Stadium Cups

Do any of y'all have any extra of the giant plastic cups that they sell cokes in at Lane?
I just got back from 4 years in Germany, so I don't have any, and would love to furnish my new place with some serious Hokie gear.
Thought I'd ask!

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This may help

I checked ebay for you and saw a couple listings of the LANE cups but mostly just regular VT cups.

Hope this helps!

I agree with Joe. I have a bunch and they're definitely worth the price. The also keep the liquids either hot or cold for longer.


NO water marks on your table. They truly are the TITS!!!!

Highly recommended

I have a Tervis VT cup here in Honduras and it is the only thing I drink Coke, iced tea, water or whatever from. Never sweats, tough as nails, washes easy, my dog has chewed on it, kids have knocked it on the floor, and it just won't die.

It is high quality material and I am getting a new one next year when we get back to the States. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for extended and satisfying beverage use. Now if just want to decorate with Hokie cups, cannot help you, our supply of stadium cups is down to 4 and we won't have anymore til next season. (not to mention shipping from Central America stinks)

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Odd, I'd always heard they got moldy on the inside, but maybe that's a knock-off, copy-cat brand...

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Thanks Frank!


As I read this forum, I am drinking my water out of a VT tumbler. The cups are very nice, lasted several years (at least 5 so far) and have had no problems.

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