VT Hoops Welcomes 7 Footer to fold

Trevor Thompson Tweets. I like him already... an athletic 7 footer, what's not to like:

@TrevBallinTrey2: Crazy how I'm still having growing pains and I'm 7'0 dang am I still growing lol.

@TrevBallinTrey2: Got invited to play on the USA national team in Italy this April I think ima go

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and... @TrevBallinTrey2: 215


@TrevBallinTrey2: 215 now tryna get to about 225 before next yr gotta grind in that weight room

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6"9' 205 on rivals and now he is 7 foot and trying to get to 225. Hopefully he keeps his speed and burst with the growth.

sweet jesus i hope he adds some weight


I'm not real worried about weight- this is a skilled, athletic big man... post moves way ahead of Raines (and I love CR), who also has a face up game. Really nice shooting stroke with range out to 20'. Put him high post and he's a real weapon on O.

'Its easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat,
but the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat'

Sweet, hopefully he has some post moves unlike JVZ.

Rip his freaking head off!

Or Ernest Wilford's...

There was only one major drop...

Though in all fairness it was a huge one.

For the next few years, he became a solid option at receiver, we always made the joke "he's still making up for that Miami game"

I agree. He was a great receiver for us, except one huge drop I was referring to

I can't believe people still remember this dude. Haha

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

He was dating my friend at the time. That one play basically zapped his confidence, it was tough to see it on his face.

So Clifton, DHall and James Anderson

were all HS teammates. We offered all three, although I think DHall committed early. I believe Josh Hyman was also their teammate (Deep Creek) but was a year older or younger.

James Anderson was considered the throw-in offer to keep Clifton and Hall. Clifton was an incredible athlete, triple-jumper IIRC.

The year we played USC, Clifton entered that year as our #1 receiver. He dropped a ball or two across the middle against USC and never recovered. A few weeks later, he was mired at the bottom of the depth chart behind Clowney, Royal, Harper and Morgan. The last three were true-freshman.

I can't wait for the year where we're actually good at basketball and have a shot at making the tourney. Can't wait to see him in orange and maroon!

cant wait either but can jj get us there?

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As its been said, I don't think we can judge JJ on this year. We have to live with it, and see how things play out next year. Coach K couldn't have pulled out a tourney team out of this group this year. 7 scolies? 2 huge players leave the team. Its just too much to expect good results.

with you on that

before the season started, we were all hoping for just 1 ACC win. we were spoiled after the good start and defeating OKST. that set the bar to high for us and from there it has been a let down. If you compare it to what the predictions were before the season and where we are now; we are actually doing better than most people thought. You can never really judge a coach until he has his players in there doing the style he wants. usually 3 years is the usually amount to build a body of work to judge.

super duper senior status


Coming into the year, I would have laughed if you'd told me we would end up at or above .500 overall this year. Then, after our fast start, I was still shaking my heads at all the people upset because we weren't ranked, or weren't in the Bracketology, because there was no way we would keep that up. And now I'm hating myself for it.

Now, that's not to say we're doing better than I thought. Sure, we have one more win over a top 15 team than I expected, but we also have a realistic chance of going 11-21, which is absurdly terrible.

At this point, if we could manage 2 or 3 wins in these next 6 games it'll give us something to build towards next year, and that would be ok with me.

Wow, you thought we'd only win one game?

that's monumentally awful. I thought we'd win 5 or 6 (we play 18 this year). it's not like the ACC is good or anything.

We have three top 100 players and the leading scorer in the country. Our talent is not that bad. We just happen to have a coach who doesn't coach defense or protecting the ball.

i don't think we can wait 3 years, we have seen no signs of progress under JJ. None.

It has been one year

It's a little too early to expect JJ to have implemented his system. 7-0 was a miracle start, and with so few scholarship players, I'd have been very surprised if he managed to continue anything similar to that sort of success in ACC play. Give him a few more years before you make a decision.

I don't have patience

for coaches who don't coach defense.

I know the standard procedure is to give a coach a few years to get players and his system in place. But I question his system. His early season defensive design of doubling the low post was an unmitigated disaster. He was a defensive minded player, it feels like this "run-up-and-down" system doesn't even suit what I think James Johnson wants to be.

I have simple expectations:
- Coach fundamentals. We are VT, we need to out fundamental teams. It's in our DNA. Don't turn it over, play physical, give incredible effort, respect the game.

- Play Defense. Of note, it's not the high-pace team VT who blows people out with regularity in the ACC, it's the stingy defensive minded teams UVA and UMD. Defense = Wins.

- Get the best out of your talent. UVA is not particularly talented. Raines is every bit the player Mitchell is. Green is a better scorer than Harris. Eddie is a better shooter than Jespersen. They have no depth. But they are continually better than us because Bennett gets the most out of his talent.

JJ may turn it around, but there are red flags, big red flags, that signal that he is in way over his head.

To be fair, it hasn't even been a full season

He was dealt a terrible hand to start with, what he has essentially done is folded that hand (playing a style of basketball that doesn't fit the current roster), holding out for future success (recruits that do fit this style of basketball, which is what he wants to implement).

Give him another year or two. If we miss the NIT for a 3rd straight season, then it's possibly time to find someone else.

My thought is that if he doesn't make the NIT by year 3, he's out. It may not be fair, but an expecation was brought to Blacksburg for our Hoops program that we would make post-season tournaments by none other than Seth Greenberg. As we've said, Weaver screwed the pooch with his timing, and JJ was set up to fail. He's a good guy, loves the players and appreciates the fans, but he has to produce positive results.


Honestly it really ins't that hard to see this team as only have 2 or 3 acc wins. Ratings for players really means nothing, you have to have players for the right coach/system and a mentality to want it all. The pace that was played at the beginning of the season is really hard to keep up consistently unless you have guys getting rest and a solid rotation. While the efforts of the walk ons have been great, they just aren't ACC level which is why they are walk ons. Half the players seem to have cashed it in already for the season so if they win one or two more I'd be surprised. The games I'd say they have a chance is WF and Clemson and they aren't guarantees. Outside those two, a win in the other 5 is a steal.
Right now in last place they will play either UNC or NC State in ACC tourney which could lead to a one and done scenario. Making the NIT or CBI would have been great practice for this team for next year, but realistically I don't see them at or above 500 when it is all said and done.

Wow thanks for making me depressed on Friday. He was thrown into a terrible position with the late hiring and defections but you were expecting to go to the big dance. Have some faith and lets see how they do next year at the absolute least

West Virginian by birth, Hokie by choice

Winning 5 games in the ACC

...was not going to the big dance. It was the level above embarrassment. that's not a high expectation.

Nothing personal, but I think your comment is pretty nonsensical. I thought we'd win 8 or 9 games this year, so JJ has exceeded my expectations. This team has gotten worse as the year went on because this team has gotten more exhausted - - it's really that simple.

1. WE HAVE 8 SCHOLARSHIP PLAYERS, AND FOR A WHILE WE ONLY HAD 7. It is not a coincidence that we were playing at a higher level to start the season. Our guys are tired. End of discussion. We don't even have enough guys to have an effective 5-on-5 practive environment, not to mention that the guys we do have are thoroughly beat up and exhausted.

2. I will admit, JJ has looked frustrated at times this year, and his coaching suffered because of it - - but how could he not be? He has very, very limited options. However, earlier in the season, when our guys were fresh, our team looked extremely capable. That OK State team is still in the top 20 and is 18-5 with losses coming against great teams, including #10 Gonzaga and #25 Kansas State

3. I don't follow recruiting all that closely, so I don't know who the top 100 guys are besides EG. I understand your defensive philosophy, but do you think coaching more defense would help Robert Brown and Jarrell Eddie shoot better than 32% and 40% from the field? Do you expect top 100 guys to shoot better than 40%? Would you like JJ to shoot for them? Robert Brown and Jarrell Eddies inability to be a consistent scoring threat is why we are losing games. The reason they are not hitting shots is because their legs are presumably JELLO. Erick Green is an excpetional talent who I believe will be successful in the NBA, but one of the reasons he is the leading scorer in the country is because the rest of our team can't score.

Do you know who was a great ball control / defensive coach? Seth. Oh wait....

Pass. Pass. Pass. Dribble. Dribble. Dribble. Ugly shot with 3 seconds on the Shot Clock.

If Malcon Delaney didnt thrive on hitting that said shot, Seth would have been gone several years ago.

Back to JJ, his philosophy is tempo. And tempo requires bodies. I'd expect to see marked improvement as soon as next year, just because he'll have more fresh legs out on the floor.

Top 100 guys

Barksdale, Brown, DFS, and Rankin all were. Green wasn't, fyi

He grew 3 (or so) inches since we recruited him? We must of lucked out. as that 3 inches is gold. I hope his game is still strong, it must be a tough adjustment 3 inches higher

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