Duke Football Going to ACCCG

Duke is currently 2 and 0 in the ACC Costal (Let that sink in for a moment) and hold your breath has the best record of all the teams in the coastal as well at 5-1 which ties them at top the ACC with Klemson and F$U. How crazy would this year be if Duke went to the ACCCG from the Coastal?

I looked at their schedule and this is who they play:
us (VT)

I think they could beat everyone on the schedule accept for F$U and possibly Kelmpson.

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To be honest

I don't think they win half of the rest of their schedule... Look at who they've played so far to get to 5-1. Florida International, #18 Stanford (lost 50-13), North Carolina Central, Memphis (possibly the worst D-1 football school), Wake, and UVA. Impressive huh?

I think Miami has a better shot.

Agreed on the less then impressive wins

I think it is more a statement on the rest of the conference that I can say they have a shot to go to the ACCCG...I would laugh and cry if the Miami Duke game determined which team went to the Championship game.

A new season...new hope

Yeah... Usually whenever Tech has a down year, the conference has a down year. And we weren't supposed to be a factor in the ACC when we joined? Hmm.

Miami... that just got shellacked by Notre Dame. Ugh ACC life is miserable.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

And parity breeds parity.

That's one of the major reasons why I wanted Tech in the SEC. It would have been a very bumpy ride to start, by like Ric Flair says, "To be the man, you gotta beat the man."

I was thinking the samething

I think it would help us to be in big games more often and would step up our recruiting efforts. I honestly think we could be competive in the SEC East..of course it will never happen

A new season...new hope

This is hands down the worst the ACC has been since we joined. Miami has one of the worst defenses I've ever seen and they're 3-0. Duke is, well, they're Duke and they're 2-0. It's actually kind of frustrating because we still control our own destiny in the conference, so we all know that Beamer isn't going to change anything until we fall completely out of the race. But who would've guessed in August that the game this weekend would be a huge game for both VT and Duke?

Rip his freaking head off!

The answer?

Nobody. And you know what's sad for us? We might be the underdog against DUKE... wait for it... in LANE STADIUM.

Duke will really get after ya


(Insert Beamer's patented eye-level fist shake here)

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Quick Analysis

Duke Opponent (% chance Duke wins)

@ Virginia Tech (60%) I think this better than a coin-flip game for Duke. Under Cut they've played us tough. They can move the ball, and they will be able to scheme a successful gameplan that attacks Tech's secondary. Only hope for us is if Foster changes the scheme and personel, and the offense moves the ball.

North Carolina (33%) UNC can run the ball well, and as time passes Renner will only get more comfortable in Fedora's system.

@ Florida State (1%)

Clemson (10%) Only because they host the Tigers and LOLCLEMSON.

@Georgia Tech (25%) The last couple of seasons Duke's been able to keep it reasonably close with the Bees.

Miami (51%) A shootout and Duke probably executes better.

At the end of the day, they have a chance to beat everyone but FSU and Clemson, but there will be a lot of close calls. I really think this will be one of those seasons where the Coastal representative has at least 2 ACC losses, more than likely 3, and it probably comes down to tiebreakers. Fortunately for us UNC isn't eligible. If we can beat Duke and Miami we are still in pretty good shape. However, to get there we're going to see a world of improvement, from both the players to the coach's gameplan.

And we're definitely going to beat UVA. Right?

Forget losing to Duke being the back breaker to our season, THAT would be a crushing blow. That would be the Bane to our Batman, so to speak.

As bad as we are

They are much worse...of course that could change

A new season...new hope

You think Dukes got a better chance to beat us than GT?

Renefree isn't healthy yet. May be this week, but he didn't play vs UVa

If we can get to 5-3, we will win the division.

Yeah, 7-5 team in the ACCCG! Let's 2005 this thing!

It's a sad, sad day in the ACC when the teams left undefeated in conference play are Duke, Miami, and Maryland.


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Thanks Frank!


The title of this thread made me laugh.


Bringing this to the top of the forum

Trying to resurrect this topic like lazarus, if you dont know who he was look him up, Duke Beat UNC and with DA U possibly at the time of writing going down to F$U that would leave duke in sole possession of 1st in the ACC Costal at 3-1 in the conference.

Funny side note at 6-2 they are now bowl eligible. You may now throw up a little in your mouth.

A new season...new hope

Oh lawdy. Who do they have left on their schedule? Because if they're all winnable games... Duke could finish 9-3 #BoldPredictions.

they have

Fsu, clem, gt, miami

Duke Schedule

Da U

Given how the ACC has been this year all potentially winnable games.

A new season...new hope

They should lose 3 of 4

not saying the definitely will, but Clemson and FSU are definitely better teams and while Miami has been up and down, I expect them to beat Duke. I still think the winner of VT-Miami goes from the coastal. UNC is probably the best team in the division this year, but they're ineligible.

That said, if we can't make it, I would love to see Duke in the Championship Game, ideally against Maryland, because fuck everything.

My guess is that something nuts happens. We lose to Miami and FSU, beat BC and uva. 4-4.

Miami beats us, but loses @ uva and @ Duke. 4-4.

Duke loses @ FSU, v. Clem and @ GT but beats Miami at home. 4-4.

GT wins @ UMD, loses @ UNC, beats Duke. 4-4.

4 team mini-conference:
VT 2-1 (W's Duke/GT, L Miami)
Miami 2-1 (Ws VT/GT, L Duke)
Duke 1-2 (Ws Miami, L VT/GT)
GT 1-2 (Ws Duke, L VT/GT)

Head to head between VT and Miami goes to Miami.

I think we beat Miami, UVA and BC but lose to FSU putting us at 5-3

Miami loses to us and ends up at 5-3

Duke loses or beats GT, either way GT and Duke are out by record for Duke and tiebreaker for GT

We have head to head over Miami. No matter what scenario you come up with though, it seems like beating Miami is a must. So let's get that neutral field victory!

Rip his freaking head off!

The apocalypse is nigh

... it is 2012 /shrug

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Thanks Frank!

Resurrecting this again

I for one became a huge Duke Football fan tonight...I say let the Coastal burn and send Duke to the ACCCG to be the lamb for the sacrifice or even better beat FSU or Clemson and go to the Orange Bowl.

A new season...new hope

I want dook to get a rematch with FSU in the acccg

I'm pretty sure since Miami won tonight and Duke is still at the top of the Coastal, the Coastal Div. Title Game will be Miami/Duke at the end of the season... At least I think that's when they play

You are correct

that's assuming Duke beats Clemson

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"assuming duke beats clemson"

Which will not happen.

Miami's taking the coastal fellas.

One thing you're forgetting.

This is college football. Anything can happen.

Don't get me wrong, it could happen. But I just don't think it will. I'd be willing to bet any amount of money that they don't beat clemson. As for the rest of the games, you're right, anything can happen. We'll see.

Regardless, I think we can all agree that it sucks we're having this convo and that we're not going to Charlotte (most likely).

Yeah, I'm not saying I'm confident Duke can win but just saying it's possible. And yes, it's depressing to have this conversation. Just look at my thoughts on the "Back to Basics" post.

how sad

I would laugh if Clemson choked on the chicken bone and lost to Duke

A new season...new hope

Well Clemson Did Curb Stomp them

Why was this shown on ESPN 2 last night? Got to think there are better/less depressing games to show. I mean seeing Dukes Stadium with the Track around it makes me sad. I went to Miami of Ohio and even the MAC schools have seperate football and track facilities. Anyway if they beat GT and Miami they are in the Champ game or if they beat GT and Miami foregoes the post season.

A new season...new hope

Miami should pass

Just look at Ohio St and USC

And if anyone told me Indiana and Duke would be serious contenders for their conference title games a few years back or at the beginning of the season I would have been surprised.