So you're saying there's a chance...

LOLNOPE. (If it's Georgia Tech, I was so wrong about everything this season.)


I just hope we can limp past the finish line and get to a bowl game...

Lets Go Duke

Just Because I dont things will work out for us to go the ACCCG but if we do I like our chances better after thursday and if we beat FSU in the ACCCG #GOACC will be in full effect

A new hope

How Does Tie Breaker Work

Can someone explain how a tie breaker works?

"These people are losing their minds"

In that scenario....

...only Duke beating GT seems unlikely.

I would be shocked if Miami doesn't declare themselves ineligible this weekend. the only reason I can think of for Miami not to declare themselves ineligible is if they don't win another game to reach eligibility in the first place.