A look at a few Hokies' pre-combine draft stock


"The NFL Scouting Combine starts Wednesday in Indianapolis. The Hokies have five players who will attend -- Marcus Davis, Corey Fuller, Bruce Taylor, Nick Becton and Vinston Painter.

As I wrote last week, Mel Kiper Jr. thinks Fuller or Davis will be the first Hokies off the board.

Not all projections are the same, though. Here's a glimpse at those players' draft stock heading into the combine. These rankings are courtesy of NFLDraftScout.com. The rankings listed are by position, with a round projection at the end."

Wide receivers:
Corey Fuller, Virginia Tech, Round 5
Marcus Davis, Virginia Tech, Round 7

Inside linebackers:
Bruce Taylor, Virginia Tech, Round 6

Offensive tackles
Nick Becton, Virginia Tech, Round 7-FA
Vinston Painter, Virginia Tech, N/A

"Strong safeties (one more, just because I found it interesting)
Alonzo Tweedy, Virginia Tech, Round 7-FA"

"For what it's worth, the site gives the Hokies' prospects the following overall rankings: Fuller (165), Taylor (205), Davis (253), Tweedy (312), Becton (323) and Painter (434)."

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*Article is Courtesy of the Andy Bitter Blog

I hope my Giants pickup a few more Hokies, especially if one of them is Corey Fuller! Taylor or Tweedy would also be great additions.

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Quite a fall for Davis considering he was on Kiper's Preseason Big Board heading into the season, predominately based on potential and measurables.

Look for the Raiders to pick him 3rd overall after a strong performance in the Underwear Olympics.

I can totally see the Steelers taking either Bruce or Alonzo. They need defensive help, and both are pretty low-risk guys at their projected spots in the draft.

Tweedy Man is going to make a Pro Bowl as a STer

Tweedy Man is going to make a Pro Bowl as a Special Teamer.

NFL Comparison

He reminds me of Lorenzo Alexander of the Redskins. Decent linebacker, but dominant on special teams. He'll fight for his playing time and it'll be fun to watch him in the preseason if a team decides to pick him up.


I think Tweedy, Fuller, and Taylor could be real steals at the later rounds. Hope my skins pick up one of them

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I think Painter could be added to that list because he is a freaking monster, and with some coaching I think he could at least be a solid backup in the league at Tackle. Would make a great developmental project in the 7th Round.


Honestly I don't know how Painter isn't above Becton other than Becton played more than one season. Painter is going to light it up at the combine and probably go somewhere in the last two rounds.


Maybe he can join Brown in Houston and become the best RT in the game to compliment Brown at LT. They can then interview him and he can talk about how he didn't know he was supposed to watch film and that the only reason he had a good senior year is because he read French's write ups which taught him more about OL play than Newsome did.

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All hail Jeff Grimes.

Too funny!

And sadly full of truth if Brown's comments are to be believed. Hope both Becton and Painter become starting tackles in the league and help Grimes recruit by making names for themselves.

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