Reports of Georgia State having interest in hiring Shane Beamer

According to Daily Press Georgia State is showing interest:

It's debatable if Shane is a good RB coach, which he doesn't have much experience doing, but he's a great recruiter that brings a lot of energy. Would hate to lose him a good young coach with ties to the program.

My dream scenario for him would be if he was special teams coach and recruiting coordinator here at VT.

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Would hate to lose him, but wouldn't be mad either.

If he has a shot to be a head coach and gain experience, you can't blame him for doing so. Same with Bud in my opinion. I never blame someone for trying to better themselves. But I sure would miss either guy if they left.

Always looking for the next great piece of Hokie memorabilia for the collection.

it doesnt seem like the greatest job

as he is our best recruiter, I hope he sticks around a little longer.

I just can't see him leaving

Too many ties here in Blacksburg... And the HC job up for grabs in the VERY near future.

I'd be interested in seeing who he would put on his staff (if he were to be promoted to Head Ball Coach)