More Expansion, Tulane to the Big East, Navy to the ACC?






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ACC Expansion

All the schools that are mentioned in ACC expansion are not teams that bring a whole lot to the table. Louisville and UConn at least bring a viable basketball programs, but Navy? Come on.......this is not a positive thing.

I heard this the other day too (Navy that is).

Navy in football-only, Notre Dame in all other sports ...

Fuck this


East Carolina also going to the Big East I bet.

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Ok I'm in the Navy.... And adding navy to the ACC is just awful!!! Is that a joke?? What on earth would that bring to the conference?

GT & Navy possibly on the same schedule?

Fuck that!

Please no!

I was in the Nav 8 years, and i have 2 generations of Academy guys with my dad and his dad, and this idea stinks! Please tell me it is a cruel joke that the B1G commish came up with to further punish the ACC for giving a home to Notre Dame. Navy brings nothing to the table except being a replacement team in the state of Maryland. Is Swofford really that desperate/stupid? Almost nobody in MD cares about Navy sports anyway, except a small crowd in Anapolis and DC of current/former Navy folks.

If Navy gets the invite to join the ACC, VT needs to bolt the ACC like a fat turkey smelling gunpowder in November.

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With the GT rumors heating up (I know, I know... rumors. But they were just rumors in Maryland one short week ago...) Who does the ACC pick up next? UConn? Navy? Grand Canyon University? I've never been in the #VT4SEC camp - grew up in central NC, dad is a UNC alum, and the ACC always just seemed like the right place for us in my own little world - but I will be willing to start leaning that way soon if the ACC continues to become less recognizable as the conference I grew up with. I also can't deny some of the tangible (RE: $$$, recruiting, match-ups) advantages you #VT4SEC folks tout.

Also, it's becoming clear why the BIG10 re-branded as the B1G - the last digit is a moving target. Wonder if the graphic design team is starting to work on a B2G logo. Seems like it might be prudent.

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I just hope it's not Navy. I'd like Cincy if we're going to pillage from the LEast, but Swofford will probably go with uconn for basketball purposes.

without a doubt

it would be cincinnati or uconn ... considering their last choice, i think it would be cincy