Michael Cole discharged from the hospital, will recover

I tell ya, that was some scary shit especially when they backed the ambulance onto the field and they put that sheet over him on the board. From the stands it didnt look like he was moving at all. It was just a bad cervical neck sprain, he has movement in all extremities.


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Best news of the night. He, like a select few other players has improved each week. But again, if this team mastered the fundamentals, they'd be in a lot better position to make things happen. In this case, not using the fundamentals on making a proper tackle almost led to a tragic injury.

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Glad he is ok, and that is what really matters. Young player with a lot of promise. Proud of the overal team effort.

I love the game so much. I hate to see stretchers, neck braces, and ambulances during any game, especially ours. Like Wise & Rece Davis said, that's the best news of the night

I loved how LANE chanted "Let's go - Hokies" as he was being driven out. That was a special moment. Similar to the benches clearing for Marcus Lattimore and the crowd giving him a standing o until he was off the field. Special moments like these really show that football is just a game, but the love/pride/respect we have for our schools and players goes way beyond that.