Desktop Wallpapers

I made two wallpapers of my favorite players. Here they are and feel free to us them!

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Idk why they're showing up huge.

Well done, Sir

And don't worry about the bigness, it actually brought a bug to my attention and it's fixed. Thanks!

I just made this my desktop background.

Rip his freaking head off!


Jon Scheyer's face is priceless

Love the Antone Exum one. Think I may use it

to the heart of cygnus' fearsome force we set our course

Number one is so overrated. lol


As in

Exum? I would argue that he was the most improved player on the roster this year. He learned an entirely new position this year and did a decent job in his first couple games, which isn't bad seeing as his first meaningful snaps at CB came against D1 talent. He steadily improved throughout this year and played a pretty vital role in our games, highlighted by his pick against UVA.

Wherever he plays next year, I am confident he can make an impact. He also seems like a pretty high character guy who likes to have fun with the game and I hope he can emerge as a leader for this team next year.

You're right,

Tone is a fighter who is a bit too aggressive with receivers sometimes (hence all the flags this season) but he hits people and intimidates receivers IMO. He plays with some swag, but as long as he is all about team and not about himself, I like seeing him out there. Still think he should be a safety though.

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I guess that joke went over everyone's head. The creator obviously likes players with the number one so it was a quick jab in reference to that.



I gotcha. No worries, and I wasn't trying to be a jerk; I'm sorry if it came off like that!

My Bad


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Very nice

How did you make these?


Its basically the free version of photoshop

Well done

Exum has your wallpaper set as his Twitter profile pic, FYI.

Exum's Twitter Page

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