Heartbreaking loss to NC State today

Tough loss today at NC State in overtime The Hokies played one heck of a game and had their chances to win. Green showed why he should be player of the year in the ACC with 29 points (Plumlee of Duke, the favorite for player of year had 4 points today in a loss to Maryland) and Wood showed the potential that he has with 16 rebounds and 14 points. No Hokie shot a free throw except for Eric Green and he was 5 for 7 with one of the misses being intentional. Not sure I have ever seen a game where only 1 player shot free throws for a team. NC State shot 43 free throws with a lot of them brought on with the Hokies fouling at the end of regulation and OT, but that is still a huge difference. Hokies need to get more shots for Rankin inside and he needs to be more aggressive and make more shots. Eddie woke up and played like he is capable and completed a play that will probably be on ESPN. It was off of an intential Eric Green missed foul shot that sent the game into OT. It showed Eddie's athletic ability when his head is in the game. If they could all put their game together at the same time, they can beat anyone in the ACC. Duke is next and they are coming off a loss to Maryland

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you think it was an intentional miss? it didnt look that way to me, did they say it was planned in the post game?

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

The announcers made a big hullabaloo about it being a wonderfully drawn up intentional missed free throw play. To me it looked awfully convenient that Green missed center, and it happened to be to the side that Eddie was running up to.

I did not see the post game though.

No doubt it was intentional

Green doesn't miss free throws like that. Before he shot, he looked over to the bench where someone was saying something to him. He nodded and then took aim and shot. Could not have shot a better miss.


You could tell by how Raines went for it that it was intentional. He just went straight across the lane which brought the two defenders over from that side and left Eddie unguarded. That was a very impressive play considering we didn't even have a chance to draw it up, everyone being on the same page was really impressive. Props JJ.

That's how good of a team we can be, just need to keep it going on Thursday. It's gonna be a really tough game against Duke because Coach K doesn't lose two in a row very often, but if the ACC has taught me anything this year it's that whatever isn't supposed to happen will happen.

Rip his freaking head off!

Great point on Raines

This should have been a highlight on ESPN instead of your normal dunks. It is rare when you see a play like this work, but everybody did their job. Hopefully Eddie will gain some confidence from it and play like he is capable of against Duke.