Miami Self Imposed a Bowl Ban, GT-FSU in ACCCG

Here is the official release from the school.

The University of Miami has made the decision to withhold the football team from bowl consideration for the 2012 postseason. The decision was made in response to the ongoing NCAA inquiry and the University has informed both the NCAA and the Atlantic Coast Conference of its decision. The decision also means that should the Miami football team qualify for the ACC Championship Game, it will not be eligible to participate.

Interim Director of Athletics Blake James informed the team of the decision this morning, two days after the Hurricanes became bowl eligible with their sixth victory of the season.

The unprecedented decision to voluntarily withhold the football team from a second consecutive postseason was made by University leadership, including President Shalala, the Office of the General Counsel and Department of Athletics leaders. Considerable deliberation and discussion based on the status of the NCAA inquiry went into the decision-making process and, while acknowledging the impact that the decision will have on current student-athletes, coaches, alumni and fans, a determination was made that voluntarily withholding the football team from a second postseason was not only a prudent step for the University to take but will also allow for the football program and University to move forward in the most expedited manner possible.

The University and President Shalala have been clear from the start of the inquiry that Miami will cooperate fully and will seek the truth, no matter where the path might lead and that the institution will be stronger because of it. The University has already taken proactive measures to ensure more strict compliance with NCAA rules and continues to evaluate further steps.

No other self-imposed penalties have been issued at this time and to continue to protect the integrity of the inquiry, the University will have no further comment.

Right now, the ACC only has 4 eligible bowl team (FSU, Clemson, NC State, GT). Virginia Tech and Wake Forest can become bowl eligible with wins Saturday.


Just imagine

We were still in the mix until GT beat Duke.

#Let's Go - Hokies

so close....

So much for that....

GT/VT winner wins the division thing.

We really crapped the bed this year.

And yet, it's still a Tech who wins it...

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Thanks Frank!


Just like the PAC 12 last year, its so embarrassing when a team thats 6-6 (yes Georgia will beat them) plays in the conference championship game.

Probably a good call on Miami to self impose bowl ban, just look at Ohio St.

Whats Even worse/better?

UCLA won the PAC-12 south again and will play in the championship game.

A new hope

Except they're not quite so horrendous this year. Quite...

Achievement unlocked: All of the Fullers

"Sam Rogers is a college football icon" SB Nation

Thanks Frank!

They did beat Nebraska

This is so much #goacc.

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I hate to be the one to turn a football thread into a conference expansion thread, but this takes a little bit of the cloud away from over Miami's head and makes them a less risky option for the SEC or Big 12. I wonder if that factored into their thought process at all.