I'm trying to get a sign that says "For those who have passed, For those to come...Reach for Excellence!" to put over my front door on the way out. Anyone know where either I can get one that says that or where I can get one made that is big enough? I found a 2" x 6" customizable one but I figured that would be too small.

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All personal preference...

I made my own sign for my man-cave. I used a 6x1 piece of lumber that was left over from an arcade machine I built and routed the lettering out with a CNC router. Most don't have access to those tools so...

The easiest thing to do, AND the most accurate to the original, would be to get a piece of plexiglass and some vinyl letter stickers in maroon to spell out the slogan.

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if this is the same guy with the 'hokie man cave' video on YouTube, i bow down to you. and if its not, regardless, all of you guys at TKP need to see this. unbelievable setup.

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Ha, that guy has stuff in his basement that dates back to when I was in middle school. Unfortunately, I'm still trying to build up my memorabilia collection. Right now it's a few championship banners, Old Hokie banner, the "Reach for Excellence" sign, and a custom painted lunch pail to match the on-field one. Looooong way to go to ever match that guy. At least every square inch of wall space is painted maroon.
Oh, and the arcade machine I mentioned has built in maroon cup-holders and fan covers, too :)

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Watched the vid...

this is the stuff my wife's nightmares are made of. I love it!

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Awesome Hokie Room! Wish I could see it in person, its cool seeing all the older stuff too.

I would try etsy

try somone on their could make one for you im sure for a reasonable price

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You can buy an acutal hokiestone from the bookstore w/ replica sign...they are between 200-300$....i dont remember exactly
or you can swing buy a construction site on campus and grab your own ;-)