Miami Football Primer, Photo Edition

It has been quite an eventful two weeks, has it not? First and foremost, my thoughts go out to everyone in the Northeast dealing with Sandy. This one's for you.

Appropriately, Hokies-Canes falls the day after Halloween; this season has been scary for both teams, who each sit at 4-4. Bet I know what Kellen Winslow will be this year...

Not only is Halloween this week, but we are also reaching the climax of election season for the Presidential race. Interestingly, POTUS spoke at the University of Miami earlier this month.

It feels like ages ago, but there was a point during this season when Miami and Notre Dame's combined record stood at 9-1. Then Chicago happened.

Indeed, Miami's season appeared to have taken a turn for the worse when quarterback Stephen Morris was injured in a loss to North Carolina. But his prognosis proved encouraging.

Al Golden's only memory from that game will be from his pre-kickoff discussion with Larry Fedora.

Hate Week, 2012. Take care of business, Hokies. We're (somehow) still in this thing.


"Luckily, only his swag was broken"


Livin the Dream

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Easily your best work of the season.

Miami, it's a ... rich environment. In many ways.


needed these laughs.

“I hope that they’re not going to have big eyes and pee down their legs so to speak,” -- Bud Foster

Anybody else think that Fedora should wear a fedora instead of a visor?

Hahaha I tweeted that during the UNC-NC state game last weekend. Then I find out he was wearing hat. Still no fedora. Surprised the Heels haven't started this movement yet.

C'mon Larry. Embrace the name. Embrace the style.

"Somebody came on the field and painted a T beside the V"