Military Appreciation Helmet posted pictures of the helmets the Hokies will wear against Marshall (Saturday, September 21st) for Military Appreciation.

The Hokies will wear this special orange camo helmet along with special white uniforms that day.

What do y'all think?



I don't hate it but I don't love it either. I think the white uniform will help though because it will go with the facemask and white VT. Looking forward to seeing the whole uniform.

I expect most opinions to be negative though. I'm sensing a lot of "all maroon everything, let's just get back to wearing one uniform" comments.

It has potential. I like the pattern on the helmet. But the stencil VT outline looks horrible. White face mask does too.

I'm sick of all this crap nonetheless. We need one helmet, one set of white pants, and one maroon/one white jersey, a la the Big East days.

Edit: maroon pants too ;)

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And by "white pants" you mean "maroon pants," right? #ALLMAROONEVERYTHING

Do. Not. Like.

I don't mind having alternate helmets/jerseys as long as they establish/maintain/strengthen a brand identity.


I thought these helmets from 2-3 years ago did a very good job of keeping the VT brand intact while allowing creativity and flexibility with our uniforms. Now they're just trying to get cute.

I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.

Don't really care for the helmet much, but the t-shirt is pretty sweet. For the record I loved last year's military appreciation helmet.

Had to look for the shirt. I agree that is pretty sweet

White Out Shirt

These people are losing their minds!

Nice. I think this will be the first official white-out shirt I buy.

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I tried to vote thumbs up, but I think it gave it thumbs down. Sorry. This new format is not as mobile friendly as the old. Anyways, this is the best white out shirt we've had

I may be in the minority but I actually don't mind it. I like that it's at least a dark orange and I think the white logo and facemask will look good with an all white uni. I just hope this isn't the beginning of a flood of crazy uniform combinations.

Definitely liked last year's camo helmets much more though

These people are losing their minds!

Not a fan but I'll take it over the Cartoon Hokie slapped on the side of the helmet...

It looks really bad. I know what they're going for there, but it just looks awful. Don't really care though because it's against Marshall. Just like those stupid Hokie Tracks helmets we wore against Austin Peay last year, at least it's not going to be a huge nationally televised game.

Rip his freaking head off!

I don't think anyone understands that this is intended to confuse the opposing team through psychological warfare. HOOAH!

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I thought the reason we discontinued the "TV" and old gobbler logos was because of brand identity. We have more uniform combinations than Oregon. I like the idea of a Military Appreciation game, but it's getting a little over the top.

Danny Coale is still open.

No. Only way possible to have more uniform combinations than Oregon is to play more games than Oregon.

That said, I am a fan of getting back to having a base uniform, and maybe one or two "special" uniforms per year. As opposed to playing half our games with special ones.

Well said and I agree. The more "special" uniforms there are, the less each is appreciated.

Danny Coale is still open.

If I had it my way, it would be all-maroon with maroon helmet at home, all-white with white helmet on the road, and one crazy-apeshit-wheredidthiscomefrom-doilikeit?yeahithinkido-maybe uniform once a year.

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I, for one, particularly liked the white Nike Pro Combat uniforms we wore against UVA and (I believe) Maryland in 09. Wouldn't say no to that being worn a little more often.

I like it! Better than the camo last year, at least they're our colors

At least we stuck to our colors. And the logo is the traditional VT logo. Those were my two biggest gripes about the uniform carousel... we were veering from any sort of tradition by throwing non O&M color schemes in there and then had all sorts of funky logos.

So this works. Its a way to do the military appreciation thing while still keeping to core VT traditions in terms of colors and logos.

Fine by me

I don't mind the helmet. It will look better with the right uniform. I also couldn't care less about what we wear as long as we punish some people and win football games.

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Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

I'd buy one. Just like I would have bought last year's camo helmet and especially the bowl helmet. I just wonder if the jersey will look like last years only with this orange/maroon camo lettering or how different it will be. Also, am I the only one expecting new uniforms for this year altogether? They did get rid of the old "T in the V" logo which was on the collar of our jersey. I'm hoping for a little change.

I'm also curious about uniform changes. Something is definitely going to change given the TV logo has been retired. I'm ready for an entire new design myself. No more striped shoulders.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

It looks good and I think they can pull it off but...

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I would rather have this orange camo than some sort of white camo...

was more getting at why combine white out with a camo military appreciation?

what's next? "halloween spooky orange stadium woods appreciation game effect-out"

Hyping up Hokie Nation one video at a time.

I know where you were going with it. But at least this makes 1 game dual purpose rather than having 8 different effect/appreciation games during the season.

Better than camo uniforms with zero orange or maroon on them

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Very, very......meh.

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The thought that went into the design of these helmets is off the charts. Lets take last year's design, change the colors to ours and make the logo and facemask white. Invent the future!


When are we finally gonna get Hokie Stone helmets and uniforms!!! AHHHHH LOUD NOISES!!!!!!1!!1


The helmet looks pretty sweet. Gotta support anything 'Murican! But can can we please just wear ALL MAROON EVERYTHING against Bama or is that too much to ask for?


I'm fully supportive of this considering it is done out of respect / appreciation for the military.

Also, JC Coleman tweeted that he liked them.

Keep in mind these are the same players who voted FOR wearing the Foghorn-Leghorn helmets at BC...

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I didn't think they voted for that. The VTFB Equipment twitter said the seniors voted for Orange Jersey, White Pants, Foghorn helmet for the UVA game, but then Bruce Taylor tweeted he never voted for anything.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Maybe Bruce Taylor just missed all the voting sessions...

to be fair, JC thought the Hokie feet would look good on the Bowl helmets

My 2 cents (and worth every penny)...We need to do away with most of these stupid events. Military appreciation is fine (but make it a slight deviation from the base uni)...Oranage effect is fine. That's it. No more "white out". We're the home team...and we're not Penn State. We only have 6 home games (ahem...Weaver...ahem...schedule more)...stop giving away the aura of gameday in Bburg. Notice I didn't mention Maroon Effect....because EVERY HOME GAME IS MAROON EFFECT!

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I don't like the idea of a White Out game either but they have to have some special event to sell merch since it goes toward Herma's Readers (the charity named after Beamer's mom). I suspect it will continue as long as he's the head coach.

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I agree with the cause. Just make it tie to orange effect or some other one. ...and I agree as long as CFB is the coach (or AD, *wink* espn *wink*) it aunt going anywhere.

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It would look fine if there were less colors in the camo. The most prominent color should've been maroon. This design has too much light orange and yellow in it. It would also look better if the VT was solid white.

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The yellow that you see is due to the angle of the light hitting it. There's no yellow actually in it.

Well it still needs to be darker and more maroon based.

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Any camo in non traditional colors is a bad idea! Squint your eyes and stare at it long enough and you'll see Cartoon Hokie.

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I actually like the digicam pattern over the jungle pattern they sported last year. That said, I have to admit it's an odd choice to have orange/maroon digicams, and I hope nobody get seizures from watching the Hokies flying all over the field.

That said, based on ugliness, I would put the orange helmet, bird tracks, and cartoonish helmet on the list in that order.

I want to see a maroon-chrome pattern with the VT logo appearing to float on the helmet. That would be awesome!

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I like the Orange and Maroon camo pattern better than last years more traditional camo colors. I'm not a huge fan of the white outline of the VT logo, I would prefer a solid maroon with a white border. Playing around with it on Paint, I think it looks much better that way.

..for some reason..the helmet reminds me of a bowling ball. :/

Damn, that was supposed to be a plus one. Stupid phone.

I will probably be an oddity in this thought but I still feel like our best helmet was the black and maroon helmet from the BS game. I know we lost and can't wear that helmet probably but it was such a tough look imo. If I could redesign it I would get rid of the motherboard graphics from the unis and middle helmet stripe. It wasn't ALLMAROONEVERYTHING which I am a huge fan of but it would be a tight look. Plus it played a good tribute to the cadets and just looked tough. With that being said my favorite is All Maroon.

It would be great to see another matte finish maroon this year or even a slick hydrochrome maroon helmet this season.

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Does anybody else think of these when they think of orange camo?Orange Camo

This was the beer of choice for the FSU game last year, brought to us by a friend that had traveled from the home of Anheuser Busch, St Louis Missouri.

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We need to get some control over this uniform thing. Every year we have multiple different designs and I think it unquestionably dilutes our brand and recognition. I would maybe be good with doing this once a year and then rotating between 2 helments and a few uniform combinations of maroon, white, and the dreaded orange.