Proud to be a Hokie

I don't think I've ever been more proud to be a Hokie. This team could have quit, they were 4-5 and down 10 to the number 9 team in the country. Instead they fought back and played with heart. This loss will sting, but they showed us what they really could be today. The crowd was unreal. I was on the field for the game and I couldn't even hear the guy standing next to me. Way to go Hokie Nation, we may have lost but we'll get back up from this!

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Games like these

Will only help us in similar situations next year.

Logan 3:16

I am a true Hokie fan!

For years i like the rest of us have been spoiled by 10 win seasons. During that run the thought would creep in my head "am i a fare weather fan?". I have been a Fighting Gobblers fan since around 1996 when i was 10 years old, all i have seen is Virginia Tech be successful on the gridiron. I have always wondered how i would take a season like we are currently going through would i just give up on them and not watch the games or wear the colors and symbols and jerseys? Or would i be there every step of the way, would i read analysis everyday and keep up with every storyline the team goes through? Would i still jump out of my seat and still cheer my heart out at the TV for VT even though we are 4-5 and now 4-6 and have no chance at the ACC title or a BCS bowl birth? I am proud to say I still wear my #3 Logan jersey and my Virginia Tech hoodie, i check, espn's hokie football homepage, and Andy Bitters VT blog everyday. And i still jump out of my seat on almost everyplay! I am proud to say I am A TRUE HOKIE FAN! and i am looking forward to next season with hope not fear.


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...if 4 or 5 plays went a different way, we would've won that game...

but seriously, hell of a game by the from 7, I thought Exum looked great. I think next year with a sure-handed primary receiver (Coles) we have some hope. Still need a new Oline coach though...

"We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior" Stephen M.R. Covey

“When life knocks you down plan to land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up, if you fall flat on your face it can kill your spirit” David Wilson

In my opinion, we are remembering DJ Coles

...for more than he has shown previously. Davis, for instance, came into this season with 54 catches for 850 yards and 8 TD's. Coles, up to this point, has 39 catches, 500 yards, 3 TD's. Coles doesn't have Davis athleticism, obviously. He's not as fast, but he should be more dependable.

Sure, Davis is maddening in his effort, but he has a history of production that is greater than Coles to this point. Roberts has played so poorly this year that he imminently replaceable by anyone, say Kevin Asante. Fuller has developed into a 1A if not 1 receiver and will be difficult to replace.

We need Stafford and Caleb to produce. I think Reeves can become a nice possession receiver, almost a TE/WR hybrid option.

Then we have some athletes in Facyson, Reid, Prince, Newsome, Mangus and Motley who could become something. Generally, when you have that many guys, at least one of them will be something useful.

It will be fun sorting it all out, it sure would be nice to do so with a new WR coach. But there is very real possibility, like the OL and RB, that the '13 version will not be significantly improved on the '12 version.

you could be right in that we are looking at Coles with "Davis goggles" on, but what I do remember him being was a dependable receiver that ran good routes and got the tough yards, which I think we miss dearly and will miss even more once Corey Fuller graduates. I think what really killed LT3 this year is no Boykin or Coale and, I feel, he has no faith in being able to run sustained drives which is why he's always looking over the top to Davis, which is a crap shoot. From what I've seen of Knowles he seems to run good routes, make catches, and plays hard. If you have him as the burner with Coles underneath and hoping that Stanford, Caleb, and/or Asante step up, I think that is an improves WR core.

"We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior" Stephen M.R. Covey

“When life knocks you down plan to land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up, if you fall flat on your face it can kill your spirit” David Wilson

Yep, Coles will be valuable

but I think he is a tick below Davis in "playmaker ability" but a tick above in dependability.

I forgot to mention Thomas Smith, who is coming in January I believe. At 6'3", 218 last year, he may have grown into an HBack already. I really liked what I saw from his videos last year, and considering he's an army kid who bounced around a bit, could be a very under the radar recruit.

Could not disagree more.

Coles can actually catch, is smooth in space, is not afraid to block, and ran hard routes.

Marcus Davis can't catch, looks very awkward running with the football (WTF was that fumble?), is a 16 year old girl when it comes to blocking, and dogs it on routes where he is not the primary receiver. Wide Receiver will be an upgrade next year.

WR Next year

Knowles and Coles returning will be a good start. If Caleb and Stanford can step up and be productive as well, it may be a major upgrade. Knowles has proved he can actually catch a deep ball on a consistant basis.

Exum played hard and is improving each week. Even Bonner played good. Kyle Fuller needs to work on man to man coverage skills, but he'll be better next year.

just got home

My throat is sore, my head hurts, I feel like shit. It was all worth it. You're right Deathrow, when it was 20-10 I thought to myself, "well that might be ballgame" but I was wrong.

Our team is having a down year but they showed tremendous toughness and and fought till the last. As far as the fans go, there were some empties way up in the corners but that shit was nuts. When we got that safety it was as rowdy as I've ever experienced Lane. Even the much maligned NEZ was hoppin and full till the end.

It sucks to lose and we're a flawed football team but I'm encouraged by what I saw last night.

Go Hokies

Beat BC

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster


Football is a game of inches, this game came down to just a few inches. I think Tech will bounce back and beat BC and UVA.

Solid Effort!

My heart was pounding throughout this whole game. That is what Thursday night football is about at Lane. Eventhough we lost, I thought we kicked the shit out of them. Overall team effort was outstanding.

I hope the rest of the fans are as proud of this team as well...and yes I am saying this for personal reasons. I'm finally making it back for the UVA game and maybe I'm being selfish but I want a good environment! I will be there screaming until it hurts and hopefully watching this team become bowl eligible once again. Seasons like will make every fan appreciate a win a little more.