.75 (83)
2008 186.23 (28)
2009 184.77 (29)
2010 207.58 (18)
2011 129.17 (84)
2012 169.83 (55)

I agree they're not impressive stats, but when you compare them to Tech, I just thought I'd point that out.

Any idea when this kind of stuff will finally happen??? The guessing at who will be hired is killing me. Do it Beamer!!

Both USC and Stanford play their bowl games today, so sooner rather than later I'd guess.