ACC Announces 12-year Agreement with Orange Bowl

Update (11/15/12): ACC's official release is here:

ESPN's Brett McMurphy broke the news on the ACC's 12-year deal with the Orange Bowl.

The highlights, or what caught my eye:

  • Each ACC school will receive a minimum of $2 million per year. (The Rose and Sugar each fetched $80 million / year.)
  • The opponent pool, the best team among the 2nd-3rd B1G/SEC team or ND, was the best the ACC could do considering they didn't have a dedicated partner.
  • The league avoids the Big East and rematches.

What are y'all's thoughts?


make the best of the situation

I think it’s a pretty good deal as far as what the ACC has produced overall the last couple years. I think the orange bowl is betting on FSU and ND becoming legitimate. Hey, it could have been worse with the inclusion of the big east champion as a maybe. Playing the second ranked SEC would be a hope for the best game wise, but anytime you have a chance at playing ND, and receiving a little of their spotlight is plus for program image. I guess they’ll have something set up that there won’t be any rematches as far as any ACC and ND matches with the 6 scheduled ACC games for ND.

super duper senior status

I think it's as good as we could have hoped.

First, I think we all realize that the Orange Bowl won't be VT's main bowl home the next ten years like it has been. So, we're not going to get tired of a fanbase. Funny how a reset button season like this changes that perception.

Second, the most likely teams to be in this bowl game the next 12 years are Clemson and FSU...with Miami, UNC and VT not far behind. We can fill the OB up with those five teams, even Miami if they are so fortunate. Having ACC teams in a BCS bowl where we actually fill up the stadium is step #1 on recreating our credibility.

Thirdly (?), playing the 2nd/3rd best team from the B10/SEC or ND actually gives us a chance to win the game. Step #2 in regaining conference credibility.

Finally, no Big East team. With all due respect to the Big East (read: none), they were the cause of many of our traveling problems. Who wants to fly/drive to Miami in the middle of the week to see Cincy? (crickets) I believe I read that they will also play these games on weekends or 1/1, right? No more Wednesday, Jan 4th games.

So, we can't complain. Credible opponents, stadium more full, winnable. I'll take it.

I like it

"The ACC representative will play the highest available ranked team from Notre Dame, the SEC or the Big Ten. However, if the ACC's highest-ranked opponent would create a regular-season rematch, the Orange Bowl has the flexibility to avoid that rematch by taking the next highest-ranked team from Notre Dame, the SEC or Big Ten."

-Glad no Big East team!
-I like that its the highest ranked of SEC or Big Ten, that'll give us a great matchup

Honestly I think it is great. The opponent should always be a top 10 team. No more Big East champions!

I just wonder if they will revise anything if ND joins as a full time member before the contract expires.

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