Food For Future Thought

Wow.  That was my first thought at the end of last nights lackluster game in Miami.  I think that JC had it right when he said on twitter "Spoon fed that W to Miami."  Although Miami made the right plays in the 4th to seal the win.
I could not help but think after that there still have to be some positives that we can take from this season.  There are some young players on this team.  Tough games build a better team in the future.  We have great commitments coming in the next couple of years.  Things like this popped into my mind first but the second thought stuck. 
So I took the time to look back at teams that have won NC's in the last few years.  Some have consistantly been at the top of their conferences and top notch programs each year.  But not all of them have.
Auburn the 2010 NC was 5-7 in 2008.  Of course they had Cam Newton that year but who would have placed them there 2 years removed from a 5-7 campaign?
Florida went 7-5 in 2004.  They won the NC in 2006.  Oklahomas record in 99 7-5.  They stomped FSU 13-2 the next year in the NC game.  Southern Cal who won a vacated NC in 06 went 6-6 in 01, 11-2 in 02, then 12-1 in 03 before winning a NC in 2004 they had to vacate.  Ohio State went 7-5 in 2001 before going undefeated and winning a NC in 2002.
These are just records.  There could be tons of discussion about why these teams were able to turn things around.  The argument can be made that "they are SEC teams so they get better talent."  A point I am personally tired of hearing.  It sounds more like an excuse for teams to roll over and not fight back. 
10 win seasons are great.  Going to a bowl game is fine.  ACC Championships can be a good goal too.  I want this team to be one like those mentioned above.  I want for the current players who will be with us next year and the ones joining in 2013 to set that as their goal.  No more goals of just winning the ACC or 10 games or getting to a bowl.  I say the mentality needs to be "This team wants to play for the National Championship.' 

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The Common Denominator

Unfortunately, each one of those teams you mentioned has something in common with eachother that Virginia Tech doesn't have.

...Coaching changes...

thought the same thing when I read this

A new hope

...Coaching changes... Which

...Coaching changes...

Which won't happen this offseason.