The Tragedy That is 2012 Tech Football

There are so many problems with this team that it's hard to find somewhere to begin. But let's start with Logan Thomas. The preseason top 5 pick has reminded us all throughout this season that he was recruited as a tight end and not a quarterback. I've never seen someone play QB at the division 1 level and not be able to complete simple passes. Throughout this season Thomas has struggled with simple things like leading recievers which was evident tonight against Florida State. Although he did have an excellent pass to Davis on the first drive there were countless other throws that he failed to throw ahead of the reciever. For instance, later in the game he threw another deep ball to Davis down the sideline (a ball that he still probably shoud of caught) that forced him to come back to the ball instead of simply throwing the ball down the middle of the field and let Davis (who was so wide open he could've done this) run under it. Even the pass before the dreadful pick to end the game he almost botched. He pushed the wide open reciever to the sideline almost costing him the catch. Now no doubt Thomas did have some excellent throws tonight but we've seen him miss some seemingly easy throws throughout the season that he simply should not be missing (Fourth down against Miami).  Until Thomas figures out what he's doing wrong we will have an inconsistent quarterback for yet another year.
Now we are brought to the defense. Tonight for 57 minutes the defense played spectacular. Bonner and Exum played out of their minds and the front 7 got pressure yet to be seen this year as Manuel was sacked 5 times and FSU finished with -15 rushing yards. However when it counted the defense was nowhere to be found. When it counted the defense we had seen all year (no pressure and the secondary getting toasted) was the one that took the field. Although the defense has stepped it up pressure wise the past couple of games the secondary has been a joke the entire year.  Exum has been consistently burnt throughout the season and always manages to get pass interference called on him and the fact that Bonner even plays shows how inexperienced we are (Kendall Fuller cannot get here fast enough). Even Kyle Fuller has not played up to his potential. Hopefully by next year things will be sewn up in the secondary enough to provide for atleast a stable and somewhat effective defense.
And last but certainly not least we have come to the coaching. Beamerball is now a thing of the past. It seems that we have gone from a team who gained a significant advantage on other teams because our special teams to one that is hindered by it. In every meaningful game we seem to have a blunder whether it be a missed kick, blocked kick, or an unnecessary block in the back on a big return (2 of those 3 were witnessed in the Miami game alone). And I don't know why we bother with the "block that kick symbol" anymore BECAUSE WE NEVER GO AFTER KICKS ANYMORE! What was once a trademark of Tech football is now nonexistent. Another example of incompetent coaching is the fact that it took us 9 games to realize that Michael Holmes needed to be benched and Tony Gregory and JC Coleman given a bigger work load.  Or the fact that it took us 9 games to realize that when we do run our offense with a quick tempo instead of the everyone stop and look over to the sideline to get the play that it's actually fluid and effective. Or playcalling... well don't get me started on Stinespring.
This has been one of the worst Tech seasons in recent memory and there a lot of problems however there are solutions to those problems. Hopefully next year the experience will help defense get back to being one of the best in the country and the offense will be better than it is now. That combined with the 25th best recruiting class for 2012 and the 16th best for 2013 hopefully should put us back on track.

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Last night was not that bad

The atmosphere in Lane was terrific, our defense SMOTHERED FSU and EJ spent much of the night under pressure or on his ass. FSU has a pretty good offense and they did absolutely dick for much of the night. I get frustrated with the secondary play as well, but against the talent on the other side of the field, they looked pretty good to me.

Last night had a lot of positives; JC and Gregory looked good, QB pressure was high, NEGATIVE RUSHING YARDS and word that Michael Cole is okay. I hate to lose, I particularly hate to lose to FSU and I DESPISE losing when I bring my FSU alum cousin to the game, but the effort was there and we executed well for the most part. If we'd played like that all season, we'd be 8-2, in my opinion.

Go Hokies


and whoever plays FSU in the Bowl game will for sure take a look at Bud Foster's blueprint on this one to shut down FSU.

they're gonna lose to louisville in the orange. some nole walking past me down draper last night after the game gave me a "hokies suck." i was like, "yall aint that much better!"

and that post up there is like a frickin unabomber manifesto

"It's worth it right? It's worth it to lay it all on the line for your brothers!"
"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster (both quotes)


I still think Logan's undoing this year is lack of faith in the Oline and WRs. He's pressing and trying to do too much. I agree he's been inconsistent, but I think next year with a DJ Coles back and receivers that play consistently and (hopefully) an improved line he will have a big year. I'll be interested to read French's analysis since it seemed like they were somewhat effective out of the I. I saw this game as a positive, the Dline and LBs were outstanding and I think Exum played great. Hopefully next year with Fisher and Fuller the Fourth (F4) we can use Kyle back to a nickleback/safety/LB hybrid where he is much more effective. I still think we need changes in the coaching staff, but its good to see that the players still have heart and can still play VT football.

"We are better than we think, but not quite what we want to be" - Nikki Giovanni


Sorry but I don't think the line is the only reason LT3 has been off. He's thrown so many bad passes this year when there's been little pressure. Missing wide open guys or just awful picks. His throwing technique has looked so off on occasions.

I don't think it's just the line, but more the combination of everything: bad line, bad receivers, no playmakers. I think he feels like he has to do everything and is overthinking or overdoing it. I think going into a no/low hype year like next year will be the best thing for him. He has the tools, just needs to get comfortable and do it.

"We are better than we think, but not quite what we want to be" - Nikki Giovanni


Sorry brother but something like that is very hard to digest when it looks like an endless run on sentence. You may want to break up into paragraphs. I also understand the frustration. Most of us do. However, if anything, the team showed last night that they're not just dead in the water.

No not dead but fairly close. Yeah we played better than we have but the offense still underachieves and when someone has to score against us they always do

Both of the passes he threw to Marcus

Were catchable. He threw it about as good as you could on the one down the West sidelines to an uncovered Davis. Davis just dropped it. And the one where Davis had to come back to the ball. Logan threw that Ball 60 yards, I doubt he can throw it farther than that to hit Davis in Stride. THe fact of the matter is thta on both plays Logan threw a 100% catchable ball.

Logan 3:16

MD7 bobbled, but caught, the first long completion Logan threw his way. He's just completely lucky he didn't drop it.

The second long ball Logan threw Marcus's way, down the west sideline, was beautiful. Marcus just can't catch.

The third long ball he threw his way was 60 yards in the air, with Bjourn Werner on his waist. A 6'4" 225 lb receiver with an unwordly vertical makes that play.


In the 4th Quarter, Logan fired a slant to Marcus that was somewhere between his knee and waist. It was a bit low, but you HAVE to make that catch. Marcus just threw one arm and said F it. Demetri Knowles would have slid and caught that ball. Jessie Palmer thought the effort was bad.

I saw several plays where Marcus looked scared to crackback block. I saw several plays where Marcus jogged through his routes. CMON MAN. WHERE'S YOUR ATTITUDE AND LEADERSHIP AT?

Also, is it just me, has Corey Fuller become a late round NFL receiver? He looks silky smooth with the ball in his hands and his hands have been impressive. I wish we had him back next year with DJ.

Beamer said earlier in the season that more and more NFL scouts were asking about him. I can only imagine the numbers have increased with the continued success he's had each week. He may be the only player from the offense to get drafted this year.

Kendall Fuller - future Thorpe winner

fuller slant all night long

"It's worth it right? It's worth it to lay it all on the line for your brothers!"
"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster (both quotes)

We should just run it every time. I don't care if teams key on it. Throw the slant to Fuller. It's money. Except when Logan missed the target that last drive...

Two epic goatees. Two epic coaches. Tip of the Spear and The Lunchpail. GRIMES&FOSTER.

How wrong is it that I can't wait til he's gone? It's just frustrating seeing the physical talent go to waste...


"I've never seen someone play QB at the division 1 level and not be able to complete simple passes."

May I submit for your consideration Auburn's 2012 season. If you still think that Logan Thomas is a worse quarterback, then I consider this conversation done.

Or How About Southern Miss

#1 in the ESPN Bottom 10 at 0-10, 117th in passing yards, combined 46.2 completion percentage, and 4 touchdowns to 12 interceptions out of a combined 5 QBs.

All of this one year removed from a 12-2 season.

#TeamPeanutButter - because your cakes, pies, cookies, and ice creams are better with it!

shows you how important coaching is . . .

"It's worth it right? It's worth it to lay it all on the line for your brothers!"
"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster (both quotes)