There's a chance Miami could be ineligible for the ACC Championship Game

Miami may self-impose a bowl ban to as a preemptive punishment for forthcoming NCAA sanctions.

"If I remember right, we made the decision last year after we became bowl eligible," UM acting athletic director Blake James told The Miami Herald on Friday. "I think that would be the plan.

"You address the situations as they occur."

Last year, Miami made its announcement the day after it qualified for a bowl with a victory Nov. 19 at South Florida in Tampa.

You can read all of the details right here:

If they do, they won't be eligible for the ACC Championship Game.

If this scenario plays out, it'll be the most #goacc thing ever.


We could end up with a situation like the Pac-12 last year. If Miami declares themselves ineligible, we beat BC and UVa and Duke loses to Clemson and Miami, both teams would finish 4-4 in the conference. With the tiebreaker, we would go to the ACCCG against FSU, likely get murdered while the offense sputters around, and have to petition to go to a bowl while 6-7. I wonder how the coaches would spin a season if we finished 6-8 overall but "won" our division and made it to a bowl.

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ah man beat me to it

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The spin machine would go into overdrive

Nothing like soiling ourselves on national tv


You are forgetting

We could just short circuit the whole thing by beating down on FSU then BC then UVA and hope Duke losses

A new hope

If GT beats Duke. And UNC...

...they will finish 5-3.

Who knew. I thought they were dead months ago

yeah, they were talking about this during the telecast the other night. if this happens, we could go to charlotte at 6-6 assuming duke loses two of their remaining games. so then lets assume we lose in charlotte and sit at 6-7. would the ncaa give us a bowl reprieve like ucla last year? would you want tech even going to a bowl at 6-7? man what a year.

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

I remember a similar thing happening to Colorado back when the Big12 North was terrible and I think the NCAA did give them a bowl game waiver.

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Bowl Game

My one silver lining was that if Tech tanked, I kinda wanted them at this level of bad. I moved out to Roswell, NM last year and my only chance of being able to go to a game would be if they ended up in Sun Bowl. So that's what I'm hoping for now.

Ah, man, I'm in El Paso. You have no idea how much I was hoping we'd end up in the Sun Bowl this year!

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Thanks Frank!


I think a self inflicted bowl ban would be EXTREMELY intelligent on their behalf. By bowing out of the ACCCG and potential bowl it would do wonders to cut down on their punishment. I feel like they would get "blown up" again like the last FSU game. They are so young with lots of upside so if they decreased their punishment now it could open up great options for when these players are older and have more experience.

As for VT: This would be a great thing for VT fans and the team but it would totally keep us locked into a horrible Offensive coaching group. Beamer and everyone would see this a gift at first but quickly forget and still put that banner up in the field house and in Lane. If we have a true miracle gift from MIA then it could damage the case boosters, fans and critics are calling for. Just a new OC. Ralph Fridgen would be a great choice...just saying.

I am a Charlotte dude with tickets to the ACCCG so I of course want them in it but... I would also like changes so....i am torn.

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KRAFT Fight Hungry Bowl Bound

Side note: didnt UCLA win the pack 12 championship to get the bid? So we would have to beat FSU presumably?

A new hope

In 2011 UCLA finished 6-6, went the the Championship game because USC was ineligible, lost to Oregon, and then had to be granted a waiver by the NCAA to be allowed to play a bowl game at 6-7. I believe the technical rule is you have to have 6 wins and be .500 or better to go bowling, but this could turn into a similar situation where we blame the 7th loss on being put in a bad situation by ineligible teams.

Two side-notes: 1) The bowl UCLA played in was the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (not sure if you said it because of this or because you think Tech could end up there) and they proceeded to lose to Illinois to finish 6-8.

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Yes I knew they went to that bowl

Interesting I forgot they played UCLA probably got the waiver because the extra loss came in the Champ game and would not have had that loss if they werent in that game.

A new hope

The coachless bowl

Both teams had their coaches fired beforehand if I remember correctly

The question is: Will the miami admin be willing to vacate a chance at the ACCCG and the orange bowl? They're in the driver seat now to play in Charlotte, so they're administration is going to have balance risk-reward. Last year, they had a much easier decision because they weren't faced with missing out on the Orange bowl. We shall see. Personally, I don't think we deserve to play in Charlotte no matter how you cut it. However, I would hate if miami vacated their chance and Duke won OUR division.

What's the bowl eligibility cut off? I believe it's 6 wins. If so, miami will have a decision to make next week if they beat uva, which I believe will happen.

Many at Miami probably wish they had lost to us...

....then this decision would have been a no brainier.

UVA will beat Miami this week. That might help their decision process.

So....follow this....

....if Miami declares ineligible.

....if GT doesn't win 2 of Duke/UNC/UGA.....(5 wins)

....if Clem and FSU win out....

....if VT wins the division At 4-4 and loses in Charlotte...

FSU to Orange
Clemson to Sugar (big loss by Boise last night)
The CFA bowl has to choose between Duke, NCSU (who was just there Labor Day) or a 6-7 VT team.
Wow. Would they pick us?

We don't deserve a shot at the ACC title this year.

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I would laugh

VT gets in the ACCCG due to everyone else dropping out. Assuming VT loses to FSU, beats BC and UVa, would enter the ACCCG at 6-6.

The laugher would be winning the ACCCG and going to the Orange Bowl at 7-6.

#Let's Go - Hokies

And then Heather Dinich would continue to recycle her annual articles bemoaning the fact that the ACC "has still not arrived on a national level yet."

i don't care

I know it kinda sucks but if we were able to backdoor in to the ACCCG and win it would be freaking crazy...

But what if we went undefeated for the remainder....that would be even crazier. I definitely am a glass half full guy.

“I hope that they’re not going to have big eyes and pee down their legs so to speak,” -- Bud Foster

While I do think we're gonna get beat by FSU, I don't know that it's a forgone conclusion that we'll lose. They're a good team, but a Thursday night in Lane is something they haven't faced this year. Hell, playing at NC State was enough to throw them off their game, so if the students can show up and be as loud as humanly possible then we could steal this one.

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