Maybe this season is karma for rejecting SGT Rodriguez

I firmly believe we should have granted him a waiver. As a combat veteran and NCO, he could've provided badly-needed leadership within the ranks. Clemson certainly had no problem bringing him into their program.

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He couldn't qualify academically

It really didn't have anything to do with his football playing ability.

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Which is why a waiver would've been necessary. As a soldier who has survived combat, he knows what adversity is. That kind of experience could rally any team when need be.

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Reminder: Virginia Tech is a university

If he can't qualify here, he can't qualify you don't make exceptions based on enrollment of a student because your football team needs more mature leadership.

Has it really come to this?

Consecutive years of not recruiting worth a damn + derp offensive coaching + secondary musical chairs + holy fucking LT3 regression = shit season

That's math even an 'eer could do.

Add coaches in denial in there.

It's all about The VPISU
VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804. Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Army Black Knights, NY Giants, NY Rangers, and ATL Braves.


no effin way. NONE.

What is the full story?

I know I saw somewhere that he is a wounded vet on the Clemson team. I thought the sports writers down there were trying put a story out that we disrespected him. So is the story that he wanted to play at Va Tech and they wouldn't let him on the team then?

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Rodriguez is the one who claimed he wanted to go to Virginia Tech. When he found out he'd have to work harder to get into VT than into Clemson he chose the easy route to getting on a football team. Probably was helped along by Dabo "I like PR" Swinney smelling a great story to milk in the press.

If VT makes an exception for him, we have to make exceptions for every wounded / decorated NCO that barely passed high school. Some people just aren't cut out for college, and VT Admissions tries to screen those folks out best they see fit. Rodriguez could care less about his academics, he's said as much in interviews - he is 100% focused on playing college football. Contrast that with a coworker of mine who had an equally rough time in high school, enlisted in the Army, spend a few years grinding it out in Iraq and Afghanistan. After he got out of the Army, he enrolled in community college and obtained his Associates Degree, which allowed him to transfer to Virginia Tech where he took full advantage of his opportunity and obtained not only a Bachelor of Science but a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. That's the kind of guy who I want enrolling at VT, not some borderline FCS / DIV II player looking to ride his service in the Army to a spot on the roster of a BCS football team in the easiest manner possible.

Clemson has different standards and luckily for Sgt Rodriguez he qualified for admission there without any additional community college classes. Also lucky for him that the NCAA granted him an eligibility waiver. That doesn't change the fact that he could have attended Virginia Tech and played for the Hokies if he was willing to put in the work up front. So don't put this on Virginia Tech, when other veterans do what it takes without complaint.

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Thanks for clearing that up for me.

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it came to him having to take some (not many i don't think) community college courses to qualify and he wanted to go the easier route .. i'm sure that dabo dazzled him some too ... no hard feelings at all Mr Rodriguez and i don't think it's bad karma at all.

the fact that he's allowed his military service be made a spectacle of and the fact that he wasn't willing to do the few extra things required of him -- screams a bit of entitlement. no one, especially a service-member, should expect a school to bend on its rules for them or anyone else....not saying that mr rodriguez did -- he was presented his options and respectully declined and chose others .. it's all good


I can't say I've seen his transcripts, but did know he attended community college. There were no indications from the interviews I've seen or read (from late 2011 to present) that indicated he was a poor student, but that's just my experience regarding the matter. What I do know is that he made a promise to a KIA battle buddy he'd make every attempt to play D-1 ball, and that he brandished VT headgear every chance he got while downrange.

Glad he's made a roster and the NCAA took care of its end, but still wish it was with VT.

It's all about The VPISU
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It was referenced several times

He was a non-qualifer out of high school.. which is why Clemson had to apply to the NCAA to get him a waiver of the athletic eligibility rules. VT generally doesn't recruit any non-qualfiers at all, regardless of their community college status, so the fact that Rodriquez was considered for a walk-on spot at all was something of an exception.

I don't blame him at all for succumbing to the Dabo Dazzle and the opportunity to play an extra year, but at the same time, don't blame VT when he was allegedly such a big VT fan but wasn't willing to stick it out and get done what he needed to to get into VT.

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