Virginia Tech ACC Swimming and Diving Championships to Start Tomorrow

Hey all, I know this site focuses mostly on Football and, secondarily, basketball, but I thought it couldn't hurt to bring to your attention that the Women's ACC Championship Swim Meet will be kicking off tomorrow and last through Saturday night. 
I'm working on a more extensive post highlighting the men's team, and their chances to unseat perennial powerhouse, UVA, as league champions for next week, but what's important to note, is that starting tomorrow, the men's Diving will be taking place alongside the women's meet.  Many do not know this, but diving is scored alongside swimming in order to determine a champion (think of it like track and field). 
Virginia Tech's diving program has gone from relevant obscurity, to a national powerhouse in just a few seasons.  Under the tutelage of Ron Piemonte Virginia Tech has become rated as the number 2 overall diving program in the nation, and this has greatly increased the overrall profile of the team.  
There's a link to stream to the event live. Finals start at 7 and don't last long, and the diving is a very impressive event to watch.  Expect to see more than a few Virginia Tech students stand atop the podium this week. How the men divers fare this week, will directly set us up, or make a championship for our men out of reach.  Basically, our men's swimmers will know exactly where they stand based on the diver's results, and what needs to be done in order to keep, or take the lead.  Last season, diving got VT such a lead that they rode it throughout most of the championship and almost beat UVA (who's won 14 of the last 15 championships).  If you get bored, check it out and watch VT win a few events, because I can almost pormise that they will.
I'll have something more detailed out before next Wednesday's start ot the men's competition.  In the meantime, feel free to ask questions or give suggestions on anything you'd like to see.

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