ACC-Maryland Lawsuit Still Alive

A North Carolina judge declined to dismiss a lawsuit filed against Maryland by the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Guilford County Superior Court Judge John O. Craig III on Monday denied the motion Maryland filed last month.

The school is leaving the ACC for the Big Ten. The ACC sued the school in November to make it pay its $52 million exit fee. Maryland sued the ACC last month in a Maryland court, calling the fee invalid.

The stability of the ACC might depend on whether or not the league can enforce the hefty exit fee which could serve as a deterrent for other schools potentially leaving.

Here's an interesting excerpt from an interview with Gerry DiNardo, an analyst for the Big Ten Network (

I don't think we'll ever play with a 14 team team conference, I think it'll be 16 (by 2014, when Maryland and Rutgers join). And I don't think they're going to go through all this conversation and all this realignment and do it again for just two more schools. Where are they going to come from? Hard to say, but I would guess the footprint would continue to grow southeast, so that would leave me to believe that would be the ACC. When you look at schools institutionally, they'll be schools similar to Maryland and Rutgers. They'll be an academic fit, which I think is important, and appear to be in areas where there's population, and I think those are the similar things that has driven expansion. Once the (conference) footprints started changing, like when Texas A and M and Missouri went to the SEC, and you start talking about some of the crazy alignments like the Big East (was looking at), to me it looks like the B1G may keep going southeast.

It's only his opinion, although it seems logical. Either way, it's in the ACC's best interest if Maryland pays.


The future of the ACC truly depends on the result of this lawsuit, and how much Maryland has to pay.

If Maryland can argue down to the 20-30 mil range, then expect other schools to start heavily thinking about leaving (FSU definitely at the top of the list, Clemson, GT maybe next?)

Can someone explain to me (in layman's term's)

the grounds for UMD not paying the penalty? To me it's pretty simple, you broke a contract, and it was previously agreed that the penalty for doing so was going to be $50 mil, so, now you must pay $50 mil... What's the complication?

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Seriously. I don't understand contracts in sports. Sounds clear cut to me but there are probably so many loopholes built in all if these contracts that you could argue anything.

The reason they filed a lawsuit is because they said that $50m is punitive and not making up for loss of revenue. Maryland agreed that they should owe loss of revenue for the conference, but the $50m is excessive. That's their argument. The ACC is saying "Well, we agreed on it. You may have been against it, but everybody else (sans FSU) agreed to make it $50m so pay up."

So basically

UMD believes that they are costing the ACC less than $50 mil, thus should not have to pay the $50 mil?

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Essentially. They believe the amount should only cover loss of revenue.

It's a valid argument

TAMU, Mizzou, and West Virginia all pulled the same argument and managed to handily cut their penalties for leaving.


I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.

This from the Maryland 247 Site

The wheels could be in motion again. I think in Jim Delany's perfect world, the Big Ten poaches UNC and Georgia Tech.


was one of the first to break the news concerning Maryland and Rutgers to the B1G. Though any of these rumors should be taken with a shaker full of salt it should be noted that he was very right earlier before most other people heard the move was coming.

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GT to B1G? Staying in their footprint I see...

Staying in the footprint.... exactly opposite of what this wave of realignment is about. The moves are predicated on expanding your cable subscriptions, so you must by definition expand your footprint.

This new model says that UVA and VT should never be in the same conference.

Call me a fool

but I just have such a hard time seeing UNC leaving the ACC. UVA? I can see that more than either UNC or Duke.

I am not a lawyer and don't wish to be one so I will not comment on the legal issues because my understanding is sophomoric at best. Clearly, the result of this case will set precedent which will dictate the future of the ACC. If Maryland wins/negotiates a much lighter amount, then those fun expansion campfire stories get some gasoline thrown on them and tossed right into the flames, causing a massive initial explosion.

Where do they all go? I can speculate but we won't know until just before it happens.

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Well the good thing is, if the ACC does get poached, VT will have a home. VT is often rumored to be on the SEC radar, so life wouldn't be that bad.


then we could #beatbama more often

Danny Coale is still open.

I still don't think....

...$50M is much money in the scale of things. That's five donors (or, in UMD's case, one donor).

VT could find $50M to get us out of a failing ACC to go to the SEC in a month. I'm sure as hell sure UVA and UNC and GT wouldn't have any problem with that.


Im pretty sure that every program would have trouble raising that kind of money.

According to an article I found, ( Tech has just under 100M in "debt committment." Tennessee is over $200M while Ohio State has $180M in debt. WVU faces a $13M debt for this year alone.

Although you can call T. Pickens to ask for money if youd like to leave the ACC this month

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TV $$$

Maryland (was) dead broke and in the not so distant future they'll most likely have a huge influx of cash.

The University of Maryland stands to make nearly $100 million more in conference revenue by 2020 with its switch from the ACC to the Big Ten, according to projected revenue information presented to the school by Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany, has learned.

Read More:

The signature Engineering Building got 45 million dollars in funding in three donations. If its a cause that people can get behind funding is not an issue.

I think I got about $2 in change in my piggy bank to get the indoor practice facility going.

Rebuttals to 2 of the arguments made here

1st - With regards to the U of M $50MM contract suit, the difference here between Maryland exiting the ACC and the other schools (A&M, Mizzou, WV, etc.) is that the other conferences didn't balk at the schools leaving. It was more or less a "good riddance to bad rubbish" type of deal. The other conferences looked at it from the viewpoint of "Let's get them out of the conference as quickly as possible and come to a mutually agreeable monetary value of this arrangement so that we can move on to recruiting other schools to take their place." At the opposite end of the spectrum, you have the ACC. As one of the oldest and generally most stable conferences in the nation, it cuts to the core that the B1G robbed one of its charter members. The ACC will make UM/B1G pay for leaving the conference. They are looking to make UM stay as long as the contract dictates and pay the full exit fee. They always have the alternative of staying in the ACC wherein they would not have to pay the fee.

2nd - While from a football standpoint, going to the SEC seems like the best thing, IMHO, the SEC and VT are not a good fit. The values that are represented in the SEC are not the values that VT is founded upon. You do not see the academic excellence in the SEC that you do throughout the ACC and at VT. Wherein most of the ACC are known as research institutions, how many of the schools in the SEC have that same vision and reputation? And it's really a tough sell from a distance/traveling/fan base standpoint. Right now, dedicated alumni can drive to a good portion of the VT football games each year provided they live in the VA/NC area (which a good chunk of them do). If we move to the SEC, UT, UGA, and USC are really the only road games that are possible on a weekend if they are driving. Comparatively, if I live in the VA/NC area, I can make it to Clemson, NCSU, UNC-C, Duke, UVA, WFU, UM (for another year), probably GT, and possibly Pitt. Sorry, but it's really hard sell to me to move to the SEC.

Possible SEC travel

To address your travel point you forget UK and Vandy also possible for travel. Also the popular theory on SEC expansion is that NCSU would go with us so that would be another travel location.

Oh yeah, I forgot UK. A school who's football team has sucked so bad in recent history that even Duke football has fared better.

No way they've been worse than Duke

They went to 5 straight bowls from 2006-2010, going 3-2 in that span beating ECU, FSU and Clemson.


If you think the Big East just let West Virginia leave without a fight, you're out of your mind. I'm almost certain Maryland will not pay the full exit fee.

yeah but the bec screwed up by letting tcu go without paying. that was a lot of wvu's argument.

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The Big East couldn't make TCU pay

TCU wasn't a member yet. I think they had to pay something but not a full exit fee. The Big East fought WVU until the Big East was able to get Temple to join for this season, at which point they settled. They needed 8 teams for the 2012 season; once that was filled WVU was no longer needed and a financial settlement could be reached. WVU wanted to go immediately because the Big 12 wanted and needed a 10th team for TV purposes.

As stated earlier, the ACC really doesn't have any sort of motivation to cut MD loose early or for cheap. I also imagine that they aren't pleased with MD's comments stating that they believe they can get out for cheap.

i just hope we keep playing maryland in the non-conference. it's an easy trip for most of us, i dont see why there would be bad blood between the two schools.

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Yeah, except they probably won't have room

The B1G is talking about going to a 9 or 10 game conference schedule. Combine that with the fact that there are other ACC schools that they'd rather play than us and we probably won't see them on the schedule any time soon (after this year, of course)

I agree with this...

I would like to have either Maryland or Tennessee as a permanent OOC game.

Come on Maryland! Win this lawsuit so we can bolt for the SEC!

Rip his freaking head off!

Read last night that the SEC has been courting UNC and Duke for the last three years (on, which has a story about FSU on there). Rumor is that the SEC would take the two NC schools and maybe get VT and NC state as a package deal.

went to r/cfb because of the Simpsons and found this: