If johnny Maziel wins the Heisman

If Johnny Football wins the Heisman, can we got back and give the '99 Heisman to Michael Vick? i dont think johnny deserves it over Te'o because he, well, basically dropped the ball....twice, in his own stadium, that doesnt sound like a Heisman winner to me. 

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In terms of On field Performance

It should go to Collin Klein or Geno Smith. Yeah people can hate on Geno Smith, but the only reaons he isn't even in the conversation anymore is because his team can't play defense. 40 Tds to 6 picks, and over 70% completion with over 4000 yards passing is ridiculous... Klein's numbers are also redic. If Suh didn't win it in 09, Te'o shouldn't either. And Yeah, no Vick win = no Manziel win.

Logan 3:16


there is no if.

What about Tavon Austin from WVU? They have so many weapons on that offense, but their defense is so horrible that their offense hasn't gotten any recognition since they beat Texas.

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

Was Michael Vick the best player on that team?

Or just the best player who played offense?

Manziel Won

Still haven't heard anything about giving the 1999 trophy to its rightful owner.

Vick for Heisman

Vick was the best player in 99 hands down. The press didn't give it to him because he was a r-fr. That's it.

Vick was at the right place but at the wrong time, although if you compare Vick's numbers to Johnny Football's there is a huge difference.

On another note, did anyone see Johnny's girlfriend at the ceremony? She looked like the type of gal that would date a Heisman winner.