Mens BB: Virginia Tech 61- Miami 60

Great game by Joey Vanzegren. Really played his tail off. Impressed they were able to claw back into the game.

Crazy stat: Hokies went 1-3 from the foul line in the entire game. One foul shot, first time a team has ever won a game when only hitting one free throw according to ESPN.

Hopefully Barksdale gets healthy from his knee injury at practice on Friday.

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Winning on the road in the ACC is always good. Tech went 1-3 from the free throw line even with an overtime, never seen that.

Ah you beat me to it. Eddie was so clutch, great win.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

First place in the ACC, oh yeah.


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Remember those ACC vs. Big East basketball comparisons? We now have a 15 team basketball conference, top 3 of which (as it stands) are Big East additions, Duke & UNC aren't in the top 5, and Notre Dame is in the conference! Times are a changin' (for now).


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A victory over The U is always sweet

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Nice win by the ball team - sitting at the top of the Acc at 7-3 / 1-0!!!

Touchdown Tech - Bill Roth

Nice to see Adam and Ben back in action. It's clear JJ wants to go to Eddie when the game is on the line and with JVZ getting the bulk of the minutes, I'd say Cadarian is still in the doghouse. Hopefully CJ heals up quick too.

Good win for the players we have. Hope JJ can keep them in check and make the most of the games we should win. Maybe a few more upsets down the road.

Thanks for the info/analysis.
Great win by the Hokies-showing some grit.