Full court press?

Has anybody seen us put a full court press on? No complaints on how they have been playing, they are fun to watch. I realize that we are short in bodies for the roster, but we are long and tall in the starting line up and I think it would be difficult to break our press with 6'3" Green, 6'5" Brown, 6'7" Eddie, 6'8" Barksdale and 6"9" Raines patroling the passing lanes. JJ concerned that press might wear us out? Just think, they won't have to run back down the court to set up on defense, waiting for the ball to come down the court. Can you imagine the score if we pressed and the chaos we would create.

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He said at the beginning of the year that he wants to unleash 40 minutes of hell at some point but I don't think we have enough bodies to do it this year. That would really tire out Green and we saw last game how much we need him on the court.

Rip his freaking head off!

Quick Note: Volodymyr Gerun Eligible


He sounds somewhat polished, might be a spark for WVU.

The versatile forward averaged 18.2 points and 11.1 rebounds while shooting 53% from the floor during the U-18 European Men's Championship.

In addition, Gerun played in two games (for a total of two minutes) for Denipro of the VTB United League - a professional league consisting of teams from Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine.

Maryland's Alex Len (a friend and former teammate of Gerun's) and West Virginia's Deniz Kilicli played in similar leagues and were required to sit out part of their freshmen seasons. Gerun may be required by the NCAA to do the same.


8 man rotation

Our team is doing pretty well with an up-tempo attack using the 8 man rotation that we currently have available in competitive games. Doubt we could sustain a full court press very long without wearing the guys out. Might be feasible in some blowouts if we use a few of the walk-ons, but I doubt we go that route since we have not seen it yet. Next year could be a lot different though with a full bench.

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Our bench is way way too short

We just do not have the bodies right now to go full-court press and uptempo on offense.