Basketball Season

I never thought I'd say this in October, but is it basketball season yet? Hopefully some people have been noticing JJ doing some quick recruiting to secure 2 players for next year, a pretty important thing considering we only have 8 scholarship players this year.

I know we've lost DFS and Hudson, but Hudson was the only really big contributor last year. I know DFS has a lot of potential, but he was obviously raw and won't be great until his junior or senior year. So for this years team I'm fully expecting a middle of the road ACC team, something around 7-9 in conference play. I know it seems like a reach but Green is a great guard, one of the best in the league and can definitely carry us. Raines showed me last year that he's got all the post moves needed to succeed in ACC basketball. Eddie is only going to get better and his ability to cover 4 positions can't be understated. After that though our scoring is going to be a struggle, again. Brown didn't impress me at all last year and Barksdale needs to put on a little muscle in order to be useful. I thought Rankin was pretty good last year when he was healthy, but as a Sophomore I don't know how much we can really trust him. What's everyone else think of this team?

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Just like last year

It's going to be a struggle. The apple didn't fall too far from the tree with JJ and when Joey Racer will be in playing minutes then you know it's going to be a long season. Honestly, I believe the women will end up with a better record than the men just because of how deep they are and are returning all of the key players from last year.

I think 7-9 might be ambitious. I'm not sure Green is a great leader, but who knows how much of the stretch run last year was Greenberg just grating on everyone and the kids not reacting well to it.

Things are looking up though, Green can carry this team and like you said Raines is a star in the making. I worry about the young kids, Rankin was a turnover waiting to happen and Barksdale was an empty uniform at times.

Johnson has a big task ahead of him. I think losing DoDo and Trez will set us back.

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Bobby B

I guess i was the only one semi-impressed with Brown last year...

he has a good stroke (he hit a number of gorgeous 3's), and hopefully with one season under his belt he can get over his freshman year jitters.

He was a good shooter, but he must've shot at least 3 floaters every game and I can't remember him making a single one.

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It's going to be a weird year

Our top 7 are good and can play with most of our league. But, it's only 7 players (+ JVZ, who could become useful this year...or not). Obviously, we will have to remain healthy and maintain the pace of play to suit our depth issues.

But, there will be games where those 7 players click and we play very, very well. The OOC schedule also isn't a bear, I could see us hit ACC play with only 2 loses.

or we could have a couple of broken feet and win 8 games total.


Looks like JJ is ignoring the depth and going with a quick uptempo game plan. They have been going crazy in the gym/weight room since summer started.

Good to hear that..

They always created chaos when they put on the press, but Seth didn't do it enough due to depth. I hope the team realizes how good they can be if they are all in top shape and have added some muscle. I look at last year's schedule and results and if they get a 3 pointer at the right time in most of the games, they are dancing in March and Seth is still on the bench instead of on the microphone. There is talent there. We need a big, healthy year from Raines. He could be a monster inside if he can stay away from fouls.


Raines' biggest issue is staying healthy. The poor guy's been plagued by foot problems since he stepped on campus.

4 points or less

There were 17 games that were decided by 4 points or less last year with most of them being losses. Not having Dorenzo(inconsistent) and Victor D (hands of stone) and FDS (0 for 20 something?) back, plus lack of bench may help the remaining crew with confidence knowing that they won't be jerked out quickly if they make a mistake. They should all get plenty of minutes, but Green needs to sit some so he has the energy at the end win some games.


Scrimmage vs Ohio

Bottom line: 76-81 defeat to Ohio.

First impression, looked a little bit like last year in terms of having a halftime lead, but blowing it near the end. When they are up they are up and when they are down they can't do anything right. JJ constantly stayed on Wood for lack of hustle, Christian Beyer, as a walk on, constantly replaced him and showed a great hustle and even a bit of shooting touch. Rankin was hurt so Green played primary point for the majority and Marcus Patrick played a little there as well. Looks like the lineup will be a traditional set with Green at point, Brown at the 2, Eddie at the 3, Barksdale/Wood at the 4 and Raines down low. Look for a lot of 3 guard 2 forward set at times though as well as the depth (if you can call it that) is up top.
JVZ, if he can prove that he is tough every play and not every other play should get some decent time spelling Raines down low.

Should be an interesting year, don't set the expectations too high, but don't be shocked if you see them make a little noise.

thats actually encouraging to me

ohio is obviously a strong squad and reading your sum up makes it seem like it was a pretty competitive game. if we can hang with them first game out of the gates then we can compete in the acc.

haha maybe i was just really gloom and doom for this years hokiehoops but this makes me feel a little better.

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Thanks for this update.

My understanding was it was a closed scrimmage.


Just like with every Basketball/Volleyball/Wrestling event, I am always at Cassell. It's depressing at times how much I'm here.

On a positive note though, excellent game today. Those who did show up were not disappointed. I know it was only ETSU but last year was barely a ten point win, this year 80-62 and it was never really all that close. Next week there are games Monday and Thursday for the guys and Wednesday for the women. Come on out and pack the Cassell. Don't for get wrestling takes on ranked Ohio State Friday and Hokie Duels competition on Sunday.

Ohio last year

Keep in mind that Ohio went to the Sweet 16 last season. They are not a bad team whatsoever!

Go Hokies!


Just seemed like all last year we were missing that one guy who could step up at the end of a game and close the door. Green is a great scorer but I question how clutch the guy really is. It'll be interesting to see if he can fill that role

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tix for 11/10

anyone have 2 tix to the opening game? i'll be in town and i'm looking to go


They looked pretty solid yesterday, but I think Raines is the key to this team's success. He's our only legit threat down low and with him I think they could win 7-9 games in the ACC. But he's been getting hurt his whole career so if he goes down with something serious then it could be ugly. Rebounding is already going to be tough and if you take him out of the equation then it's gonna be very, very tough to put some wins together in conference.

I really liked the ball movement I saw yesterday, much different than the Greenberg days of one guy gets the ball and everyone watches. We shot the lights out of the gym too, so if we can become a good 3 point shooting team then there are definitely some places where we can surprise a couple teams. The defense still looks good, but like everyone is saying the rebounding was horrific. I don't see that changing at any point this year. Also, JVZ needs to realize that he's 7 feet tall, play big! I feel like he doesn't even want to be in the post. And JJ seems to really want to run a deep rotation regardless of who is on our bench which could help us be healthy for once.

All in all I was pretty happy with what I saw, but does anyone know if Rankin is hurt? I hadn't heard anything but I didn't even see him on the bench yesterday.

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was out bc I think he had a death in the family

UVA: Jefferson's biggest mistake



It was a death in the family. If he is not back tonight he should be back by thursday.