Frank Beamer's Last Season?

There has been a lot of talk in my family about if this maybe Frank Beamer's last season and I was totally against the talk until more and more I started to see signs that this maybe it. First case #1, before the season he had an interview where he was asked if it was tough coming back this season. He responded by saying every year is difficult but this year was more difficult then others. #2 He has a clause in his contract that states:

A new contract extension calls for Beamer to serve as a special assistant to the athletic director for eight years after retiring as coach, at an annual salary of $250,000. His duties will involve fundraising and public appearances.

Athletic Director Jim Weaver and Beamer both emphasized that Beamer might coach beyond the length of this extension, which runs through 2016. Weaver referenced 84-year-old Penn State Coach Joe Paterno, and indicated the special assistant role was only for “when Frank is ready to stop coaching.”

#3 After the UVA game he had an interview and was seen to be emotional. There have been many big games I have seen him and any head coach but very few I can name where they are emotional unless it is the last game.

Your thoughts?

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Not likely but

I just won't believe it until it happens. I don't even know if they will change up the Offensive Coordinator. I would be fine with Frank staying on, but Stiney needs to go. People have been saying this for years and nothing ever changes. Stinespring has cost this program a minimum of 1 National Championship appearance. It is possible though since Weaver canned Seth (which was needed). I don't see him forcing Frank out, but would love to see him order a change at OC.

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what season are you saying we missed the NC? Sorry holiday hangover...

Let's see

2004 through 2011. 2004 was the start with the loss to NC State. We should of beat Auburn that year in the Sugar Bowl too. That was the game Bud spoke up to Beamer about the Offense and Beamer famously yelled at him "THIS IS MY TEAM BUD." All of the Tyrod Taylor years also. We had great talent during that run, but the vanilla play calls killed our chances during the games we lost in my opinion.

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"That was the game Bud spoke up to Beamer about the Offense and Beamer famously yelled at him 'THIS IS MY TEAM BUD.'"

I have never heard this story before... Did this actually happen? Publicly?

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Same here, never heard of this happening.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

I've heard of this, but didn't know it was that Bowl.

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Got a link to the story?

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Logan 3:16

I did, just shows the tweet. Clicked the link there, it was unavailable. Hoping to read the full story.

Don't want to say I don't believe this, but I'm curious as to the context of this "discussion." If Bud was frustrated with the offense and said something to Frank, and Frank yelled at him, why would he stick around? I guess I'm just curious as to the specifics of this incident...

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It's been a while...

Can't remember if I read it or saw a video of Bud talking about it. He said he thought he was done after the incident, but Beamer met him as they were boarding the plane and gave him a profuse apology telling him how much he meant to him and he just lost his cool and that it would not happen again. Bud said how much he respected Frank afterwards.

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That's actually a really heartwarming story. Not sarcastic. But really, they Bud has to have a HUGE soft spot for frank if he's been putting up with this kind of stuff since '04.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

he's also one of the better paid coordinators in the country ... that probably has a lot to do with why he's stuck around too


Great read.


Beamer does not answer to Jim Weaver, he answers directly to the President, Charles Steger. It has been that way since the late 90's when Beamer was threatening to leave VT.

I see Beamer sticking around. Rumor has it there will be some reshuffling going on. I don't think we will lose Stiney but we will see. I see him being demoted and just coaching the TE's. Would love to see VT hire a big name OC, new O-line coach, and a good QB coach. Fix those 3 things and I think we have it!

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You're right, unfortunately.

Beamer calls the shots. He's a legend, and so is he's ego. He runs this town (blacksburg). Honestly, I see him running the shots for a few more years, and running the program into the ground. I've said this for a few years now, but we HAVE to become more cutthroat.

The strategy that worked for us in the past is no longer working. Period.

Changes to the staff have resulted in better recruiting (Thank God!)

Time for a new coach. I appreciate, and will always love Frank, but please don't pull a Joe Pa.

Emotional Maybe

But the tears could have also been because it was so freaking cold.

Logan 3:16

Or cruing about how bad his

Or crying about how bad his offense is??

I really hope not.

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I may be overly sentimental, but...

Frank can coach as long as he damn well pleases, in my book. It's going to take multiple seasons of absolute tanking (I'm talking traditional Duke levels) for me to even consider changing my mind. He built the damn program and I'm going to be pissed if they treat him like FSU did to Bobby Bowden.

On the other hand, since he DID build the program, I get the sense that Frank has a better grip on goings on than Bobby or JoePa did. I think he wants whats best for the program and he'll step aside when he realizes he can't do it at a high enough level anymore. My worry is that our offensive staff could still be employed (by VT) in a week, which would show (to me) that Frank still values loyalty over what he sees as selling his soul to win the National Championship.


I think dmt meant Beamer would retire. He didn't say forced out. Frank has said, and I'm paraphrasing, he would coach as long as he felt he thought he was still the best man for the job. He would not pull JoePa and coach past his prime.

I doubt he retires this summer, but it's not completely unfounded. Many do think his retirement would come before 2016. We'll see.

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For Clarification

Thanks that is exactly what I meant. I would never want to see us force Beamer to retire it has just shown in his facial expressions/body language/ and comments he says that we might be seeing his last year next year or soon after.

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Ah, my bad.

Agree with someone above, I think he just looked cold as hell.

He was just really sad cuz he knows that he might have to think about firing some coaches.

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I agree

1. If Beamer leaves, at this point he still has the right to do it on his own terms. I am totally against anyone calling for him to be fired(not that I interpreted the original post in that way, I understand the poster was talking about Frank retiring.) Though I am all for the AD stepping up and telling Frank he has to make coaching changes.
2. I actually wish that Frank would step down and retire sometime soon. I love that dude and think he is an amazing rep for VT. I'd hate to see him have a Bowden or Paterno-esque end (not in re: the scandal, just talking about deterioration of the football product.)

If I were Frank, I'd make some much needed changes on the O staff, stick it out for 2013 to implement them (maybe 2014) and then hand it over to Foster. I would not leave with Weaver being the guy who makes the call on the next HC, I'd use whatever leverage possible to make sure I got to appoint the next guy and I would make that Foster. Weaver will penny pinch (which still may result in Foster actually) and lets not forget how disastrous a hire he was about to make when Frank was all but wearing UNC gear back in 2001.

All this new information coming available

In the comments section on thekeyplay is somewhat overwhelming. Who, exactly, was Weaver going to hire if Beamer had gone to UNC?

Gary Darnell, the guy he hired

...when he was the Athletic Director at Western Michigan.